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iPad 3 Glass Repair Tutorial Replace Cracked Screen | FOR LESS DETAILED 6-MIN VERSION SEE:…

Testing the performance of the new iPad Air and comparing it tot he previous generation models. Follow me on twitter Add me on google + …
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50 Responses to “iPad 3 Glass Repair Tutorial Replace Cracked Screen |”

  1. Mason Warren says:

    At what point in the repair is the charging port accessible for

  2. Robert Špalek says:

    bragging rights++

    I’ve just replaced the front glass on our iPad that our kids broke. while
    doing so, I broke the Wi-Fi antenna, so I’ve replaced it, too. it’s an
    amazing experience; the iPad is really well built! I had never seen how it
    looks from the inside and I had never done a similar repair before. the
    end result: everything works perfectly again.

  3. 4254457618e says:

    Cant seem to find the black plastic bezel for the ipad 1st gen. any
    suggestions? do you know by any chance if its the same one the ipad 2 has.
    thats seems to be the only one that pops up when i google.

  4. Elsa Dinletir says:

    Fixed mine! Thank you for the tutorial!! No more broken screen! :D

  5. Joachim Maier says:

    thank you – great video – iPad fixed!
    I cannot mention the use of heat enough
    – in my case, the glass broke multiple times during the repair which made
    things much more difficult.

  6. bigv214 says:

    My LCD tab came off but is still in 1 piece. How do I re install it?

  7. GadgetMenders says:

    If you use a high heat setting you should keep the heat gun moving faster.

  8. Mayero Simon says:

    i have my ipad3,it fell down when i was riding a motor cycle n it got
    cracks with glass, so how can i get an original glass from apple?

  9. David Villa says:

    Thank you …. The best tutorial Video I’ve ever seen ….. You save me a
    lot of money!!!

  10. Carlin Jett says:

    I can see the wifi antenna due to a bad crack, should i still heat the
    glass? Thanks!

  11. Joann Leger says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH For posting this video!!!… It was perfect. You did not
    miss or skiped a thing, I followed every step and my ipad is up and running

  12. Il S says:

    I messed up with the stickers which glue the screen back on. I had to
    remove them. What can I use to glue the screen to the ipad now? Thanks to
    the awesome video by the way, the only reason it was hard was because I
    didnt always listen to your advice so I learnt the hard way here and there

  13. JOHN SMITH says:

    Many thanks for the propessionsl guide. The best ever. Cheers from

  14. GadgetMenders says:


  15. GadgetMenders says:

    I’m guessing you did not purchase the screen from us. It sounds like you
    have a defective unit. If you did purchase from us please submit a ticket
    through our website.

  16. GadgetMenders says:

    It sounds like the LCD screen has been damaged this will need to be
    replaced :/

  17. Nam Tran says:

    I just replace my Ipad 3 digitizer screen, but can not turn power on. what
    can I do? thank you

  18. GadgetMenders says:

    We recommend super glue gel but be aware this will make a future glass
    replacement very difficult.

  19. devon boesenhofer says:

    Would a hair dryer work?

  20. GadgetMenders says:

    Yes, but it won’t work as well.

  21. GadgetMenders says:

    It sounds like you have the iPad Mini version.

  22. Zaheer Anwar says:

    I just wanted to pay my regard to you Sir, for uploading and sharing the
    knowledge between us… :) God Bless you

  23. Mikkyday says:

    Hello, I just received the iPad3 glass. The video is very useful. I
    installed the new glass per the instructions. I can turn on the power on
    but the iPad3 does not accept the touch commands. I can’t get it to slide.
    I double checked and the digital cable from the glass is connected
    correctly (right at the white lines) and the black security tabs is solid.
    I did noticed the new glass has several slight cracks in it. Would this
    cause the screen not to work? Thanks.

  24. GadgetMenders says:

    The connections are not touching. You may need to piece beneath the home

  25. ph1shzilla says:

    You need to be careful when removing the digitizer from the attached
    antennas, but do they fall off? Or do you need to pry them off? Also how
    likely is it to damage the bezel since all the prying is done against it?

  26. enzyme20056 says:

    there is an a5x in the ipad 3, not an a6.

  27. Harrison Le says:

    Don’t forget that iPad 2 and the iPad 3 can do iOS 7

  28. Project Planes says:

    FUCK! I got the weakest iPad. I have iPad and “The New iPad” (iPad 3) as
    Apple used to call it.

  29. Sam Schantz says:

    Original iPad doesn’t use a4. And a4 isn’t dual core. 

  30. Lucasleeeeeeeee says:

    iPad 3 is A5x dumbass

  31. Dennis Korol says:

    Very good video

  32. Andrew Erickson says:

    What about the iPad Mini?

  33. Rowan Brekelmans says:

    Ipad 1 dual core? Single..
    Ipad 3 a6? A5x..

  34. Hammad Shahid says:

    Nice video. BTW, you are a Muslim, right? (I can tell by the name).

  35. furrybrony64 says:

    The iPad 1st gen. had a single-core A4 chip, and only 256GB of RAM (thats
    why it didn’t get iOS 7). The iPad 2nd gen. has a dual-core A5 chip and 512
    MB of RAM, which made it the smoothest-running iPad until the iPad Air
    (which explains why Apple is still selling it instead of the 3rd or 4th
    gens.). The iPad 3rd gen. had a Retina Display, too taxing even for the
    better GPU of the dual-core A5X processor. It’s for that reason that the
    iPad 3 gets the greyed-out control center and lack of transparency on iOS 7
    (like the iPhone 4). The iPad 4 had a better-equipted A6X chip, but it
    still wasn’t perfect for the amazing Retina Display. Apple finally made the
    iPad Air, the monster spec wise, handle the Retina Display with ease.

  36. Harrison Le says:

    Don’t forget the iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina Display

  37. Royd Baerga says:
  38. Lucasleeeeeeeee says:

    The iPad 1 is single core DUMBASS

  39. luckyblueduck says:

    Thanks for the video, but to be honest, were you really expecting the older
    models to perform better than the new ones that you had to do a
    comparison?? Kind of pointless. But thanks anyway.

  40. Jesse Knodat says:

    Sweet :D

  41. Вихрен Костадинов says:

    My Sony Xperia Z does 2899points on the Passmark benchmark.

  42. gaphoogys says:

    great reviews as usual!

  43. Roberto Cohen says:

    ipad 2 and 3 are not on ios 7?

  44. Brobi says:

    can you do an ipad air give away?

  45. BROKE JOTV says:

    I’m using a 3, too. But i say wait a bit for the ipad pro or whatever is
    next. That’s what ima do

  46. TheAddictedtoblackop says:

    Still using and loving my iPad 2 on iOS 6.1.3

  47. gadgetfan9 says:

    Thank you majid

  48. Ray Cho says:

    Great vid Majid. My Dad still uses his iPad 1 and it still functions like a
    champ! I’m using the iPad 3, but it’s quite heavy for a tablet, so I may
    consider swapping it for an Air.

  49. PhilRodilla says:


  50. tariq yassir says:

    where is the ipad mini?


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