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iPad 3, iPad mini , Nexus 7 Drop and Water Test

iPad 3, iPad mini , Nexus 7 Drop and Water Test.
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24 Responses to “iPad 3, iPad mini , Nexus 7 Drop and Water Test”

  1. Esco6698 says:

    Nexus 7 won Apple fans.

  2. esonsugianto says:

    Nexus 7 is the top

  3. Dmam4565 says:

    Finally a fair drop test

  4. fung konyin says:


  5. rarutab says:

    Are you crazy, the nexus was better, the screen didn’t even shatter, come on

  6. lukey2603 says:

    Cool, i am the 9.999 viwer;)

  7. Franze Roque says:

    you didn’t even let the nexus 7 boot

  8. Agash Vasanthan says:

    Ipad mini win 3

  9. kevin nguyen says:

    Are u nuts don’t waste ur money

  10. Aaditya Singh says:

    wt r u doin about it??

  11. Bazzel48 says:

    are all americans that rich?

  12. SuperSonicBacon1 says:

    Well the Ipad and Ipadmini and all apple touch product have that same thing ben and the ipad 3 it wasn’t fair on the first drop because it fell on its face and the other two didnt but I still think ipad mini wins but also the ipad 3 has a really untough screen but the best retina display ipad 2’s and 4’s have a much tougher screen

  13. Andrew S says:


  14. Ay3shababy2 says:

    So he’s gonna give you any one of the broke tablets? I’ll pass

  15. Neil Williams says:


  16. Neil Williams says:

    I’m just going around seeing what my new Ipad mini can survive lol

  17. Ben Aldridge says:

    Nexus 7 won because if has a feature to turn itself off when it reaches a certain temp

  18. Drew Daniel says:

    The nexus 7 is responsive… It turned off, so what, it probably did it as a safety reason.

  19. oscaraigle7601 says:

    What a lot of lies…!

  20. Ali omran says:

    How come ipad mini wins, nexus 7 survived a face down drop which is the toughest test.

  21. Matthew Greenup says:

    Who else saw the cnet always on torcher testing these

  22. Rico van Bronckhorst says:

    Wy dont’t you just give him away in stead off make them broken??

  23. cosmicammity98 says:

    I dropped a car on my ipad :(

  24. KFCYoshi says:

    And that’s why I hate the big iPads


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