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ipad 3 Take Apart/Tear Down/Disassembly/How to repair

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25 Responses to “ipad 3 Take Apart/Tear Down/Disassembly/How to repair”

  1. Frank Gomez says:

    Bullshit!!! this ipad is already disassembled you’ll have a hell of a time with the heat gun in order to remove the screen glass! it’s not that simple

  2. MyVcs says:

    Looks to me like this is already disassembled prior to the video-recording to make the demonstration uninterrupted and with no surprises so audience don’t get deviated or lose interest or something. Appreciating that fact, it would also be nicer if you could post another video while you are doing it live for the first time to share a real-time experience outlining the care to be taken at each move. Thanks for this video, though.

  3. riko4628 says:

    That disc sucks

  4. Flavio Lemuel says:

    any reassembly video on ipad 3?

  5. etradesupply says:

    go to the link in the description for the products on our website

  6. Droveful says:

    How Much the batterry cost??????
    anybody tell me pls…!!!

  7. Allure Red says:

    ooooh u playin the song “a ha” by ivy….luv it!

  8. GeddyBre says:

    As is the norm, excellent video, as always sek-she hands!

  9. Li Heng says:

    Human Dual-Pod :P some wont understand this

  10. dar5204 says:

    Thanks. I’m surprised how simple they are in comparison to other tablets.

  11. XGOPARADOX says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t destroy the wifi antennae and the volume switches

  12. Daniel Schmitt says:

    This is awesome! Can you do a follow up video on removal of battery? I need to replace my back cover. Thank so much!

  13. Steven Lee says:

    first song name … please

  14. clr1121 says:

    Very good video and great songs. I say this video deserves some likes.

  15. RobotComputerNerd says:

    I did take the back off of my kindle though.

  16. RobotComputerNerd says:

    No way would I do this to my iPad

  17. Amos Yong says:


  18. Amos Yong says:

    sing names???

  19. King Rana says:

    nice songs collection added

  20. ayodhya jayawickrema says:


  21. etradesupply says:

    Pretty sure it’s a no name brand. Check the link in the description for similar screw drivers if you need one.

  22. Turbotomeek says:

    Hey etradesupply, nice video! Whats the screwdriver brand?

  23. madjohny10 says:

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  24. onthedocktechnology says:

    @8:52 What is the official name of that cable so I can buy one?

  25. NoodleShowz says:

    damn this sex music


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