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iPad 3 Unboxing (The New iPad Unboxing / 3rd Gen / 2012)

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25 Responses to “iPad 3 Unboxing (The New iPad Unboxing / 3rd Gen / 2012)”

  1. Antonalog says:

    what was the dramatic soundtrack in the beginning?

  2. Kevin Singh says:

    The intro music would fit a samsung not an ipad

  3. Usamah Mehtar says:

    I watched it with an iPad 3 (White)

  4. Vanesa Emilynson says:


  5. Monica De Wyga says:

    It helps. Thank you.

  6. MrDismail says:

    Darn not sure if I shud get the new iPad and enjoy it during summer or just wait till the new one this October :/

  7. Vaughan Pagano says:

    my local phone provider is offoring this for like 12$ cheaper then the ipad 4.. think ill get a ipad 3 :D

  8. Marcell Norman says:


  9. Kyal Townsend says:


  10. 4xlight says:

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  11. somar853able says:

    Dead intro

  12. Chase Doege says:


  13. NellSnipes says:

    Does this have Siri?

  14. Arsh Sran says:

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  15. sockey77 says:

    Im a PS3 Guy as it happens

  16. fatimah asad says:

    hi can u tell if ipad 3 has that photo editing software right aftter capturing photo which the ipad mini has

  17. BigWaffle21 says:

    You are an over obssessed xbox gamer aren’t you? Cause the XBOX has a power brick inside of it.

  18. Jerome Daniel Casio says:

    I miss the introductory beep :l

  19. Arsh Sran says:

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  20. Joany Felipe says:


  21. iSezar1 says:

    what is the name of that music ?

  22. sockey77 says:

    Power “Brick” you have never owned an XBOX then lol

  23. xMLPxREACTORX says:

    What’s the prices

  24. Mike duce says:

    Hey, have you heard about geting a FREE Apple iPad3?
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  25. realcartoonian says:

    But wait there’s another genartion coming, More of the same. It seems more and more like Apple is out of ideas. They seemed innovative and most forth going inventive company. But now it is more like they are slacking off and trying to make a single design more durable than ever was the attention. Apple should get they’re name sake back or I don’t see them last and maybe even lose the market entirely. They’re only pissing their Apple fans off and distancing themselves from the main market.


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