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iPad 3 VS Windows 8 Tablet

iPad is a really great tablet, however it is going to face some serious competition in the next few months. Windows 8 is doing more with a Tablet that even A…
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19 Responses to “iPad 3 VS Windows 8 Tablet”

  1. Austin goler says:

    =( ur tablets are better than mine. i have an rvc android 7 inch and a
    kindle fire seven inch.

  2. BLOODjack143 says:

    Tablets are f***s and Apple App store is a B*tch but windows computer they
    rocks like helll

  3. Millie Vanillie says:

    Lol @ the comment he was hovering over.

  4. luis cheng says:

    ipad 3 and “windows8″(windows8.1) is not the same 

  5. InjuringMax says:

    This guy tells you the truth, this tablet is the shit

  6. milos lekic says:

    i have android tablet and this guy is absolutely right.

  7. Roberto Lopez says:

    It wasn’t nearly informative for the length(minute wise) of the vid

  8. Aleksis Chávez says:

    Finally someone showing useful stuff on Win8 :)

  9. joc69uk32 says:

    i’ll never use a tablet unless it got rid of it’s patronizing restrictions

  10. Trio Team says:

    what tablet windows 8 tablet you recomend to me for school, games ect.

  11. Kyle Cauthen says:

    I am gonna be getting windows 8 and i like it as my cusin got a windows 8
    and I think its petty cool

  12. wattana rungreungviliya says:

    yes it got use port/s

  13. SysAdmin47 says:

    u can even watch porn without getting redirected to

  14. nocomment324 says:

    Can I do my homework on it?

  15. patsybob says:

    I hope windows tablets go down in price, then I might consider getting one

  16. devilred1971 says:

    Well u sir are an Imbecille and u and your family won’t starve cause u can
    eat your P.C.’s they might actually work as food because Lord knows after a
    month thats all they might be good for!!!!! Microsoft is good food!!!Keep
    blowing your cash on that microsoft crap!!! have a nice virus infected day
    my retarded friend!!!!

  17. orpheeb82 says:

    great Video and thank you for explaining. My question is, how do you
    install apps and Can you install rosetta stone like you do on a pc?

  18. michaelw352 says:

    Also, try to contradict that statement!

  19. Adez says:

    Wow, i didn’t know that Apple fans can be so fucking dumb..


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