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iPad 4 vs. iPad 3 Speed Test

If you’ve got an iPad 3, you might be curious (and also frustrated by the early release of) the iPad 4, which adds a new CPU and the lightning charging port. The most notable feature, certainly, is the faster CPU, which Apple claims to provide double the performance than the A5x, found inside the iPad 3. In our review of the iPad 3, we charged that it was not significantly faster than the iPad 2, offering up occasional lag and stutters. The A6 chip, making its debut in the iPhone 5, is much more promising than was the A5. It’s a 32nm CPU that provides increased performance and lower power consumption. So the million-dollar question is: how much faster is the iPad 4 than the iPad 3, and are there other benefits to the new chip like better gaming and improved battery life? While it’ll take us some time to answer to latter two questions, this video answers the former, as we put the devices head-to-head in start-up time, app launching speed, WiFi performance, and web-browsing performance. The results? The iPad 4 is indeed faster than the 3, but not by leaps and bounds. In fact, we were surprised by how similar the performance is of both of these tablets when browsing the web, launching apps, and starting up. The difference is a second here, two seconds there. We can safely say that if you’re an iPad 3 owner and are considering an upgrade, we would advise you not to. The difference in performance is just not significant It’s possible that we have yet to see apps take advantage
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25 Responses to “iPad 4 vs. iPad 3 Speed Test”

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  2. firesoul453 says:

    Give me two ipads I am wiling to try!

  3. mtenev1 says:

    correct me if i’m wrong but speed test is for the internet only? lol

  4. Jed McLelland says:

    Apple is the best company

  5. brent piron says:

    iPad 3 :)

  6. Luke Thomas says:

    I think apple fan boys need to understand that apple is not the most dominant company out there and they are NOT perfect apple should stick to just making phones maybe not even that.

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  8. Connor Webb says:

    deupkod isn’t a real username. STOP SPAMMING!!!!!!! I see stupid commets like this on a lot of videos and the sad part is there are people dumb enough to believe this fake shit.

  9. skygunner27 says:

    The iPad 3 has such great resale value, it only cost about 100.00USD for myself to upgrade. The iPad 4 is definitely worth the $100 upgrade…. Especially if you play games.

  10. Gary Mann says:

    0:52 Awkward Silence.

  11. John Shukeireh says:

    This channel is such a fail

  12. owen oglesby says:

    What’s abouts meh ipad mini suka

  13. Sodmylife36 says:

    Who gives a shit I mean the iPhone 4 was the only one that had Siri in it that was the only difference until iOS 5 so it’s pointless!

  14. alejapt says:

    It’s not called Ipad 4 … It’s ipad with retina display… But

  15. jaewoo Oh says:

    Fuck ipad4!!!!!!!

  16. Joanna Fan says:

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  17. windaxis says:

    It’s no big deal about the difference, i guess i can still lose those 2 seconds in my life, whatever, i ain’t wasting anymore money in apple’s strange way of delivering their products with minor improvements, like they didn’t know what they’re doing, releasing dumb projects and getting small changes with a little time of difference, that sucks :/

  18. khaled jawass says:

    iPad 4 has lower brightness so loads faster

  19. Danial Moosa says:

    but we shouldn’t ve to waste money ipad3 is great display for me lolololo!!!

  20. Anshul Singh says:

    noh thats y there is noh dialer icon! that kinda sucks tho.. and btw ur not funny!

  21. infernal majesty says:

    That’s bullshit I bought my ipad3 and a week later they made an I pad4 I was soo pissed but I got the ipad mini solo it’s a win win now that I saw that the ipad4 isn’t great

  22. Gitana Carl says:

    Hoho!I got a surface tablet from here:

  23. asoihih oiaocfco says:

    I love the ipad mini, it’s amazing. It’s so small, so cute, it’s just amazing. Such an amazing piece of technology.

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  25. Sickboy517 says:

    yes your dad did a good job


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