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iPad Air 2 Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Vs Samsung Tab S Three Way Comparison

Here is our full in-depth 3-way Comparison of the iPad Air 2 Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Vs Samsung Tab S 10.5″. Follow Majid on Twitter Follow Waj on Twitter…
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25 Responses to “iPad Air 2 Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Vs Samsung Tab S Three Way Comparison”

  1. bubblybaboon #findout says:

    Samsung tabs are crap my sis got 1 and it rubbish and so did my Bro they
    both rubbish Samsung hav good phones but bad tabs

  2. Enderspider87 Games says:

    You should have used the Nexus 9 instead of the Surface Pro 3 because the
    SP3 is really a laptop and a tablet.

  3. MrElectrifyer says:

    Very misleading geekbench test. You’re using the i3 Surface Pro, yet you
    say it’s an i5…

  4. explorador75 says:

    Surface pro 3 can be compare those simple tablets! Surface is a complete
    computer ! Definitely is the best!

  5. Michael Lewis says:

    Surface Pro 3 – Gold medal
    iPad Air 2 – Silver medal
    Galaxy Tab S – Block of wood

    I currently own both a Pro 3 and Air 2 and love them both but the Pro 3 is
    in a class by itself. I’ve also owned half a dozen Samsung tablets and they
    ALWAYS disappoint despite the gorgeous screens.

  6. G Kiri says:

    ipad Air 2 is the best in sound omg i was shocked

  7. NNJAx says:

    You can emulate both Android and IOS on the surface so if you want all the
    apps + console emulation + PC games. Get a Surface.

  8. Daisuke Sakurai says:

    Waffle waffle waffle… Waaaaaaj.

    Every, single, time.

  9. Rob The Plumber says:

    Surface Pro should not even be in the same category. 

  10. Alex Simon says:

    How can you compare the Surface Pro 3 to the iPad Air 2 and the Tab S, it
    is a full fledged PC with a detachable keyboard, heck I can get steam and
    run skyrim on this thing. Medium settings but still. I love Android, but
    the Surface Pro 3 is incredible. Hook up a gaming mouse and the keyboard
    and I’ll be good to go lol

  11. Ismael Soumahoro says:

    what transformers game was that. #transformers

  12. Alan Kush says:

    At time 3:56 you claim that the Surface has a display ratio of 2560×1440,
    which is wrong. The true display ratio is 2160×1440 according to the tech
    specs here:

  13. Ludwin V says:

    What about the Nexus 9?
    When will android 5 will be out for the tab s?

  14. Will Bx says:

    Why the surface pro 3 is being compared to these two tablets is beyond me.
    It’s not even the same class of device. When are these tech bloggers going
    to finally get it. The surface pro 3 is a laptop replacement in a tablet
    form. Not a tablet trying to be a laptop. It has real computer internals,
    and ports. Neither of which the other two have.

  15. RyanEskaf3 says:

    Apple should make IPad Air Plus

  16. Attila S says:

    Dear MW Technology.. i noticed that you were very subjective about giving
    credit to each product, HOWEVER, i noticed that you specifically held
    positive talk about the surface pro 3 to a minimum, and gave both the ipad
    and android much more screen time.
    Also, it could have been very good to compare the highest possible versions
    of each product, like the i7 512gb version of the surface, and the maximum
    upgrade of the ipad, and ofc if the samsung can even be upgraded.. to see
    how a person who really wants power, also can see that in action. Ofc the
    price is much higher, but remember that i5 to i7 is extreme in performance.
    You can run diablo3 and most fps games of 2010-2013 on the i5, with
    moderate latency, where a i7 would probably feel like a gaming laptop, but
    since people always use the i5 to demonstrate, someone like me cannot see
    it in action, before purchasing.
    Just something to consider for future videoes. ipad and samsung ofc wouldnt
    even compete on this, since they are just glorified smartphones with
    larger screens. 

  17. AwkwardYet says:

    This isnt even the i7 which would be no match for these tablets, in fact
    any tablet on the market 

  18. Rogers NoLastName says:

    This comparison is retarded.

    This is the same as comparing a Prius and a Tesla against an F250. Yes,
    they’re all cars. But they’re all for different people with different

  19. Panagiotis Botzios says:

    What about Apps? i am a fan of Microsoft but i think they don’t have as
    many apps as Apple and Android has. What do you think?

  20. BlitzzGames says:

    The Galaxy Tab S has the best screen ever to be put on a tablet, in my
    opinion. Although all three are great devices, I’ve used all of them
    (parents for the iPads, sister with a SP3) I wouldn’t mind switching
    tablets with them for a day or two, but in the end I’d still take the Tab

  21. Youtube says:


  22. Denise Larose says:

    Good video..but for French people…hard not to miss anything because you
    speak too fast.

  23. thong pich says:

    Apps don’t matter if we are a professional user. I mean, you even can play
    PS games if you know how to do.

  24. Richard Scott says:

    Very good, thank you!

  25. RobertElGamer says:

    That is a stupid comparison, The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 IS NOT A TABLET!


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