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iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Web Browser Speed Test

In this video, we will do a web browser speed test between the iPad Air and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Basically, we will use Safari on the A…

25 Responses to “iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Web Browser Speed Test”

  1. TheProMode says:

    The hipsters just want to hate on the ipad because it’s the lead selling.
    Everyone knows the ipad is a lot more simple and faster. Android products
    get laggy quick after a little use. iPhone looks a lot easier to use
    because everything u want is in fromt of you unlike the android one. Plus
    android looks like a cheaply made thing. 

  2. Forka137 says:

    Samsung one looks laggy, sorry but iPad has loaded faster the last web

  3. Brett Sullivan says:

    the iPad air is a better browsing experience. its faster, smoother and more

  4. chrischoy9 says:

    The biggest question is, why on earth would any android phone user buy an
    android tablet?

    I was fooled into one and god they sucked for a general user. In some
    respect I reckon Metro apps are more tablet optimised than an android
    tablet… So yeah

    Now I am happy rocking an S4 along with an ipad 4

  5. Matthew Skrzypczak says:

    So Safari renders web pages faster, right? Preloading is a cool idea, but
    it is not always applicable. I think a faster rendering engine beats a
    preloading browser any day. Just think; Apple could add this preloading
    technology to Safari any day and then we’ll see a real comparison. 

  6. Cesar ch says:

    just that you forgot to comment that both tablets are connected to
    different connection and speed of is better

  7. Ashton Stephens says:

    Everyone who uses chrome is retarded it’s not faster it’s slower and why
    compare them with chrome when it’s not even the stock explorer it came with

  8. Armando Aguirre Mori says:

    Excelent!!! I want the iPAir

  9. Paul Abbott says:

    Thanks for sharing sakitech ‘I have just subbed to your channel” You make
    it a great deal easier for people (to decide on which tablet is best for
    them) also apart from the fact you know what your talking about (which of
    course help’s,lol) you also come across 100% unbiased, neither in favour of
    ‘one over the other’ so well done! 

  10. Melissa Rocha says:

    Note is a better device..way more features…ipad sucks…samsung all the

  11. krishna ch says:
  12. ElegantSkies says:

    Gotta love the apple fanboys/girls on these comments. 

  13. Vernazio Stewart says:

    even when I HAD THE OLD galaxy note I could side load adobe flash on it and
    I had not problems doing my school work. where on my brothers Ipad I had to
    pay for the puffin web browser that was sometimes buggy and did freeze. now
    I did have to do the same thing with the new note 2014 edition but using
    puffin web browser but they had do have a free fire fox beta that supports
    flash. at the end of the day it depends what you like am not a apple person
    but I know how to use it and teach people how to all time lol

  14. cellphonenut says:

    It’s no contest the iPad Air is superior is every category hands down. I
    purchased both and been using them side by side for about a month. I will
    say that the pen UI is the only thing the Note does well. Otherwise it’s
    mediocre at best when compared to the Apple. There is not a browser made
    that work worth a hoot on the Note. Comparing the Note to the iPad is like
    comparing a Scion to a Porsche..

  15. Gilbert Aguilar says:

    Both are fast but the note has better features and customizations 

  16. Jamylou Antonov says:

    the galaxy note is the undisputed heavyweight here, take note of the
    display, icon or thumbnails on ipad, looks like their iphone 4 and 5,
    whilst the gnote already displays multipages of anything in your thumb and
    your eyes. why can’t apple do the same? 

  17. kong chang says:

    People, people, people. I am an apple fan but i have to say tat both
    tablets r very extremely fast and beautiful. Apple made the ipad an very
    beautiful and awesome tablet but so has samsung as well. I say its a draw.
    Nothing else to say on sides of andriod fans and apple fans. 

  18. GuardForLife Vang says:

    only if they added multi tasking to ipad air it wouldve been way better
    than it is now. but still a better and faster tablet to me.

  19. coth says:

    Next time you do a browser comparison do it properly. Network speed is
    least important. Scrolling, zooming, interface responsiveness that is

    On the video you can see how Chrome lags (dynamic elements on the page)
    even on toppest Android device. This would be same with scrolling, zooming
    especially on graphically rich site, especially with large fixed background
    and other elements.

    This would be a problem if Google didn’t drop development of Android
    Browser 2 years ago.

  20. Shinchan Cruns says:

    Look guys, ipad air always win . And color screen on ipad than better

  21. Bert Termijtelen says:

    Nice test

  22. сергей мархель says:

    ipad не был стереть история и кэш. Нужно сравнения программы интернет чем

  23. Juan Batista says:

    I have both tablets android does not even have the Facebook app optimized
    for tablet use. The i pad air is faster and a better tablet.

  24. irdi basha says:

    So you have an iPad then what. While the note has so much lovely features
    and btw that model he was comparing was octa core. The snapdragon version
    is faster

  25. Vladislav Angelov says:



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