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iPad Apps for Autistic and Nonverbal Children

Using iPad apps as communication and learning tools for autistic and nonverbal children. Mobile platform games and education applications and accessories are…
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  1. Lisa E. says:

    If you are looking to motivate a student or individual using iPad
    applications this video is a great resource for several age groups, as well
    as varying disabilities. Some of my favorite examples the speaker used in
    the video were the communication apps. There is a Yes/No application (Talk
    Touch) that allows the individual a choice between 2 different icons on the
    page. The main choices are Yes/No, and then you are able to customize up to
    5 more pages with varying choices, such as snack or toys. Another tool on
    this app is the Pocket Talk which allows students the opportunity to make
    sentences and use this for their voice to communicate with peers. She gave
    a great example of going to order food from a restaurant and allowing
    students to use the iPad to request their choice of entree (“I want
    steak”). The writing applications interested me because the speaker said
    she used one of the applications with a little girl diagnosed with down
    syndrome who hated writing and threw writing utensils across the room. When
    the iPad was introduced she was able to touch, then move into a stylus just
    like a pen to paper. The iPad is a great reinforcer and motivator for
    individuals in all ages and varying disabilities. The speaker used it with
    early individuals all the way up to middle school age. I definitely looked
    into the apps after watching this video!

  2. nicole varasteh says:

    can you please send me a list of these apps? My daughter has autism and
    nonverbal, noncommunicative, 3 year old. thanks

  3. blackdomination says:

    A good app for special kids is a note-taking app called Ghostwriter Notes
    app available via majorspot[dot]com My niece, a special kid, loved this
    app! She gets to draw in the sheets!

  4. Leprachan77 says:

    Wow, this would be great for my daughter who has quad cerebral palsy. Would
    be great to get a list of those apps.

  5. Will Kriski says:

    Amazing video. I’m starting to work on an open source web-based/offline
    image grid app (click to speak, etc) and would love to talk to people who
    could use it as well as therapists to help layout a logical structure.

  6. Tobii AAC says:

    Nice summary of Apps! Just a note about Tobii Sono Flex Lite, you can
    indeed edit and add new words and phrases.

  7. Apostle Jeremiah says:


  8. TVSBSC says:

    Not sure about which one she specifically mentioned. Otterbox, Belkin, and
    LifeProof all have various protective cases. Send an email to the clinic at, and we may be able to get you more information.

  9. yvonne rivera says:

    very good presentation i will love to have the list of apps for my son
    thank you

  10. taner florin says:

    Incredible app, but i need to ask can you make it in other languages ? I’m
    from Romania , my sister was diagnosed with autism, and i need ur app but i
    want it in Romanian , its there anyway to do that ?

  11. Dave Howard says:

    Speech Button (ITunes) is by far the best app out there a bit pricy at
    $7.99 – but so effective

  12. TVSBSC says:

    @NivitaUSA There is quite an extensive list, and we just highlighted a
    small variety. Check out slpsharing . com, bestappsforkids . com,
    proloquo2go . com for your individual needs. You can also contact the CPDC
    for more resources.

  13. RLerma1012 says:

    What is the name of the IPad Cover she was talking about?

  14. Brenda Ray says:

    Thanks for posting your you tube video and doing the work you are doing! I
    enjoyed your presentation.

  15. issanel says:

    Autistic son is getting an Ipad for his Bday, non verbal, are there any
    apps that give progress reports? Something like school where every so often
    it will give updates on how well he does when he is playing by himself. He
    won’t really interact well with us playing with him most of the time we are
    shocked by how much he has learned. The other day we found out that he knew
    all of his states, he wouldn’t tell us we discovered it by accident.

  16. Memory Taylor says:

    i have 2 boys with autism one has autistic spectrum disorder and
    developmental delay the other severe autism and a host of other things as
    well. What a brilliant idea this is finally using technology for a greater
    purpose. To teach our children especially special needs children to
    communicate. Awesome

  17. PhoenixaSol says:

    This presentation is so awesome, several times I was in tears with empathy
    for the parents of the children she was discussing, what wonderful
    breakthroughs! I thank everyone involved with this presentation, because
    we’ve not even had my 19 year old non verbal daughter’s iPad for 24 hours,
    yet I’m drowning in a DELUGE, literally an avalanche of apps, come ons,
    ads, must have, must try, must spend a fortune, and this gal just cut
    through all of that and created a workable starting point for us!

  18. TVSBSC says:

    Email the clinic ( and they can get you a list.

  19. sowseed says:

    Can I get a list of all the apps that she recommends? I am in the process
    of trying to get an ipad for my nonverbal son.

  20. TVSBSC says:

    We didn’t create the apps so I don’t know if they have multiple language
    support. You might check out Autismate (autismate . com) since it has
    customizable words and recording fields that would allow you to create a
    dictionary in various languages.

  21. Lisa Smith says:

    If you pay for a program called Printopia you can select any printers that
    your computer can access and print from your iPad

  22. sara speer selber says:

    Check out bridgingapps the website!

  23. Mayra Burneo says:

    necesito uno pero en español

  24. NivitaUSA says:

    I have an iPad2. Please post the names of the applications. Thanks!

  25. juanacandy says:

    Haha why you talking about autism that’s so funny;( jk


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