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iPad + Dropbox: Transfer files to and from your iPad using Dropbox

The Dropbox app for iPad allows you to easily transfer files back and forth to your iPad for offline use. For more iPad file transfer tips go to: http://www….

I get asked about what apps to use on the iPad and iPhone at least once a week. I decided it was time to make a video showing the top 10 must have iPad apps….
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50 Responses to “iPad + Dropbox: Transfer files to and from your iPad using Dropbox”

  1. shmav52 says:

    Would I be able to upload movie files to Dropbox from an android device,
    then download the same files to an iPad?

  2. Hugo Pinto says:

    Hey Marlene. Is it possible to transfer a song that i have in my dropbox to
    my music coldre on my ipad?

  3. Michael Krisa says:

    Hey Marlene how do you get a video from your ipad (camera roll) into
    dropbox? I see that i can upload to YT, Vimeo iCould etc but not dropbox.

  4. Nik Berardi says:

    I got the same thing Michael 

  5. fadedfayz says:

    it’s annoying how restricted apple devices are, they will not be able to
    replace it for business use if they make it so difficult to just
    play/open/download/drag and drop a file

  6. Eric James says:

    Marlene you are brilliant.I had become so frustrated with my iPad2, not
    being able to drag and drop a range of files jpegs, pdf`s, word,mp3`s
    relating to a 3 day break at Historic Bath here in the UK.You have shown so
    easily how to achieve this and as a result I have not gone out and
    purchased an Android tablet to overcome this problem.The iPad can feel so
    restrictive (maybe Apples politics) but I really appreciate you and others
    like yourself who break down barriers for the greater benefit of people in
    my position.Keep up the good work.It is appreciated.Eric

  7. Christopher Walsh says:

    Marlene!! Need your help. . . I have photos that I tried to transfer
    through itunes to my ipad photo gallery. All items are .png’s . . . The
    issue is when transfered the transparency goes away. SO, I then I thought
    lets try drop box. This works and all items are now visible transparently
    in drop box. . . how can I get my 400 images from drop box to ipad photo
    gallery? Can I maintain folder structure too? 

  8. Brenda Pringle says:

    Thank you, Marlene! I really appreciate this video. Well done!

  9. bjlyon615 says:

    thank you….just what I needed.

  10. Tiago Moutinho says:

    Thanks a lot ;) Give me a lot of help in my new ipad mini.

  11. Josh Whitmore says:

    Hello Marlene I have a problem that needs answering and I think you would
    know, on my iPhone 4S I deleted photos by accordant and I am looking for a
    way to get them back, I went into Dropbox app on me phone and noticed that
    they was there. I tried to upload them back onto my iPhone but couldn’t
    think a way how i dont even know how i can put them on my photos on my pc
    could you tell me how? -comment… -E-mail –
    iCloud email – send message on YT

  12. estariol217 says:

    Thanks for this video. Is there a way to transfer a file to the ipad via
    dropbox, but then transfer the file from the dropbox storage onto the local
    harddive of the ipad? I want to permanently keep the files on the ipad and
    free up cloud space. Where would the files show up then, in the video
    gallery of the ipad? Thanks!

  13. estariol217 says:

    Well I know you said starring it makes it available offline, but does that
    still take up space from the total dropbox limit? Ideally I’d want to view
    the videos without having to book up the dropbox app. The reason I am
    confused is because I am comparing it to viewing the files on the PC where
    the file will fully download to the folder, but stay in the dropbox folder
    until you move it to a local harddive folder.

  14. Marlene Hielema says:

    I guess you could copy and paste them to another document and then put in
    DB, but I don’t think that would be a high priority thing for most people.

  15. creapyfisherman says:

    if i upload from my phone to dropbox , if i later delete it from the phone
    memory is it still reachable from other devices ? help please :o

  16. Joshua Fultz says:

    Selecting the video as a favorite worked for me. You just have to be sure
    it finishes downloading before turning off the wi-fi connection. There is a
    star tab at the bottom where you can see the status of the download.

  17. garoowe74 says:

    If it can no longer support *

  18. Joshua Fultz says:

    Great tip by the way! Thank you for this!

  19. maestrototal says:

    Great video and very useful good job!

  20. fenderflyer says:

    Hi Marlene, Many thanks, great video which worked well for me. can you tell
    me if it is possible to alter the doc. downloaded to Ipad. I have it saved
    as a PDF file. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards. Greg.

  21. Paul Price says:

    you should make an export video with an android

  22. AgentMcQueen says:

    You’re awesome, cheers!

  23. Marlene Hielema says:

    Really? I’ll check that out later today.

  24. Grooverd007 says:

    Got a question:if i upload files to my dropbox on my ipad,how do i move the
    file to a folder on my ipad? For example:I upload a video file to dropbox
    folder (picture) on my ipad from my pc,then i wanne move that file from the
    dropbox folder(picture) to an other folder on my ipad
    itself…..Why?…because so i keep or make space in my dropbox
    folder(picture) for more files.

  25. Marlene Hielema says:

    Sorry you got me stumped with this one.

  26. Cape Plain says:

    ‘Inexpensive’ to me means ‘free’.

  27. Roland Estrada says:

    You need NoteSuite. Forget Evernote – Yuk!!

  28. shadowsword03 says:

    If I need to pay I’m good cuz I has $51.69 credit

  29. Aj Wicaksono says:

    i wonder how much did you pay for making this video come up first on the

  30. Cristian Pinelo says:

    Ha bitches Apple apps are free now

  31. Dewan Gurung says:


  32. Efrain Luevano says:

    how to put a password on ipad

  33. Harry Boyes says:

    Only the games cost money now! All the apple apps are free now!

  34. mariam wooz says:

    Twitter is already downloaded when you buy the iPad because it’s like
    Facebook it’s main apps that comes when it’s set up also flip board it’s. A
    main application u.u

  35. BennyRig says:

    Like if you got the adidas football advert coz im getting it all the time

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