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iPad mini vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the iPad mini and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablets. Check out our video review of the iPad mini at:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “iPad mini vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Comparison Smackdown”

  1. Marc Boolean says:

    ¿Which one should I buy: Galaxy Note 8, LG G Pad 8.3 or Nexus 7? It´s for reading and annotation books primarily purpose. Of course Internet, Youtube, Netflix, music & videos too, but not for gaming. I like the iPad mini aspect ratio but not iOS and I couldn´t find any Android tablet on that format. Thanks in advance.

  2. Toto Nader says:

    Wait you forgot svoice

  3. Toto Nader says:

    Love my note 8

  4. David Ferrari says:

    Samsung is the best and most advanced technology.


  5. zaheer carrim says:

    Great and thorough review, thanks!

  6. Bogdan Ursache says:

    i like Samsung galaxy note 8.0

  7. ishudshutup says:

    The ipad has the better camera, way better. It has also has the best tablet apps, no competition there. Plus, now they throw in the entire iWork suite of apps for free. The Polaris app on the Note is a joke. Plus, u get OS upgrades forever. Something no other manufacturer has a good record for. If you’re looking to mainly use the tablet for browsing or media consumption then the Note would be good choice.

  8. ishudshutup says:

    The Galaxy Note 8 is soooo ugly. Why can’t Samsung make something sleek like the Ipad Mini? They have great design with the Series 9 laptops, why not bring that team over to the Galaxy line and fire the current Galaxy design team???

  9. John Clancy says:

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  10. Jerry Kilimnik says:

    most manufacturers do similar stress tests that are confirmed by places like underwriters laboratory. i’m sure you’ve seen the UL logo on all sorts of stuff. They do drop tests and temperature and all sorts of stuff to make sure devices act as they are advertised under those conditions. i’m sure you’ve seen youtube videos where one device may outperform the other in stress tests but you really need to drop about a min. of 30 devices each to get any meaningful stats. quit flaming, its so 2007 :)

  11. Jerry Kilimnik says:

    thank you for your informed opinion. I especially like how you used reason and logic to support your opinion. good luck in life

  12. freakfreak12345 says:

    And here we see the typical Apple Fanboy it its native environment. Watch how it frolics among all of Apple’s identical devices. Its majestic in its movements, but watch out. Its feeding time. The Apple Fanboy’s favorite foods are leaves off of small trees, pizza, and the succulent, rare Andriod meat. The Fanboy gets ready for its attack, pounces, but unfortunately gets brushed aside by the Android’s superiority. Better luck nextime, Fanboy, better luck next time. Time to go home, and rest.

  13. freakfreak12345 says:

    I call bull shit on that. I dropped my iPod onto the concrete ground in a parking lot after work once. Glass…shattered. Co-worker, just last month, dropped his iPhone on the floor, glass side down. Shattered the screen. I’ve dropped my note II a billion times and its not even gotten dusty and on top of that, Andriod is better. You can actually customize Andriod to the way you like it. And Android innovates. S-Beam, hand gestures…what has Apple done? Uhm. The original iPhone. Yeah. Real good

  14. Jerry Kilimnik says:

    great vid. 2 wishes for galaxy note: please make it less ugly and please get rid of android

  15. Jerry Kilimnik says:

    my ipad fell off the roof of my car at 30mph and worked fine. the aluminum gives. pretty sure plastic would have fallen apart. i think these types of comments are unfounded. apple’s construction is immaculate with few corners cut.

  16. Jin Shang Din Li says:

    youre great..the review was very clear ^_^ God bless

  17. freakfreak12345 says:

    Also, the plastic is better than the metal/glass on the iPad. The tablet is still super durable, and best part is, it wont shatter when you sneeze on it.

  18. freakfreak12345 says:

    iPad Mini – Close enough!

  19. Bill Page says:

    well they say anyone can make a light bulb last forvever but they make iot so you have thiner infilment to burn out quic to have to by more light bulbs

  20. Bill Page says:


  21. Minh Nguyen says:

    Samsung phones and tablets are so ugly! And iPad looks good but eww, Apple.

  22. rayban786 says:


  23. Hamzah Aman says:

    Did anyone notice the difference between the two displays when she was playing the game RR3 on the Note 8 at 13:02 and on the Mini at 14:00? The Mini was only able to show half of the side mirror at full screen. Settings or inherent problem?

  24. J. Storm says:

    Anyone else see that she has battlefield 2?

  25. Sauhntia Ridgeway says:

    How is the sound quality on the Samsung i want a louder tablet


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