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iPad Video Conferencing – GTI Spindle uses the iPad to solve technical issues while across the country. This is all done wire free and simply, using Knocking Live Video, free in the Apple…
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6 Responses to “iPad Video Conferencing”

  1. GTI Predictive Technology, Inc. says:

    @dynamite2T it’s an app that we developed! We’re really excited about it.
    When you think of the “Industrial” world, you don’t always think about how
    we can use all the awesome gadgets coming out. But we can!

  2. Mark Hoeting says:

    Why are you not just using facetime with voice and video?

  3. Brian Meola says:

    The app is called Knocking Live Video.

  4. GTI Predictive Technology, Inc. says:

    @SassySewingDiva Thank you!

  5. Tammie Denski Couture says:

    A tripod would be nice. Camera is shaking a lot.

  6. Daniel Willis says:

    That’s pretty cool. I always knew that the ipad could be used for business.
    What app is that that you useiing


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