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iPhone 5 Drop Test and Durability Video – Th&#1077 Leader &#1110n Cell Phone &#1072nd Smartphone Repair Services &#1072nd perform a drop test &#959n th&#1077 gr&#959&#965ndbr&#1077&#1072k&#1110ng n&#1077w iPhone 5. Th&#1110&#1109 phone &#1110&#1109 durable t&#959 &#1109&#1072&#1091 th&#1077 smallest amount. It out performed &#1072ll &#959th&#1077r previous phones. Subscribe t&#959 &#965&#1109 today t&#959 keep up t&#959 date &#959n &#1072ll th&#1077 latest &#959n &#1072ll small electronics repairs!

Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 Responses to “iPhone 5 Drop Test and Durability Video”

  1. ltbd78 says:

    From 2:00 I cringed after each drop.

  2. Chili Kier says:

    I flinch every time it falls

  3. alvalan21 says:

    then yours just had terrible odds lol, mine has dropped from that height on its face about two era and not anything

  4. edis2033 says:


  5. Derek Faink says:

    Guys Look what i found:
    I found a fantastic facebook page who gives Iphones 5 at::!

  6. dinkomaster says:

    i despise you so SO much! dat small poor iphone x(

  7. yobaman says:

    It’s nearly exactly the same price. He said dollars, you said euro…

  8. kamilmytnik says:

    You watch these videos and reckon the phone is excellent but when it happens in the real world, the smallest bump shatters the screen.

  9. Floridalpes says:

    THIS IS SO NOT TRUE ! mine just fell from chair hight straight on face side of phone and screen broke!

  10. Maximilian Harris says:

    For everyone who is like, “how could you do that?”: This is an Apple repair company. This is a way of advertising.

  11. Cuerojp95 says:

    iPhone are the best…I like my iPhone 5

  12. Pwaters86 says:

    sincerely,…..dude had to slam the phone down, in order to break the screen. The first test of missing your pocket, or standing up while its on your lap is real. But even when he stood up, he lifted is leg extra to make a more dramatic effect. its a excellent phone

  13. massacreman3000 says:

    Anyone else see the dick in the cracked glass?

  14. Chuck Norris says:

    This phone is too weak.

  15. Valsamis Elmaliotis says:

    omg everytime i hear … boommmm it hurts

  16. santerixdxd says:

    in my country its only 700 €

  17. santerixdxd says:

    drop iPhone: iPhone breaks… drop Nokia: you guess what will take place :/

  18. OoDaIstEroO says:

    So you can see how resistant this phone is against those situations? i dont buy a phone what is broken after one drop. so i like this video`, its just a phone not a human live…

  19. southernxboy1 says:

    how could u do that 

  20. aaronangel14 says:

    Well duh the shits fonna bend, your dropping the damn thing for fun you dumbass

  21. tosonwong says:

    it seems that guy wants to kill it…

  22. icecream2291 says:


  23. KoolJayJ says:

    the 16gb version costs like 1100 dollar minimum in my country, so you’d guess how cringe worthy this video is for me

  24. Ronnel Levida says:

    too many drop 

  25. ultimatetoturial56 says:

    its more durable than SHITTY S3

  26. j2mane says:

    how do you get your iPhones video to full screen like this?????? everytime i upload its split screen…

  27. SnakeMxR says:

    Fantastic video thanks! =)

  28. Kadu Martins says:

    Woooooooow incredible

  29. RenegadeFury says:

    yeah this wrecks the lg optimus g

  30. nekowhizz says:

    Nice in the very bright light of the coast, but as soon as it met a dimly lit room, which wasn’t even that dark… there was blurring and a lot of detail loss. Shame really…

  31. vectorcinema says:

    Nice DOF shots I will have to give them a try. I spent 3k on a hi def pro cam a few years ago
    yikes…LOL luck for me it is still hard to beat. This video is defiantly is giving quite a scare though!
    Nice vid take care….I like what you are doing here! – Best Vectorcinema

  32. Aaron Jacobs says:

    What? No way! This is awesome

  33. Joshua Pingley says:

    The quality, in both video and audio, is fantastic.

  34. SuperPSTutorials says:

    Did the baby bird find it’s mother in the end?

  35. zjacobss says:

    looks nice but not much difference than the 4S.

  36. mrassilyer says:

    Looks darn excellent

  37. Jun Hyeon Mun says:

    Not a honest review as it is uploaded on YouTube! As far as I know, the quality of YouTube videos is automatically adjusted to ensure delay-free video playback. But still, the video quality looks more than decent for a phone camera.

  38. Ropwop says:

    ois _o_

  39. AppleFlavorTV says:

    Watch in fullscreen and 1080p,

    Thank me later.

  40. Datjeweler says:

    was this video also edited on the iphone?

  41. tranhieust says:

    tooo shaky, right ?

  42. Sherif Moharram says:

    Not better than the 4S

  43. Sherif Moharram says:

    First!! excellent video


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