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iPhone 5 Features [2 of 4] – Laser Keyboard

We demo the iPhone 5/4S feature of a laser keyboard in this Concept iPhone 5/4S video. The keyboard in this new iPhone design can be swiped out of the mobile…

25 Responses to “iPhone 5 Features [2 of 4] – Laser Keyboard”

  1. Alexa Zarem says:

    Not real

  2. Peter Henderson says:

    Who wants an iPhone 5 now? Type in the word me on your lap if you think
    this is real.

  3. Bruce Tolen says:

    Very cool what next

  4. Przemysław Malczyk says:


  5. Almighty Lusk says:

    No duh its fake. Hence the CONCEPT part. Read the description before

  6. noble hale says:

    fake as shit stop posting fake shit

  7. Azeem Jaleel says:

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  8. Brainchamp987 says:

    No shit Sherlock check the date of upload this was a guess at what it could
    be like and it would be cool and it is possible.

  9. killeracegaming says:


  10. HuanitoBRB says:

    No shit, Scherlock!!!

  11. jeancarlos Reyes says:


  12. Danielle De Vries says:

    how do u do it?

  13. Christian Kaikai says:


  14. felix pyaris says:

    My iphone 5 also did that

  15. wi wip says:

    Где звук?

  16. Peter Langdon says:

    Another item that I doubt will be part of iPhone 5, but is possible for
    something closer to iPhone 8 or 9. I’d love to see this kind of feature on
    a lot of smart phones, but we’re still a ways off from implementing it so
    smoothly on such a small device. Soon, but not there yet.

  17. saga yome says:

    iphone5のキーボード機能って素敵ですね! iPhone 5 Features [2 of 4] – Laser Keyboard

  18. Technology says:

    iphone 5

  19. Susana Cabaço says:
  20. Anna Gayd says:

    China will be the first?))

  21. Gabriella Parkinson says:

    look how cool this is laser keyboared
    its real !!!

  22. turbocpt1 says:

    unseen iPhone apps >>

  23. CalcCases says:

    This video is still epically futuristic. I just made a futuristic working
    calculator case for iPhone if you want to check it out too

  24. jack clayton says:

    aatama all ur vids are fake. the real products look nothing like the ones
    in ur vids

  25. Naman Kumar says:

    i have iphone 5 and there is no feature ,like this SO FaKe


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