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iPhone 5 Features [3 of 4] – Holographic Display

W&#1077 demo th&#1077 iPhone 5/4S feature &#959f Holographic Spectacle &#1110n th&#1110&#1109 Concept iPhone 5/4S video. Th&#1077 spectacle &#1110n th&#1110&#1109 n&#1077w iPhone design &#1089&#1072n b&#1077 flicked onto a wall –…
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Today &#1110&#1109 th&#1077 day, wh&#1077r&#1077 three &#959f th&#1077 best smartphones battle out t&#959 gain th&#1077 TechBoom Gold Award, featured &#1110n th&#1110&#1109 video &#1110&#1109 th&#1077 Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One &#1072n…

50 Responses to “iPhone 5 Features [3 of 4] – Holographic Display”

  1. yoon soo says:

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  2. javaisfun says:


  3. javaisfun says:

    I want to be a fucktard….

  4. 10Zaltech says:

    We can be fucktard followers. :D

  5. мастер хало says:

    И я русский

  6. Elton Hazel says:

    iPhone 5 Features – Holographic Spectacle

  7. Daniele esposito says:

    se se teletrasporto niente?

  8. Ryan Moore says:

    Where is the apk for this?

  9. Andressio Bustamante says:


  10. NinjaproDoesGaming says:

    Again bullshit……

  11. Marcos Espinal says:

    no is iphone it one ipod touch

  12. Maayan Emanuel says:

    Dude it’s literally against the laws of physics… You cannot project an
    image in mid air.

  13. Lord Vader says:

    Every concept is retard and fake!!!

  14. p0w3r0utage says:


  15. DarkxStudio says:

    tey really already inveted it..but its rely made of 1 pixed…they could
    project a butterfly flying animation..look it up on YT..looks prety cool

  16. Firdaus 2707 says:

    paranormal aktivity

  17. Jorge Salazar says:


  18. Carlos cruz says:

    A hologram can be a 3D image showed with animation and a projector its
    only a 2D image projecting a screen.

  19. Quinn Mckahan says:

    thats the whole point. Its not real its just really cool concepts. Maybe do
    some research before you criticize other common work.

  20. Андрей Костенко says:

    Россия сила, остальное какашка

  21. welkinz2 says:

    looks like a projector hahahaha samsung rules.

  22. einFACHcool germany says:


  23. Витя Сирмжков says:

    ха я тоже

  24. XONhXc says:

    fuck you! maybe, but not by Apple definately

  25. Instintive archery says:

    I agree with you dummy,,,did you ever read what I posted?!

  26. 1Mobile Market says:


  27. Ammar Zaghloul says:

    goddamn retard htc gets 2nd not 1st the htc is also larger by and large but has
    a smaller screen also the iphone doesn’t even deserve an award 

  28. Reinaldo Cruz Sierra says:

    HTC one VS Galaxy S4 VS Iphone 5… Who won?

  29. Yan Is says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Excellent review.

  30. Danel Hernandez says:

    Yesican thats exactly what im saying your fucken stuped if you reckon a
    pussy iphone can even compare to a htc one 

  31. Scarface193448 says:

    My jailbroken iphone does more than all the best androids combined team
    iphone bitches

  32. lastseries2011 says:

    S4 lags all the time… youtube, keyboard falter.. apps.. browser..
    hopefully there are solutions! If not, gonna sell it!

  33. Alec Goodin says:

    S4 for the win. I’ve got one but I reckon I’m gonna trade it in for the note

  34. Muhd Afiq Shaheezam says:

    HTC one should get gold medal

  35. Danel Hernandez says:

    Ay scarface a kid can do what you can do on your iphone jailbraking is like
    2010 get your self a real phone htc one can do more then a hacked iphone
    without even hacking 

  36. vladrendy laies says:

    OH…god nobody cares what you reckon about a phone , everyone like his
    phone :-/

  37. uhlan30 says:

    Most of the disadvantages the iPhone 5 had in this video were fixed in the
    iPhone 5S… Js

  38. Reks Sundiam says:


  39. gabriel denis says:

    you don’t like iphone and that is a fact…you personal opinion is shit
    (how much you wore paid for this review?

  40. yesicant says:

    pleassssssse.. get real! i used three of them and it’s NO brainier to
    compare HTC one with Iphone 5 and S4. even a 7 year ancient child can tell HTC
    one is Faaaarrrr better than the 2.

  41. Jeffery Yeahboy says:

    I just picked up a 6″ mobile on some site thediscountjunction for $219?
    from THE BRAND STAR has anyone else brought this phone?

  42. Gothicus Vlogicus says:

    that intro music can go to hell.

  43. Nafees Azhar says:

    Fantastic Video bruf!u can call widgets,”shortcuts”. it is simpler for others
    to be with you. lastly i want to add up that i am a proud owner of S4
    i9500 . . . 

  44. Aden Ali says:

    Iphone fu htc and samsung

  45. Jack lafater says:

    this guy really despises iphones

  46. NitroTheRhino says:


  47. Andrew Bacani says:

    HTC one has a gorgeous screen

  48. stoqn koshev says:

    S4 win 100%

  49. Soullkeeper BG says:

    HTC ftw !!!

  50. bbygurl kay says:

    “brandons ditching us agian for his mates” haha text on the htc phone :)


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