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iPhone 5 – iPhone 5: Leaked Video + Official Release Date September 12 [Apple iPhone 5 2012 HD]

Apple iPhone 5 is rumored to be official announced and unveiled on September 12, 2012 and possibly released on September 21 sources say. Here are some pictur…
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Learn how to use iMovie for iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s in this tutorial. This video does not contain info about creating Trailers, I’m saving that for…

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  1. says:

    Apple iPhone 5 is rumored to be official announced and unveiled on
    September 12, 2012 and possibly released on September 21 sources say. Here
    are some pictures and video of the leaked iPhone 5 Prototype!
    download link:-

  2. aayush amrit says:


  3. nick ward says:

    I disagree when people say iPhone is going to lose popularity because if it
    does the economy is in big trouble… Remember when Enron failed? Now
    multiply that by 1000 and take it to a global scale, its to big to fail.
    I’m not saying apple might be absorbed one day by an unforeseen competitor
    (I can’t see competitors today doing this unless Apple is blowing smoke up
    our asses about their revenue) but it isn’t going anywhere soon. About
    Apple’s creativity, there a literally hundreds of analysts

  4. makemoneyonlineguru says:

    Thank god for christmas, i got an Iphone 5 free here

  5. TheSpeedster797 says:

    I didn’t mean to reply to your comment, and you are right it does not make
    me look tougher, but that is not what I intended it to do. It gets the
    readers attention. Sorry grammer police :C

  6. Rinzlur says:

    the 2nd 3rd 4th pics are correct the rest are fake. i know that cuz im in
    october 3rd about a month after iphone 5’s release (not 5s just 5’s)

  7. TheVegaschamp says:

    176 agrees with your comment, 2 million plus pre-ordered the phone
    disagrees. ;)

  8. sarwar pasha says:

    great innovation –

  9. Bliss Blinss says:

    H o ho!I got an ipad from here :

  10. AnonymousCowardX says:

    ATTENTION Apple sells BROKEN PHONES. Lots of iPhones come with dings,
    scratches, scuffs, broken displays right out of the box. Light leak also
    noticed. Major quality control fuckup. ATTENTION with your new iPhone,
    Google Maps, Street View and YouTube will disappear. You will hand over
    lots of money for a dated cheapo device sold as a luxury phone, lagging
    miles behind the competition. ATTENTION new plugs, extra costs for
    adapters, none of your old accessories will fit the new iPhone 5! NO GO

  11. ReMixExtra says:

    Wahoo the new iPhone is out im going to throw my old iPhone because it so 2
    years ago.

  12. Lilfreaknot says:

    The fact when it kinda looks exactly like that lol

  13. Jusst Dre says:

    I don’t like the two tone colors it sucks i bet Steve would’ve made a
    better blueprint

  14. ALEX THEKID says:

    You have to be literally retarded to buy this phone..

  15. Jduhm says:

    how come no one talks about the new itouch? haha

  16. AnonymousCowardX says:

    Are yo stupid? Guess so

  17. Cyrus Mirhaidari says:

    Steve Jobs never accepted my friend request on Facebook…. :(

  18. LiveStreamSports says:

    Win IPhone 5 For FREE! .. tinyurl . com / RP-iPhone5

  19. lsurma14 says:

    fuck the iphone i still have a voyager and i am doing just fine if you buy
    this phone you are just stupid.

  20. Rey Dandy says:


  21. Alex perez says:


  22. TheAdoptedShayTard says:

    @Matt Gress they probably got the numbers mixed up

  23. Alice Migoland says:

    1:07 it does look like that i went to apple yesterday and it looked like

  24. LiveStreamSports says:

    Really Great!

  25. nobita nobi says:


  26. Deborah leonard says:

    great post really straight forward learned loads 

  27. josh bungalso says:

    thx so much man this helped out alot 

  28. payumopatrish says:

    Is it the same thing with iOs7?

  29. Madison AJjammer says:

    This is so helpful when I get a iTunes card first thing I’ll do is get

  30. LPSpickle kittenTV says:

    wow! this helped me a lot I was so confused at first ,but then I watched
    this and I have everything down pack!!! :-D

  31. ItzmeCharisse says:

    Hello! :) do you mind doing an updated one because I have an iphone 5s and
    it’s a different version and I don’t know how to use it ><

  32. Golden Lemon Productions says:

    appaddict :)

  33. Nytellem says:

    What if you only want the music to play for a certain amount of time? like
    your first clip? also could i adjust the music to where i want it to start
    and end? anyone knows the answer to my question let me know. 

  34. Nytellem says:

    Who said you need all the materials to do a youtube, or vine video?! just
    use your iphone and get a flash light for some lighting lol. 

  35. Lydia TV says:

    thank you!

  36. ArianaXoxoo says:

    Thanks !!

  37. George Thompson says:

    How do you start the theme music from the middle of the project video

  38. cell m8 says:

    add music from middle way of the film? no one knows!!!

  39. CasMotorhead says:

    Thanks man! Very helpfull!

  40. Dylan Mata says:

    thank you this was very helpful

  41. vuabipdoimoi says:

    Thankz for da useful detail about imovie dude…

  42. Sam Macedonio says:

    i’m finally getting an iphone i can’t wait to make videos on the go

  43. david arce says:

    Very good video

  44. Messele Asfaw says:

    Can you upload a song then pick which part of the song you want played?

  45. serglinkk says:

    Thanks for the tutorial ;)

  46. Peg Price says:

    Thank you! A great tutorial for first time users.

  47. xTessa says:

    I’m finding a way to change the video thumbnail pretty hard to do that,I
    always get a indefinite answer(sigh)

  48. Erin DeGroot says:

    Quick note: you can also create still shots from your movie by swiping up
    on your selected video clip. Cut is swipe down. Still shot, swipe up. A
    very nice tutorial. Thanks!

  49. Christian Muda says:

    Excellent tutorial, thanks!

  50. ducttapelove808 says:

    Thank you!


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