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iPhone 5 jailbreak apps and tweaks

Retweet: Name: iPhone 5 jailbreak apps and tweaks Description: Here is a video showcasing some of our favorite iPhone 5 jailbreak apps and tweaks. For more info, see: View More Videos: Follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter: Follow Jeff on Twitter: Like iDownloadBlog on Facebook: About iDownloadBlog: iDownloadBlog is an iPhone Blog that covers the latest iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, mods, firmware, breaking news, apple hardware, and more.
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23 Responses to “iPhone 5 jailbreak apps and tweaks”

  1. satbirrsharma says:

    How did u jailbreak ur iphone..? Can v play games on full screen after jailbreaking..even if the games r downloaded frm installous

  2. Kirkland Tran says:

    how many tweaks is too many? Right now i have dashboard x, winterboard (only for iblank so i can use dashboard x), activator (only cuz dashboard x), springboard, zephyr + auxo, and unfold… i tried to disable as many mobile substrates that came with these tweaks that arent used as possible, but still.

  3. 融融 刘 says:

    what did you do to make the ncsettings widgets hide in the nc?

  4. Red2theMug says:

    whats that newer version of ncsettings called?

  5. Kirkland Tran says:

    i have a question, what is the optimal amount of tweaks to install on an iphone 5, currently im running zephyr, auxo, unfold, and springtomize but some of those have more than one mobile substrate totaling at 7. How much more can I have? Already, the device crashes sometimes on infinity blade 2, but i can’t tell if thats becuz of the app or the substrates taking up ram? I want to install winterboard, and dashboard x, and all that, but im too scared of performance decrease

  6. hunkyvampire says:

    I just jailbroke my ip4s and it seems okay… my first time.. got barrel already =)

  7. Kblademstr says:

    I jail role mine and I like all the neat tweaks but I did notice quite a bit of a decrease in my phone’s battery life. But then again I guess that’s the price to pay for getting all the cool tweaks

  8. Chanell Ng says:

    Yeah I jailbroke my iphone 5 with evasion and everything was fine

  9. hunkyvampire says:

    is it safe t jailbreak?

  10. Dano sierra says:

    Lol! True!

  11. Arya Kalashi says:


  12. nathanfreeman15 says:

    Thanks Jeff great apps

  13. Jaime Alan Mendez Castro says:

    if u know what he means…

  14. gamestar2798 says:

    69% battery.

  15. DieJailbr3aker says:

    Alles über Jailbreak

  16. Afaque Quadri says:

    Howdy UTuberz! I’ve found an app that allows you to download & install genuine paid apps to your iOS device for free without jailbreaking. Check out my channel for a “How To” guide. Hurry before they shut this app down. Thank Me L8r!

  17. APoundOfDank says:

    @gh3god129 it’s called evasi0n man supports 6.0.1-6.1 worked perfectly for me just plug it in an click a button and in about 5 mins you have Cydia and everything is done for you easiest and best jailbreak so far ….. Don’t even have to put it in DFU mode either

  18. gh3god129 says:

    Can you put a ‘How to Jailbreak iPhone 5′ video link in the description? I been really interested in jailbreaking mine, but I cant find any good videos on how to do so.
    Please and thanks :)

  19. 0Toph says:

    top shelf

  20. Frans Janse van Rensburg says:

    Hi There. I don’t know who to ask. I love iPhonedelivery, but it makes my messages app crash on the jailbroken iphone 5 with ios 6.1. Does anybody know how I can get a version that works. I really need to be able to receive delivery reports on my iphone for sent texts. Thank you.

  21. WiN iOS says:

    it’s intelliscreenx not NCsetting

  22. Tom Stone says:


  23. whipmanjak says:

    Oh look…. features that have been on Android for years, how cute


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