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iPhone 5 review

Joshua Topolsky reviews Apple’s new iPhone 5. Read the full review on The Verge: More from The Verg…

IPhone 5 screen replacement. Step by step instructional video, showing you how to replace the screen/digitizer, and how to put it all back together again. Th…
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50 Responses to “iPhone 5 review”

  1. Nilokster says:

    I miss when Josh used to do reviews. They always felt so friendly and
    laid-back. Hope he’s doing well at Bloomberg.

  2. ALReviews says:

    what video editing software do you use ?

  3. ZambonieDude says:

    You wanted innovation u got IOS 7 :P

  4. AAHK360 says:

    mah, I came here to feel good about my iPhone 5, I hate the 5s anyways :/
    who needs a gray 5s when having a black 5 :/

  5. Aya Brea says:

    Guys! Its all over the news! Lochness monster may have been spotted on
    apple maps! Search Dores Scottland and pan and zoom on the said area! 

  6. Captain Flappers says:
  7. Kenttheclark says:
  8. Allan Garcia says:
  9. Moosa Mahsoom says:
  10. Chris Shirley says:
  11. Jack Quigley says:
  12. Jamaal Chapman says:
  13. Marko Kostic says:
  14. Willy Salazar says:
  15. funk the world says:
  16. Jamal Deemer says:
  17. Jasmine Green says:
  18. TheSony/AppleFanatic says:
  19. chrisjamesknapp says:
  20. Anthony MELO says:

    Be honest how many people here watched this video on there broken iPhone.

  21. ESP4thaWin says:

    Hahaha seriously people deserve it.
    IF you buy an iPhone, you should know that it has the easiest breakable
    screen of all smartphones. Consider buying another phone with a little
    stronger screen. Seriously, I know at least 30 people who have broken
    several iphones, and I have never broken any smartphone I’ve had.

  22. Les Faber says:

    Hi Andrew: Great video. Thank you for this. Are you able to share the link
    to the manufacturer of the replacement screen you used? I am a bit leery of
    some of the ones I saw on eBay.

    PS Good tip on why not to try and replace just the screen and not the
    entire unit. I would have tried the cheaper option.

  23. Shean Edwards says:

    I did watch this with my 5c blue

  24. Louie Herrera says:

    wow.. pretty easy , thanks man…

  25. Ivan Yankabollockoff says:

    Rokhsona , I think you are barking up the wrong tree , It sounds like this
    chap hails from closer to Manchester than Sheffield. Great tutorial thanks

  26. nayeli ariza says:

    this man really expail step by step! geat…..:)

  27. Ryan Johnson says:

    Thank you for the video, I have cracked my screen today. I would really
    like to replace the screen myself. Could you please recommend where to buy
    screen online? Thank you

  28. ali wat says:

    I ordered a iPhone 5c phone screen from ebay. When I put my new screen on,
    the screen was defective. I can’t type the letter t or do hardly anything
    on it. 

  29. Farha Abdul says:

    Thank you for this video, I just watched half way through that shows how to
    disassemble the iPhone, it was pretty easy assembling the phone back
    together. Fixed my brother’s iPhone for him

  30. Rokhsona Nassiri says:

    Great video ! Couldn’t help but notice your a Yorkshire man . If you live
    in Sheffield can I pay you to repair my phone ? Thanks 

  31. Vanessa Cano says:

    Just used this video to replace my screen. It just missed how to remove the
    plastic covering the the camera goes in. But my phone works fine now and
    now the lock button seems to work now too when it stopped about a year ago.

  32. Joe Kelley says:

    Am watching on my brokering iPhone 5c

  33. Johnny Lee says:

    Great video! I am gadget handy and would like to start an iPhone screen
    repair company. Do you have any advice?
    Where do you buy your iPhone 5/5s screens at?
    Also where should I get the tool kit that will have everything I need?
    You mentioned some eBay vendors sell screens that do not quite fit. What
    should I look for to make sure i am getting the right screen?
    Lastly, in the area where you have to pry the screen from the double glued
    area. In the event that the glue is not sticky enough to stick. What glue
    should I use?

    Thank you for your time mate!

    Johnny Lee

  34. Suren Shah says:

    Very well explained. Thank you.

  35. Paul Payne says:

    Could not not have done it without this Thanks!!

  36. rebecca bown says:

    My phone still works fine it’s just very cracked, I have ordered this and wanted to do it myself, is this
    okay and would I be able to do it this way?

  37. Steve Stewart says:

    you missed 2 small parts that are viisible on the original screen. one is a
    small plastic and metal holder for part of the proximity sensor, and the
    second piece is a small plastic “box” that insulates the top screw next to
    camera lens

  38. gerry kavanagh says:

    Thanks for an excellent tutorial… there are many places I would have
    stumbled if not for this video.
    Good job, mate.

  39. monsker28555363 says:

    fuck this video it didnt work at all 

  40. Yezenia Velazco says:

    I need help :( 

  41. NightmareGaming COD says:

    Nah not me lol ahaha

  42. christian sanchez says:

    hey man i replace the screen and everything work. the only thing is that
    the screen is acting wierd

  43. Niall Mcdaid says:

    Got the screen changed a while back and now the front facing camera doesn’t
    work ,is this easily fixed ? 

  44. RSGaming says:

    The apple store told me they calibrate the screen so its bad to replace it,
    is it true?


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