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iPhone 5 Review | Engadget

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25 Responses to “iPhone 5 Review | Engadget”

  1. Kathy Coleman says:

    Looks pretty cool. Kinda steep to legitimately jump in ($229.99 via Rogers
    for 32gb–picking the right size here is important b/c of no way to add
    storage.) I’m so torn … I’m getting my first smartphone–do I go with
    what I know (I own an iPod so an iPhone would be cake) or do I boldly go
    where I haven’t gone before? (Very interested in Samsung S3 / Note 2)

  2. Ashley Limb says:

    // @ODeutchlandguy, you can
    actually get an iPhone 5 for Free, simply google for: AzzingleGiveaways My
    19 cousin son just received one too, and I couldn’t beleive my eyes..hah!

  3. yazeed Dreini says:

    iPhone 5 <3

  4. CrustyQtip says:

    Samsung begs to differ since they are poly carbonate.

  5. HYITHO says:

    lol “actual muti tasking”? please define what you exactly mean by this
    “actual multi tasking”. yeah, “impressive specs” do mean a lot to androids
    considering how much they lag.

  6. TheTechnoToast says:

    1:24 Pressed the iPhone 5 before the 4S… There’s absolutely no difference
    then ^_^

  7. val pontillas says:

    @TheMaskSMoky, I just got my iPhone 5 and I am totally blown away. My
    MacBook pro is sitting in the corner and I haven not missed a beat ;) Glad
    I haven not bought it and got it For FREE, my cousin received his iPhone 5
    for free too lol. The web address, if I remember correctly, was:

  8. Ck009 says:

    I didn’t hear any solid arguments from you. His “lol” was more convincing.

  9. CrustyQtip says:

    HTC one begs to differ

  10. mfred240 says:

    “We won’t give you the full run-down because there’s a lot to talk about…
    What the hell? I thought this was a review. Unless I’m mistaken, reviews
    are supposed to inform users by giving them the “full run-down”.

  11. fcinternetmarketing says:

    Good ones.

  12. Ytremz says:

    Haha Apple cover up their lag with waaay overdrawn transistion animations

  13. Skyline says:

    Now I have the Galaxy Note and the iPhone 4s and so the ONLY THING that
    stopped me from getting the iPhone 5 was IOS. We all know that ios is a
    very responsive and complete firmware with an amazing app store but that
    just doesn’t cut it these days. Android may be laggy sometimes but it
    offers way more than ios in just about every way apart from apps. In my
    opinion, the iPhone 5 is let down by IOS. Other than that, it’s a great
    phone but I still prefer the Galaxy Note.

  14. mihajlo525 says:

    Well i have a family plan so in not paying 800 freakin dollars i get it for

  15. raghav mittal says:

    @cyberMaschine, @kingofkings22, @weightlossinfos and for those below who
    are looking for an iphone 5 for Free, simply google: AzzingleGiveaways Nice
    video btw, I get my iphone 5 for FREE by the end of the week. can’t wait
    for it! weee :)

  16. HaloShAdOwSnIpE says:

    Also don’t forget that the nexus 4 is not a premium phone at $300 unlocked.
    If you are willing to pay $600 you can get something covered in aluminum
    like the HTC One (full aluminum body I think) but personally I would rather
    spend 300 dollars on a nexus device and wait a year or two to buy another
    one without feeling as much guilt as an iPhone user going from one $700
    iPhone to another.

  17. HaloShAdOwSnIpE says:

    It is a premium phone but it is not at a premium price. I own a nexus 4 and
    trust me I know that it is high end.

  18. 0dumba says:

    only samsung ,not htc .I dont hate apple ,not at all but I hate samsung and
    their software pointless stuff that no one needs an they say it costs 500
    euros ,but htc has a rock solid body like this iphone

  19. Erphon Samani says:

    When the iPhone had a glass back android fanboys said it was stupid and
    breakable but when google does it ITS AMAZING!

  20. Nurocel says:

    Your iphone 5 already had scratches ! :)) love all the phones around…but
    the fact that a phone can scratch in your pocket it’s a shame.

  21. MrSKingma says:

    I actually like The newest Phone’s, so il like andoird, Windows phone and
    Iphone, but i only hate the Fanboys,they made his product stupid .

  22. jason toh says:

    hold both ip5 n nexus 4 u will “feel” the different standards of quality

  23. Zeuz Incorporated says:

    Say waa?

  24. Gregory S. says:

    Big improvement over my iPhone 4, and I can’t use the 3.5 inch screen
    anymore. 4 is perfect.

  25. Addison Tharpe says:

    Google is the best!! A nexus commercial before an iPhone 5 review. ;)


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