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iPhone 5 Test Video Movie – Low Light Film Shot Outdoors at Night

iPhone 5 Video Test Movie in Low Light… See Our FULL Video REVIEW of the iPhone 5 Low Light Video Performance at: NEW – Filmed …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “iPhone 5 Test Video Movie – Low Light Film Shot Outdoors at Night”

  1. Kemal Duran says:

    Wrong comment to wrong video, sorry! By the way you are gifted David, loved
    the movie…

  2. Kemal Duran says:

    Fake ;)

  3. kone994 says:

    wait for lumia 920. It’s worth of wait

  4. HousetopMedia says:

    Sweet! Pretty impressive footage. Who would have thought we could be
    shooting video like this on our phones a few years ago?

  5. DSLRVideoClassroom says:

    My iPhone 5 is a handy tool… it’s a bonus that you can shoot great video
    without the need of spending a grand or two on a separate video camera
    anymore. Thanks for the comment. ~ David

  6. DSLRVideoClassroom says:

    Hey… Yep. 24p… Have a great day! ~David

  7. DSLRVideoClassroom says:

    Cool! Thanks. ~ David

  8. DSLRVideoClassroom says:

    Fake what? Please explain… Thanks ~ David

  9. WolfSpider85 says:

    iPhone 5s in description?

  10. DSLRVideoClassroom says:

    Heard about it. But even so… my iPhone 5 is so useful and apps plentiful,
    it would take a lot for me to give it up… I had a Nokia smart phone
    before my iPhone, actually it was so frustrating to use, it drove me to get
    an iPhone months before I planned on it. But there’s a reason there are so
    many mobile devices… everyone has their preference… and it’s fun to
    have choices and REALLY cool! Okay, thanks for commenting. Have a great
    day! ~ David

  11. DSLRVideoClassroom says:

    Crazy world! ~ David

  12. DSLRVideoClassroom says:


  13. davidsdiego says:

    Nice video and music.

  14. SuperDeademo says:


  15. DSLRVideoClassroom says:

    If by “noise” you mean the sound the video camera recorded as I shot
    video… yes… I pulled the levels down on it and dropped in the
    background music, as the video sound was not helpful or needed for this
    production. Thanks. ~ David

  16. Maceo852456 says:

    Wait till the Nokia 920 comes that will really blow your mind camera on
    that baby is ground breaking…. /watch?v=jFhhBJ1URCg

  17. Joseph Nishimiya says:

    did you export in 24p? nice video btw!

  18. Richii Jimenez says:

    next time make a movie !


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