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iPhone 5 Tips – Email

The iPhone 5 has been out for a few months now and so I thought I would take the time to make a series of videos showing some Tips that can help you get the …
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The new iPhone 5 is finally unveiled to the world with some amazing new features. ALTERNATE SCENES & BLOOPERS: WATCH THIS EPISODE EN E…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “iPhone 5 Tips – Email”

  1. Rigy Rigz says:

    My email keeps deleting on its own?? How can I save them or make them not
    delete and be stored on my phone

  2. Morten de castro says:

    hi there ,great video ,but my problem is that it does now show : show 100
    or 500 or 1000 e mails in settings ! why is that ?
    morten from denmark 

  3. Elliot Raynsford says:

    This is bull shit all u doing is reading it out

  4. michael boroniec says:

    I’m looking to change my email alerts all back to the default tone so I can
    change it in sounds rather than the notification centre.

  5. Carol Walsh says:

    I’m having trouble with my password recognition of an e-mail address on my
    iphone. I can receive e-mail but not send. 

  6. Mustaf Ali says:

    I wanted to know how to email yourself a youtube video

  7. Marie Lewis says:

    Thank you for being so clear and informative – you did not waste even 1 sec
    of my time!

  8. Tim Selleck says:

    Can you delete emails in Iphone email without it being deleting on you PC

  9. iOSAuthority says:

    iOS has the best email user interface and way easier to look at.

  10. Michael Cronin says:

    Question….Is there any way to create a junk folder within the iphone app?
    thanks in advance for your reply. :)

  11. Robert Mizuhara says:

    it’s what mail does with Gmail. It’s basically the same as deleting so
    don’t worry

  12. zollotech says:

    The settings are basically the same so I didn’t see the need to show many
    different accounts and thought people could try on their own since you just
    put in your email address and password and it works.

  13. Jack Ferguson says:

    Who doesnt have unlimites texting these days..

  14. Jean-Laurent Bos says:

    How do you create sub folders in mail I have my prime email and would like
    to create a sub folder called spam

  15. leor shadia says:

    Question…when I go to mail and I slide the mail it doesn’t give me a
    option to delete it but it gives me the option to archive it. What’s
    archive and how do I change it so it deletes it ?

  16. Isaac Mejia says:

    I need help!!! my sbcglobal is not working on my iphone 5

  17. NickRas625 says:

    Great video! Question: Is there any way to show sent mail in the “thread”.
    I realize you can go to your sent folder and find it that way, but it would
    be convenient if it were already located in the thread. Thanks in advance

  18. Tony Santos says:

    you deliberately avoided going into the gmail settings, but gmail is the
    only email I use… sad… you could have created a fake gmail account in
    seconds to at least show the settings options for them, as gmail has to be
    the most popular web email around…

  19. 1boyns says:

    I would like to be able to go to older emails than the short list my phone
    displays. for some reason I cant retrieve them. any suggestions? thx

  20. Andrew D says:

    I just got my iphone 5C the other day and my mail icon has absolutely no
    emails coming in but it keeps building up in the usage, I got 1 email and
    deleted it just right now and it just keeps adding up. Does this usage of
    the deleted emails deplete on it’s own in the usage section or do I have to
    manually do something to get rid of that usage build up?

  21. Ric DellaPenna says:

    You didn’t explain how to REPLY or REPLY ALL to an email. Also, how can i
    add sub-folders (or mailboxes?) within my InBox. I want to move certain
    emails to a specific folder, such as: Family, Work people, Friends,
    Softball team, etc. How is this done?

  22. Akshay Kumaresh says:

    Productivity stuff for the iPad. Your review of moneywiz really helped.
    Also an android tips series would be cool considering how much things have
    changed there.

  23. zollotech says:

    You can change this in the gmail settings in the mail settings.

  24. Akshay Kumaresh says:

    You should do more app reviews, you do those pretty well.

  25. Michael Bury says:

    thanks for the video however i have an issue, i can’t delete or move email
    from any of my accounts to trash just get the message ‘the message could
    not be moved to the mailbox trash’. I have tried both ways ie: highlighting
    multiple emails or just ‘swiping’ for the delete button!

  26. Anas Bakri says:

    Like this comment if you searched ” My dumb Son’s birthday ” in Youtube
    after you saw this video !

  27. Jane Smith says:


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  29. Donatas Mockus says:

    HipsterCam xD

  30. Nate Windows says:

    1:50 dual LED!

  31. Tajaldeen Wahab says:

    i died when the cat vibrated

  32. Hammy Fayce says:

    whats the difference between the black man and the pizza?

  33. Tom Gillespie says:

    You should do a samsung one lol

  34. nooobiechild says:

    i laughed really hard at that GAYT&T

  35. Shauna Robison says:

    Morgan freemqn voice remimded me of rpmx13 from minecraft

  36. Huynh Calvin says:

    HAHAHSAHAHAHA i love this video

  37. Iury Poops says:


  38. That one guy says:

    That’s racist dude.

  39. Carrie Terziu says:

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  41. alexandria thundercharm says:

    the charger thing is damn funny

  42. khiem nguyen says:

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  43. Ahmed Amr says:

    can u call me back

  44. Hunter Anderson says:

    0:54 gayt&t

  45. Molly Edouard says:

    I died at 3:27

  46. Freddy Fordson says:

    Apple, The people who can literally shit money.

  47. Dauntingcreeper66 says:

    Pretty funny

  48. Ducky2002 says:


  49. SoulRCraft2 says:

    Watching this on a Iphone 5 XD

  50. Bella Idek says:



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