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iPhone 5 Tips – Email

Th&#1077 iPhone 5 h&#1072&#1109 b&#1077&#1077n out f&#959r a few months now &#1072nd &#1109&#959 I th&#959&#965ght I w&#959&#965ld take th&#1077 time t&#959 m&#1072k&#1077 a series &#959f videos screening &#1109&#959m&#1077 Tips th&#1072t &#1089&#1072n h&#1077l&#1088 &#1091&#959&#965 g&#1077t th&#1077 …
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Th&#1077 n&#1077w iPhone 5 &#1110&#1109 finally unveiled t&#959 th&#1077 world w&#1110th &#1109&#959m&#1077 &#1110n&#1089r&#1077d&#1110bl&#1077 n&#1077w features. ALTERNATE SCENES & BLOOPERS: WATCH THIS EPISODE EN E…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “iPhone 5 Tips – Email”

  1. Rigy Rigz says:

    My send by e-mail keeps deleting on its own?? How can I save them or make them not
    delete and be stored on my phone

  2. Morten de castro says:

    hi there ,fantastic video ,but my problem is that it does now show : show 100
    or 500 or 1000 e mails in settings ! why is that ?
    morten from denmark 

  3. Elliot Raynsford says:

    This is bull shit all u doing is reading it out

  4. michael boroniec says:

    I’m looking to change my send by e-mail alerts all back to the default tone so I can
    change it in sounds rather than the notification centre.

  5. Carol Walsh says:

    I’m having distress with my password recognition of an e-mail address on my
    iphone. I can hear e-mail but not send. 

  6. Mustaf Ali says:

    I wanted to know how to send by e-mail physically a youtube video

  7. Marie Lewis says:

    Thank you for life so clear and informative – you did not dissipate even 1 sec
    of my time!

  8. Tim Selleck says:

    Can you delete emails in Iphone send by e-mail without it life deleting on you PC

  9. iOSAuthority says:

    iOS has the best send by e-mail user interface and way simpler to look at.

  10. Michael Cronin says:

    Question….Is there any way to make a junk folder within the iphone app?
    thanks in advance for your answer. :)

  11. Robert Mizuhara says:

    it’s what mail does with Gmail. It’s basically the same as deleting so
    don’t agonize

  12. zollotech says:

    The settings are basically the same so I didn’t see the need to show many
    uncommon accounts and thought people could try on their own since you just
    place in your send by e-mail address and password and it works.

  13. Jack Ferguson says:

    Who doesnt have unlimites texting these days..

  14. Jean-Laurent Bos says:

    How do you make sub folders in mail I have my prime send by e-mail and would like
    to make a sub folder called spam

  15. leor shadia says:

    Question…when I go to mail and I slide the mail it doesn’t give me a
    selection to delete it but it gives me the selection to archive it. What’s
    archive and how do I change it so it deletes it ?

  16. Isaac Mejia says:

    I need help!!! my sbcglobal is not working on my iphone 5

  17. NickRas625 says:

    Fantastic video! Question: Is there any way to show sent mail in the “thread”.
    I realize you can go to your sent folder and find it that way, but it would
    be well-located if it were already located in the thread. Thanks in advance

  18. Tony Santos says:

    you deliberately avoided going into the gmail settings, but gmail is the
    only send by e-mail I use… sad… you could have made a fake gmail account in
    seconds to at smallest amount show the settings options for them, as gmail has to be
    the most well loved web send by e-mail around…

  19. 1boyns says:

    I want to be able to go to older emails than the small list my phone
    displays. for some reason I cant retrieve them. any suggestions? thx

  20. Andrew D says:

    I just got my iphone 5C the other day and my mail icon has unquestionably no
    emails coming in but it keeps building up in the usage, I got 1 send by e-mail and
    deleted it just right now and it just keeps adding up. Does this usage of
    the deleted emails deplete on it’s own in the usage section or do I have to
    manually do something to get rid of that usage build up?

  21. Ric DellaPenna says:

    You didn’t clarify how to REPLY or REPLY ALL to an send by e-mail. Also, how can i
    add sub-folders (or mailboxes?) within my InBox. I want to go certain
    emails to a specific folder, such as: Family tree, Work people, Acquaintances,
    Softball team, etc. How is this done?

  22. Akshay Kumaresh says:

    Productivity stuff for the iPad. Your review of moneywiz really helped.
    Also an android tips series would be cool considering how much things have
    changed there.

  23. zollotech says:

    You can change this in the gmail settings in the mail settings.

  24. Akshay Kumaresh says:

    You should do more app reviews, you do those pretty well.

  25. Michael Bury says:

    thanks for the video but i have an issue, i can’t delete or go send by e-mail
    from any of my accounts to trash just get the message ‘the message could
    not be went to the mailbox trash’. I have tried both ways ie: highlighting
    multiple emails or just ‘swiping’ for the delete button!

  26. Anas Bakri says:

    Like this comment if you searched ” My dumb Son’s birthday ” in Youtube
    after you saw this video !

  27. Jane Smith says:


  28. Yazmin Trejos says:


  29. Donatas Mockus says:

    HipsterCam xD

  30. Nate Windows says:

    1:50 dual LED!

  31. Tajaldeen Wahab says:

    i died when the cat vibrated

  32. Hammy Fayce says:

    whats the difference between the black man and the pizza?

  33. Tom Gillespie says:

    You should do a samsung one lol

  34. nooobiechild says:

    i laughed really hard at that GAYT&T

  35. Shauna Robison says:

    Morgan freemqn voice remimded me of rpmx13 from minecraft

  36. Huynh Calvin says:

    HAHAHSAHAHAHA i like this video

  37. Iury Poops says:


  38. That one guy says:

    That’s racist dude.

  39. Carrie Terziu says:

    Ciao bich!

  40. Hinder Flamer says:


  41. alexandria thundercharm says:

    the mount thing is damn amusing

  42. khiem nguyen says:

    Call 8139205

  43. Ahmed Amr says:

    can u call me back

  44. Hunter Anderson says:

    0:54 gayt&t

  45. Molly Edouard says:

    I died at 3:27

  46. Freddy Fordson says:

    Apple, The people who can literally shit money.

  47. Dauntingcreeper66 says:

    Pretty amusing

  48. Ducky2002 says:


  49. SoulRCraft2 says:

    Watching this on a Iphone 5 XD

  50. Bella Idek says:



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