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iPhone 5 Unboxing and Review

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 Responses to “iPhone 5 Unboxing and Review”

  1. christopher sheridan says:

    Do you have an ipod 5th generation

  2. christopher sheridan says:

    I didnt get a notification for the iphone 5 unboxing

  3. Jose Ricardo Campos Mora says:

    Was a livestream,and are awesome.

  4. youvideos1000 says:

    2 hours, sincerely ?

  5. Connor Rooks says:


  6. jack morlo says:

    nigga review

  7. oscar ramirez says:

    I phone 5

  8. andy mc says:

    thumbs up if you watched the whole thing ha :L

  9. tg faidz says:

    Thumbs up for Diana sad other things LOL

  10. Capp2015 says:

    SS 3?
    and you cant compare the two they both have flaws.

  11. Bob Williams says:

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  12. Anthony Chiputra says:

    the longest unboxing video to take place to youtube, since youtube.

  13. supermariojustin1 says:

    It was a live stream…

  14. TheUnknowMan96 says:

    jesus christ!!! 2hours for an iphone unboxing?? that’s must be the longer unboxing video on youtube!! :)

  15. ClamboClamster says:

    Please make an app for Windows Phone!!!!!!!!

  16. Evaldas Morkunas says:

    Ciao, do You want to win an iPhone 5? We won 100 models in competition and we want to share them ! :) So go here: adf[dot]ly/E5Zov (All countries accepted!).

  17. slade6alpha says:

    This will be my first iphone and first smartphone!

  18. Redtailhawk97 says:

    I like iOS because its simple yet really complex.

  19. becksfreek777 says:

    Your wife sounds like Bernadette from The Huge Bang Theory

  20. Isabella Bella says:

    iPhone 5 > SS 3

    Thumbs Up if Agree !

  21. bluelaserwaves says:

    The man cave.

  22. Jameel Alayyan says:

    I like this video, but I wish that you would have the live stream separate from an edited, small unboxing video.

  23. rgregoryoa says:

    He usually gives them away or sells them.


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