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iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Z10

How does the iPhone 5 stack up to the new BlackBerry 10-based Z10? Check out our comparison video! Subscribe:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Z10”

  1. Murtador Adewale says:

    I have both phones and updated to the latest software and iPhone is the best
    iOS 7 is a fluid comparing to BB10.2.2.1531

    I have both Amazon Appstore and Snap installed on my Z10, and the android
    apps downloaded from these stores are heavy, took more time to open,
    unresponsive and many sometimes laggy and buggy. Whoever thinks that he has
    both worlds when having Z10 is just kidding himself you can’t even download
    many Android apps that are related to Google services (YouTube, hangouts,
    Google+ and so on) Simply put, Z10 is not mature when comes to Appstore,
    Amazon and Snap are not the answer to the shortage of Blackberry World

    iPhone is the king when comes to ease of use and cloud based apps are user
    friendly, while Z10 lacks many things regarding the cloud

    Battery, Z10 is notorious about the battery despite having 1800 mAh, the
    rate which battery drains is annoying. iPhone 5 has less mAh and it beat
    Z10. the both have the same mega pixel camera and iPhone has a nicer shots
    that Z10

    There are many things nicer about iPhone 5 than Z10 that I can possibly

    Pro of Z10
    form factor, built quality and nice looking phone
    apps integration, gorgeous looking keyboard and accurate prediction texts

  2. sulenioa says:

    Do iPhone 5 vs z30

  3. Renato Andres Leiva Rosales says:

    Im a iPhone user and I’ve try this z10 and it’s amazing ! 

  4. trever pitts says:

    i heard blackberry now is going to get amazon app store so they will have
    ashit load more apps

  5. DRcatscratch says:

    Is the BB Z10’s touchscreen good? Currently i have the torch, and the
    touchscreen is absolutely terrible. 

  6. muqri john says:

    blackberry ! is better

  7. Swabrina Omar says:

    Can you get whatsapp in bb z10

  8. wedzerai makarudze says:

    i would go for the z10

  9. abood aaj says:

    iPhone 5 s is better

  10. Owen dunne says:


  11. ndoh walters says:

    i love iphone 5, to hell blackberryz10

  12. Leart Zajmi says:

    iphone is the king there’s no comparison 

  13. Montavius M. says:

    Z10 is better. You can side load any app android/apple by simply
    downloading the .apk file found by searching google.

  14. NotasamazingAlly says:


  15. Project Planes says:

    You can change between warm or cold screen on Z10

  16. Antonio Cunha Jr says:

    I use both and have both at the moment…. the z10 is awesome :) That’s my
    daily phone now and i enjoy using apps on my house TV…. great for kids
    to watch on the TV with out using or spending 50.00 on a adapter. Not too
    mention battery life is great on the z10…. great phone over all on the
    z10. typing is better on the z10 no auto correct. hope this helps and not
    to mention on AT&T the z10 is free for now… 

  17. Lindokuhle Zipho says:

    I’ve ordered BB Z10, Friday we meeting… so im looking forward not to be

  18. Danny Dawson says:

    I. Challenge. You. To. Use. iPhone. Be. For. Comparing

  19. Muhd Aiman says:

    sorry mate black berry super bad on this moment,
    hardware good, but black berry team not take attention on APP what the
    customers needed, no update at all. what they do is, only update OS version
    not the app on blackberry world, sory mate i know cos i use two phone
    blackberry and iphone at 6 month already, 

  20. Pedro Castro says:

    Z10 all the way! Hope Blackberry gets back up, they’re a great company!

  21. Alina Sani says:

    i love z10…..

  22. 3948jeff says:

    The Blackberry Q10 looks better to me based on your review, the way the
    operating system works, seems more logical to me. By the way, you did not
    even explain the keyboard word suggestion feature on the Z10 which the
    iPhone does not have. Plus the cost of the Z10 is a penny with an AT&T
    contract, the iPhone 5 is still about $467 with AT&T contract. The only
    disadvantage to me looks like it’s the rear camera, but the front camera is
    better on the Q10 based on other reviews I have seen. As far as apps,
    Blackberry has a lot of android apps on their website now, and in the fall
    they will have all the android apps available on Amazon, so apps will no
    longer be a problem this fall.

  23. andrew muhammad says:

    Just ordered the Z10 on shop for 199.00!! (Only the white
    one at that price) should arrive within the next two days. Have the iPhone
    5 as my daily rider,but that’s going to change!

  24. Addy Sid says:

    i have Blackberry Z10.

    better than iphone.

  25. Max Gauntlett says:

    I’d have the blackberry z10 if it had App Store!!

  26. malik arsal says:

    Some on plz help me which phone should i buy iphone 5c or samsung galaxy s4

  27. Matthew C says:

    On price the samsung s4 now compares with the iPhone 4s. So the s4 destroys
    the iPhone 4s.

  28. Geneve Espana says:

    Truth is, people like apple more than samsung because apple is more famous.
    If price is compared, apple is much expensive. Its just about fame. Money.
    But think about it. Samsung has much more bigger features. In all videos of
    youtube, samsung has really more features. Through camera, s4 vs 5s, s4
    wins. S5 vs 5s, s5 wins. Samsung can share files easily using bluetooth.
    Removable batt and has an sd card. A personal phone were u can customize
    and put pin codes on your files and memo’s and etc. Many more. JUST SAYING
    MY OPINION. I had an iphone 5 last yr. And swapped it to samsung galaxy s4.
    Ive been using my s4 for about 8 months and I didnt regret switching to

  29. jon paul smith says:

    Commenters: iPhone is the worst and android is the best! Me: Then why does
    everyone freaking person I see have an iPhone!!!


  30. kixkid229 says:

    The Iphone Prob Is Fan Favorite Due To Apple Apparently Being the Most
    Famous Manufacturer Where as i have a S4 active and I have to say its worth
    it but can lag on low processer games

  31. Vince Charles says:

    I think these comparison videos have turned into more of an ego booster for
    people who already like a certain device. Not cool at all.

  32. Ayush Pandey says:

    had both, NL 920 is best/ :D 

  33. Peter Mierzwa says:

    Yo apple makes better bc when you did the picture test you kept pressing
    the picture on the galaxy you kept waiting and then pressing the I phone
    picture button

  34. NicoPlay says:

    Iphone BEschte

  35. LukeDodson Tv says:

    Who’s pewdiepie?

  36. Jesse Peene says:

    What a TON of lagg on the samsung

  37. Doggybudder says:

    I can’t really argue half my family has Apple the other has samsung 

  38. XkingX S says:

    The iphone 5 might look alot better than the Samsung galaxy s4 but at the
    end of the day it’s a phone not a toy that you should go show of with
    samsung has an expandable memory and battery there are many things that you
    can do on a samsung that you cant do on a iphone

  39. iMovieTrailers says:

    I don’t know why but some apps on my iPhone 4s like some games run better
    than the galaxy s4 wtf

  40. LeNea Tinyan says:

    Oh yeah. Small screens are shit. Big screens can be enjoyed a lot more.

  41. Brock Lesnar says:

    iphone 5 is better

  42. Stefan C'estMoi says:

    People say iPhone sucks just because they can’t afford it :(

  43. Agustin Hermida says:

    iphone 5 win O.O

  44. Aussie Hacker says:

    S4 takes longer to start because it has bigger screen and more awesomeness!
    IPhone sucks! Go android! 

  45. Zaid Atoom says:

    If u look at the speed test server it’s different which caused the speed
    test gap RIP Knowledge 

  46. MARKO-DUBSTEP says:

    Iphone sucks !

  47. Mikkel Bjørup says:

    You do it faster on Samsung galaxy s4 

  48. jawo simon says:


  49. Benjamin Feldt says:

    iPhone works better

  50. King Lee says:

    iphone is faster better and safer bottom line


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