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iPhone 5 vs HTC One X Camera & HD Video Test Comparison

iPhone 5 vs HTC One X Camera & HD Video Test Comparison. Side by side camera & HD video demo. Android Ice Cream Sandwich vs Apple iOS 6 – which smartphone ha…

25 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs HTC One X Camera & HD Video Test Comparison”

  1. Nylla Raee says:

    htc roxxx

  2. BBGBeyblades says:

    Htc one x won.

  3. GinoZump says:

    01:02 oooooh, it can even take photos of ps2 in-game models of vases :P

  4. Slick-Maytricks says:

    Lol incoming butthurt iOS fanboys

  5. António Pires says:
  6. Hosnjara 97 says:

    HTC!!!! <3

  7. Ricardo Gobin says:

    At 00:34 both cameras are focused on completely different parts of the
    plant. They both probly have their settings setup differently as well. Take
    this review with a pinch of salt

  8. David Davtian says:

    HTC One X vs. iPhone 5 cameras

  9. Sean Chen says:

    Fuck you! Thumbs up~

  10. Rafael Bueno says:

    the iphone looks more elegant but the htc one x has a good detailed camera

  11. mariokartwiids7 says:

    iPhone <3

  12. Movie Masti Magic says:

    htc one x is much batter camera result

  13. Peyton Greenhaw says:

    I have a HTC one x and the camera is realistic

  14. Amritpal Singh says:

    I have tested a iphone 5 ang

  15. Áron Lepedus says:

    The HTC is the best!!! :)

  16. Muzaffer Kocyigit says:

    Htc one x!

  17. Fatos Blakaj says:

    You want e good picture and video go and buy a DSLR.

  18. cameundermayne says:

    :/ this is in 720p

  19. grapewater123 says:

    I give about 75 percent of those clips to the htc one x

  20. Michael Elizondo says:

    This just saved me from buying a iPhone 5. I’m so thankful for this video.
    Now I can have an awesome camera, run emulators like (Zelda 64), watch my
    own HD movies, have a 1.7 quad-core tegra 3 processor, and have my own two
    fav colors on the black and red one x+! I was willing to sacrifice limiting
    myself because no other camera was better than the iPhone 5 until I saw
    this!!! Thanks again you saved me some money.

  21. Periklis Dosis says:

    LOL… So much better than the iPhone 5!!..

  22. halldorarni22 says:

    iPhone 5 is better

  23. ballshok says:

    Htc one x better camera and half the price.

  24. WWEntertainmentWWE says:

    Htc x zoom suck so htc one wins

  25. Lauren Gomez says:

    This was put together very nice. I enjoyed ;c)


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