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iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

In this video we compare the new iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 has the new A6 dual-core 1GHz Apple CPU with 1GB of RAM, while the iPhone 4S has an A5 dual-core 800MHz Apple CPU. The display on the iPhone 5 is 1136×640 while it’s 960×640 on the iPhone 4S. The battery is also a bit larger on the iPhone 5, very much needed for the larger screen and inclusion of the LTE radio. We compare the devices on hardware, specs, web browsing speed, app updating speed, gaming, and more.

25 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S”

  1. Patrick Schmitt says:

    iPhone 5…same old sh*t

  2. noah kingsbury says:

    i do so why dont you go screw yourself thanks for ur queer comment :)

  3. fadedimageofyou says:

    I got my wife an iPhone 5 using my upgrade now she regrets after seeing me using note 2.

  4. holyquakamoly1 says:

    I actually wasn’t meaning that for you but whatever

  5. Rectiony says:

    is iphone5 good

  6. katyandkesha56 says:

    Mine is a 4 not a 4s I thought it was going to be 4 vs 5 :(

  7. xiang lee says:

    Nokia3310 is the best n deathly weapon!!!

  8. mysterysoundable says:

    Yawn ** come on Apple stop piggyback riding the last product.

  9. Jazzlyn Sage says:

    i think it’s quite funny… the irony of it all…

  10. Shaveda Robbins says:

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  11. Alesandra Dale says:
  12. MrKaboom9234 says:

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  13. Benny Kaz says:

    Samsung SIII’s slogan is “designed for humans” (clearly taking a stab at Apple’s iPhone), yet the Samsung runs “Android” which is by definition: a robot with a human appearance. Fail call Samsung.

  14. dyaisha101 says:

    I think the iphone 4s is better than 5 cause its ment for people with little fingers

  15. BlueOnyxGuard8899 says:

    @da iws the 4s and iphone 5 are the EXACT SAME SHIT.!!!!!!!! How is 5 better.????

  16. brunettendproud says:

    I like my 4s better :)

  17. iAppiPodz says:

    I sold my SGS3 and I’m debating to get the iPhone 4s and have a lot of spending money left over or go ahead and get the 5 and have little money left over. Please Help!!!

  18. noah kingsbury says:

    I like the 4s better

  19. James Hanson says:

    i don’t know if i should get an iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S3. what do you guys think? i get to choose one here: bit.lys3ori5

  20. GMOBB MARTINEZ says:

    ithink i like the 4s better, thats just me tho

  21. 1beast1991 says:


  22. Jay da CashCoW says:

    Shut the fuck up bro, apple Iphone 5 is no where Samsung galaxy 3, you can’t share with blue tooth, Nfc u can’t make ur mp3 a ring tone, no smart stay, u can’t download torrent on ur device, the only thing bad abt galaxy is the color of the display doesn’t look naturally ( but it’s so perfect!

  23. Megaredize says:

    fuck crystal make it out of diamond! lol

  24. Jacob Harris says:


  25. energeez says:

    naw its faster


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