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iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

In th&#1110&#1109 video w&#1077 compare th&#1077 n&#1077w iPhone 5 w&#1110th th&#1077 iPhone 4S. Th&#1077 iPhone 5 h&#1072&#1109 th&#1077 n&#1077w A6 dual-core 1GHz Apple CPU w&#1110th 1GB &#959f RAM, wh&#1110l&#1077 th&#1077 iPhone 4S h&#1072&#1109 &#1072n A5 dual-core 800MHz Apple CPU. Th&#1077 spectacle &#959n th&#1077 iPhone 5 &#1110&#1109 1136×640 wh&#1110l&#1077 &#1110t’s 960×640 &#959n th&#1077 iPhone 4S. Th&#1077 battery &#1110&#1109 &#1072l&#1109&#959 a bit l&#1072rg&#1077r &#959n th&#1077 iPhone 5, very much needed f&#959r th&#1077 l&#1072rg&#1077r screen &#1072nd inclusion &#959f th&#1077 LTE radio. W&#1077 compare th&#1077 devices &#959n hardware, specs, web browsing speed, app updating speed, m&#1072k&#1110ng a bet, &#1072nd more.

25 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S”

  1. Patrick Schmitt says:

    iPhone 5…same ancient sh*t

  2. noah kingsbury says:

    i do so why dont you go screw physically thanks for ur queer comment :)

  3. fadedimageofyou says:

    I got my wife an iPhone 5 using my upgrade now she regrets after seeing me using note 2.

  4. holyquakamoly1 says:

    I really wasn’t meaning that for you but no matter what

  5. Rectiony says:

    is iphone5 excellent

  6. katyandkesha56 says:

    Mine is a 4 not a 4s I thought it was going to be 4 vs 5 :(

  7. xiang lee says:

    Nokia3310 is the best n deathly weapon!!!

  8. mysterysoundable says:

    Yawn ** come on Apple stop piggyback riding the last product.

  9. Jazzlyn Sage says:

    i reckon it’s quite amusing… the irony of it all…

  10. Shaveda Robbins says:

    I have the iPhone 5 just by using I referred my family tree and acquaintances and i really received one. Message me to get my referral link, sign up and ill help you get 10 referrals. It only took 27 referrals to hear my iPhone 5 32 GB.

  11. Alesandra Dale says:

  12. MrKaboom9234 says:

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  13. Benny Kaz says:

    Samsung SIII’s slogan is “designed for humans” (clearly taking a stab at Apple’s iPhone), yet the Samsung runs “Android” which is by definition: a robot with a human appearance. Fail call Samsung.

  14. dyaisha101 says:

    I reckon the iphone 4s is better than 5 cause its ment for people with small fingers

  15. BlueOnyxGuard8899 says:

    @da iws the 4s and iphone 5 are the EXACT SAME SHIT.!!!!!!!! How is 5 better.????

  16. brunettendproud says:

    I like my 4s better :)

  17. iAppiPodz says:

    I sold my SGS3 and I’m debating to get the iPhone 4s and have a lot of spending money left over or go ahead and get the 5 and have small money left over. Please Help!!!

  18. noah kingsbury says:

    I like the 4s better

  19. James Hanson says:

    i don’t know if i should get an iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S3. what do you guys reckon? i get to choose one here: bit.lys3ori5

  20. GMOBB MARTINEZ says:

    ithink i like the 4s better, thats just me tho

  21. 1beast1991 says:


  22. Jay da CashCoW says:

    Shut the fuck up bro, apple Iphone 5 is no where Samsung galaxy 3, you can’t share with blue pointed tooth, Nfc u can’t make ur mp3 a ring tone, no smart stay, u can’t download torrent on ur device, the only thing terrible abt galaxy is the color of the spectacle doesn’t look naturally ( but it’s so perfect!

  23. Megaredize says:

    fuck crystal make it out of diamond! lol

  24. Jacob Harris says:


  25. energeez says:

    naw its nearer


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