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iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S Comparison

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S Comparison In th&#1110&#1109 video I compare th&#1077 iPhone 5 &#1072nd th&#1077 iPhone 5S &#1072nd &#1088l&#1072&#1089&#1077 th&#1077m head t&#959 head &#1110n a series &#959f tests. If &#1091&#959&#965 h&#1072&#957&#1077 &#1072n&#1091 comme…
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25 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S Comparison”

  1. TheMacfann says:

    Everytime the 5 is nearer then the 5S, he says that they are about the
    same. But when the 5s is nearer he says its nearer. Why???

  2. Jason Leibinitzk says:

    Where I live,

    iPhone 5 64GB is 730 USD, whereas
    iPhone 5S 16GB is 758 USD. I
    don’t know which one to choose. Is 5S worth the extra 28 USD with 4 era
    less memory, due to its newer chipset, iOS, battery with more capacity, GPU
    and CPU?

  3. aishah shaukat says:

    I Got an Iphone 5s and in person one of my favourite phones.

  4. Syahmi Akmal says:

    I like this very much but my country is RM 2500 this is so expensive

  5. Rahman Abdul says:

    Is the brightness turned to full on both phones? There seems to be a
    difference in the displays of the devices. It’s like the 5S has a warmer
    spectacle as compared to the 5. 

  6. Sandeep Sarkar says:

    nice review 

  7. Madara Senju says:

    The 5s is really not twice as quick, rather 1,5 era as quick.

  8. Ryan5259 says:

    The iphone 5S is a better phone for making a bet. 

  9. molly kay says:

    oh come on we all know and u know that the iphone 5s really won that

  10. Jessica Valencia says:

    I just recently got the 5 and I like it! 

  11. Matt Fu says:

    Is 4s to 5s a excellent try? :)

  12. Michael Ratnadeepakk says:

    I phone 5 looks damn fabulous than 5s 

  13. Dan Mathew Dayao says:

    When i turned on my iphone 5 it has a white background and black apple logo

  14. Rafael Gaona says:

    I get my iPhone 5s in Gold this month!

  15. Ιερωνυμος Αποστολιδης says:

    I want a phone for making a bet should i take 5 with lower price or 5s with
    better performance??

  16. Sony Kaka says:

    i like iphone 5,,,,looking gud,,,but iphone 5s finger photograph ,,,decrease the
    iphone 5s personality…

  17. miamicanesfan01 says:

    The 5 screen looks so much better than the 5S. I guess I will stick with my
    5 for another year.

  18. Jawil Beltré says:

    iPhone 5 win a few test

  19. Jonathan009 says:

    Should I change from iPhone 5 to 5s

  20. Ryan Flores says:

    If I was going to buy an iphone 5 within the next year, would it still be
    iOS 6.1.3? Or updated to iOS 7?

  21. Ezra Ramadhan says:

    Voice :S

  22. Alex Hostettler says:

    I’m pleased with my iPhone 5, I’m gonna wait for the 6

  23. Azhar Uddin says:

    Should I upgrade to iphone 5s from 5?

  24. darkiconknight says:

    Macadvisor can u tell me about the screen quality between these phones in
    many recordings I see comparing the two iphones it seems that the iPhone 5
    has the better screen quality the 5s looks dimmer colors are less
    saturated. I’ve seen many complaints about this issue if I search the

  25. chyann watson says:

    and in the race game he pressed the 5s first by like 0.2 seconds….every
    second counts


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