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iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 Comparison

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49 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6 Comparison”


    When my two year contract ended, I upgraded from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone

    Which iPhone are you currently using?

  2. Michael Myers says:

    Had an Iphone 6 plus but I prefer the Iphone 5 

  3. Heather Crutchley says:

    I think Apple shouldn’t have discontinued the iPhone 5 and the 5c shouldn’t
    have ever been created. It IS an iPhone 5 in childish, colourful plastic.

  4. Miguel says:

    Just bought my son and myself one it’s great 

  5. Kiva says:

    at the end iphone 5 is as fast as the iphone 6 if the iphone 5 is on ios
    ios 8 is the problem why the 5 is so much slower. honestly i do not need
    the new “features” of ios 8. so i would not upgrade.

  6. survivorevil says:

    a lot faster? you seriously think not even a second but hafl a second is a
    lot faster? what world we live in…

  7. eldominicano217 says:

    how is the 6 faster if they both use 4g

  8. ZigsTech says:

    Thanks for making a 5 vs 6 video nobody else is making them when they
    should because people who are getting the iPhone 6 right now are probably
    people like me who got there iPhone 5 two years ago and are ready to
    upgrade to the 6

  9. Samer Samara says:

    The iPhone 6 is AWESOME I had a 4s and its a BIG Improvement,if u have da
    5c or 5s don’t upgrade but if you have a 4s or older definitely upgrade

  10. Daley says:

    Is it just me who thinks Apple made some seriously backwards steps with the
    6? My design disagreements are with the thickness, screen size and body
    shape. Personally, I think they should have kept it a bit thicker as they
    wouldn’t have the camera sticking out from the back, ruining the aesthetic,
    making the phone not sit flat and I have the camera more prone to damage…
    and i guarantee no-one would have cared that it was the same thickness. It
    would have also allowed for a larger battery. Also Apple said they’d never
    make a phone with a screen size bigger than 4″ as it was the perfect size,
    but have succumbed to peer pressure as ‘everyone wants bigger phones’ but I
    know a lot of people (myself included) who with small hands, the iPhone 5
    is still the perfect size for me to use single handed comfortably. If they
    wanted to have a larger phone, fine, make the 6 plus but don’t increase the
    size of both phones. Finally, I’ve held the 6 and it feels less secure in
    my hands with the rounded edges, non-withstanding the increased size. I
    really liked the squared off shape of the older phones as it really felt
    comfortable and secure in my hand.

  11. DodgeGAMING says:

    I love how they trick you A6-A8,Iphone 5 has Dual-core 1.3 GHz Swift (ARM
    v7-based). The iphone 6 has something that is almost the same Dual-core 1.4
    GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based). That is one extra hert then the 5. Am gone go
    crazy its so much. Not really, not a dramatic change until apple make
    something worth buying stick with the 5. Only reason it is slow is because
    of the optimisation that can be solved don’t get ios 8. Apple is clever and
    loves to fool everybody by doing this every year increasing a hert biggest
    difference is 4s-5. That gives you a whole 47 herts which is quite alot if
    you consider it closely.

    In other words buy a iphone 5 instead of a 6 make sure its got ios 7.

  12. Jun Hyeon Mun says:

    Nice comparison. A lot of comparisons are done between an iPhone 5s and
    iPhone 6, which only show incremental improvements. And that’s kinda
    disingenuous because many people who are buying an iPhone 6 are upgrading
    from an iPhone 5 after a two-year contract. 

  13. Luca Levoni says:

    Little mistake in the screen comparison: the iPhone 5 doesn’t have a 4.7”
    display.. It’s impossibile :’) 

  14. Максим Блохин says:

    iphone 5 have 4″retina 

  15. Nabs Sidig says:

    I bought my iPhone 5 when it came out just over 2 years ago and still doing
    great I dont see enough new features or at least battery life that makes me
    spend $$$ for the new iphone6!

  16. Justin Hoffmann says:

    I know i’m a little late to get an iPhone 6, but my 6 is expected to be at
    my house Wednesday. Can’t wait! (i had to wait for my upgrade)

  17. Deadpool Eid says:

    I have an iPhone 6. 1,000 times better than the 5s. Not just the size or
    design but the actual performance. Anyone can put a case on a phone. It’s
    all about performance. 5s sucks compared to it. Just my opinion, don’t take
    out the fact that you can’t afford the 6 or 6plus out on me I’m just being
    honest. Not my fault you’re financially stuck with what you have and need
    to defend it by liking each other’s broke ass comments about how the 5s is
    better when it’s just not. Sorry ;( 

  18. iZul Ampatuan says:

    hey Brennan are you a japanese?

  19. lbpcreator565 says:

    I’m pretty sure the iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen not 4.7″. Other than that
    great video!

  20. Jeje Victor says:

    The iPhone 5 has a 4″ inch display not a 4.7″

  21. raksmey Uc says:

    i think both of them are good. For me iphone 5 is better because camera is
    the same for iphone 6 and especially wasting money to buy iphone 6. 

  22. xxAllianexx says:

    Great video ! (:

  23. jerryx2000 . says:

    iOS 8 screwed up the iPhone 5. On iOS7 its way faster. So stay jailbroken
    on the iOS7. 

  24. Optimus Primia says:

    Which iPhone do u prefer

  25. Abigail Desta says:

    Omg I think I’m going to get the iPhone 5 and by the way you make the best

  26. UnlockRiver says:

    ATTENTION AT&T users: AT&T has decided to increase their price to unlock
    iPhones. That is the reason why the price in the video is different that
    the actual current price. This has taken effect worldwide now. The price is
    high, but we guarantee that your iPhone will be unlocked completely or your
    money back! If you have any questions please email us. Thank you! 

  27. Minister of Propoganda II says:

    will this work with an iphone 5 from sprint?

  28. mitch brown says:

    is currently $99.99! looks like they’ve increased their prices

  29. Safdar Chadda says:

    I have old ipone 5s. Can I unlock iphone 5s while I have iphone 6plus with
    att? Can I use 5s within any other carrier or when you are travelling out
    side USA?

  30. SmartAlex1203 says:

    Can I unlock the phone without a Sim card?

  31. cristobal cubillos says:

    att will let you unlock your phone for free if u are a current customer and
    your phone is paid off.

  32. Sophia Wright says:

    Hello people,
    I suggest using UnlockediPhone(.me),if you want to unlock your iPhone
    They unlocked my iPhone 5S for actually free within a day! I’m so happy and
    satisfied right now.
    I’m not one of those spammers, I am serious about this!

  33. David arel says:

    Can you unlock it even if you don’t have a sim card? 

  34. Falos Robert says:

    Hey guys, do you’ve any trouble unlocking your AT&T phones? Since the
    majority sites that could actually unlock AT&T aren’t anymore, since AT&T
    did the info base renew. But you will find still sites which have use of
    the database, MobileUnlox is one, go take a look, it’s one of the most
    reliable unlocking site for AT&T without doubt.

  35. Talon Voight says:

    What’s the point in doing that when you already had your phone unlocked in
    the first place?

  36. Joel Rubio says:

    Unlocking is only for GSM carrier like AT&T and T-Mobile. The purpose of
    unlocking is so that you will be able to use the phone to any carrier or
    any country that uses GSM technology. Sprint and Verizon are CDMA
    technology, no SIM Card needed. The identity of theCDMA phone is in the
    unit itself, not in a SIM. The SIM card in the CDMA phones are for LTE
    connection use only, not a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM).

  37. RIBCCA says:

    if you have unlock it, is that mean you can use any another carrier ? what
    about a carrier from different country ?

  38. Manuel Valerio says:

    so unlock river is charging me $139 dollars. how do I get it for $20 like
    you did? I’ll wait for your answer. Thank you

  39. Shane Callam says:

    I broke my sim card can it stillwork wit out my original sim in there


    Go through your provider, don’t use this bullshit! Straight fucking scam
    artist!!! Do you see one comment anywhere that anybody posted that they’ve
    used this site and it successfully unlocked their phone? SCAM ALERT DO NOT

  41. Bella Nat says:

    Just saying he’s got an iPhone 5 but he has the old update???

  42. andrei arbilo says:

    Hi I checked the site how come there’s no sprint carrier?can you help me to
    get this?

  43. Rachael Thompson says:

    get your iphone sim unlocked for free at iphonegeeks ;us; try it1

  44. Eliazar Janaz says:

    do you have to have the original sim card to unlock it

  45. Walter Escobar says:

    I have Verizon iPhone that I need to unlock to used it with another company
    how can I do that cuz I try all the steps and it say my phone only would
    work with Verizon eve of is unlock 

  46. jorgitin martinez says:

    Is the phone still able to be used when unlocked with the same carrier? 

  47. Raphael Limbo says:

    Is it that simple? will it also work with iPhone 4S? I am from the
    Philippines.. it’s locked with globe

  48. Jose Gracias says:

    my iphone is verizon is clean esn but the icloud is lock
    if im buy your service the icloud will be unlock ?
    will work the internet ? will work the phone with any carrier in the world

  49. Thane Guerra says:

    So for the unlocking part if you dont have the sim card for the original
    carrrier would it still work


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