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iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4

In this video we compare the latest Android flagship, the Nexus 4, with the newest iPhone, the iPhone 5. They are very different devices. The iPhone 5 has a …

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50 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4”

  1. DJ Harmonics says:

    My nexus 4 screen looks a hell of a lot better than that nexus! o.O

  2. Jun Hyeon Mun says:

    Useless video. Which consumer is going to consider things like colour

  3. priv1leged says:

    there is no better phone, than… any other phone except the iphone

  4. TheRealGerov says:


  5. Justin says:

    You can buy the nexus 5 on amazon here

  6. 1210saad says:

    Now we have to understand that apps on iOS work differently compared to the
    apps on Android. On iOS the apps are pre-compiled so they load faster while
    on Android there compiled as soon as you launch them. That is why Google
    introduced the new runtime ART. So i dont think we should compare iOS Apps
    launch time vs Android. Because obviously iOS is going to win. But we can
    compare the performance with games and such.

  7. Taufan Prakoso says:

    Kok Nexus e screen e burem bos? Wah, tiwas tak idolake. Piye to buooss?

  8. Abraham Williams says:

    The +Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5 comparisons have them pegged pretty much being
    equal. Each having a couple places they do a little better at. It really
    just comes down to if you prefer a +Google experience or an Apple

  9. Sam Wong says:

    Nexus 4 screen looks…. bad…. Did Google pick a wrong OEM???

  10. Allan Wong says:

    Nexus 4 screen looks…. bad…. Did Google pick a wrong OEM???

  11. Darrin C says:

    *iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4*

    Even though the #nexus4 costs half the price, it has a higher screen
    resolution and a number other advantages over the #iphone5 (not to mention
    no Google maps or Ingress). A shame the Nexus4 is never in stock. They
    don’t officially sell the Nexus4 in Japan yet. Not sure if they ever will.
    You can get them unofficially on, however they are currently
    out of stock there too at iphone5 prices of $600 – $700. Pretty
    ridiculous. They are trying really hard to sell the #iphone5 in Japan,
    even though there are restrictions on YouTube, OS updates, etc. Make sure
    you read the fine print before signing up for a 2 year contract!

  12. Kim Barnes says:


  13. Bill Ramseyer says:


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  14. Don Felipe says:

    Again iPhone coming out on top 

  15. Irakli Topaz says:

    Битва Гигантоф

  16. Art Carter says:

    #nexus4 !!!!

  17. Pablo Costa Tirado says:

    Head to head.

  18. Justin La'ron says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. David Hee says:

    presented by +Pocketnow 

  20. Sergio Rodas Sánchez says:

    +David Diaz Rivas 

  21. Mike Serafin says:

    Nice unbiased comparison – I would say it’s a wash, more dependent on which
    OS you prefer. However, when taking price into consideration, the +Nexus 4
    wind hands down seeing as it’s about half the price off contract and

  22. Commasant Vasili says:


  23. Steve Davis says:

    Decent review.

  24. Pranay Periwal says:


  25. Connell Smallwood says:

    2 Great Phones… very even in performance!

  26. Linda Cullison says:

    Super funny video. Caka con elote lol 

  27. Ty Moore says:

    Is it on the website?

  28. Scott Ryan says:

    Your really pretty

  29. Keoki Rosa says:

    The snow test was a different case I’m sure it was the fri

  30. blackvo range says:

    i want this lifeproof…

  31. Daniel Zappia says:

    i love this vid <3

  32. Toa Lewa says:

    Hhahaha you’re both really funny
    Love it

  33. Muhammad Azri says:

    she’s pretty

  34. Benjamin Franko says:


  35. veron balos says:


  36. Ernsly Charles says:

    Please tell me u single :)

  37. adrljmzdope123 says:

    Nice video and she is very nice :-))

  38. Mike Dancy says:

    Okay that dude is funny. 

  39. anthony fernandez says:

    She’s so pretty

  40. TheOfficialRyRy says:

    i want her

  41. Gabriel Zanandrea says:

    shes so fucking sexy!

  42. KingGamingification says:

    We all do this 2:48

  43. Vicente Toledo says:

    I don’t care about the case…… she is really hot!!!

  44. Vin Razkal says:

    I cant focus on the reviews! Dammmn thats hot!

  45. Luke McDonald says:

    3:03 half u niggas wouldn’t even know wat to do with that

  46. meliketacosAJ says:

    Inguys are funny

  47. Gabriel Zanandrea says:

    shes so fucking sexy!

  48. kwas32 says:

    Super !

  49. Rhett Guthrie says:

    Fail he tried to swipe the screen and ended up in netflix

  50. Bennyboyz NZ says:



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