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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 HD Video Test Comparison

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Video & Camera Test Comparison & Demo. Side b&#1091 side test &#959f 8MP camera outside, &#1110n low light w&#1110th &#1072nd without flash &#1072nd &#1110n clos…
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25 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 HD Video Test Comparison”

  1. Zubayr Salsanov says:

    The guy danced better the second time LOL

  2. Christina Jenkins says:

    Low light no flash iphone def, but tie with other 2, cause iphone had tad darker image which not much difference.

  3. djtimwright says:

    Honest comment, and the most accurate observation of the video.

  4. muzo4041 says:


  5. Thecoolone67 says:

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 and i admit the iphone 5 is so much better. In that comparison you see that the galaxy’s videos seems washed out compared to the iphone. If you look at my channel i did take a video outside in the sunlight, and that came out incredible without effects. take a look.

  6. SteezyHooligan says:

    0:32 The fuck is that bitch doing…? Omfg I am laughing my ass off

  7. BabyGirlWWEDiva says:

    I remember that commercial where a man tells the ancient lady,”Oh aren’t you too young to have an iPhone?” and they all started fighting lol

  8. Shauni Williams says:

    The s3 shoots slightly more detail in the first video clip in the park and has more natural colours. The iphone shoots bolder colours and boosts saturation to make up for slightly less detail but its still shoots perfectly smooth hd video. Its really smmoother than the s3 when panning around aswell. But both phones are excellent at shooting hd video. If you want eye popping colours and silky smooth hd video go for the iphone if you want more natural colours and slightly more detail go for the s3.

  9. Gorqeouss090 says:

    basically the same

  10. Abdulrahman Ali Alraeisi says:

    s3 won… be honest


    ahaha nexus 4, that was amusing

  12. darvyn samuel says:

     iphone 5

  13. JetztTesteIch says:

    Incredible S3 :O

  14. Vinicius Nascimento says:

    Nexus 4

  15. MerlilithProductions says:

    I don’t see any difference, it’s practicly the same. I reckon it’s weither you’re an apple fanboy or a samsung fanboy.

  16. swaggondeck290 says:

    S3 of course even an unbias person could see that

  17. Scarface193448 says:

    Damn to me the iphone had a better camera than i thought the s3 sucks i had mine for like a day and i dropped it on the grass because my hand was slippery and the screen broke on the left corner. I had many acquaintances with an iphone 5 and it only scratches the corner im getting an iphone fuck samsung

  18. 易秦 江 says:

    iPhone better

  19. s27945 says:

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  20. J iqy says:

    Wow the S3 is excellent

  21. eziokamikaze says:

    S3 so excellent

  22. TexansAllTheWayJJ99 says:

    Galaxy S3 fans mad, so they choose to take their rage on the dancers.

  23. hugodigio says:

    iphone 700€
    S3 370€
    for a small difference with the apn x)

  24. Kraiigx says:


  25. Jonny Bingham says:

    err no. The iPhone looks better in nearly every test, and where it is not outright better is on par with the GS3.


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