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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 destruction test

In this video we drown, scratch, drop and crush the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, to see which is tougher.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 This is a video of our iPhone 5 Disassembly (available in 1080p HD). We go through each step, informing you of the tools you will need to b…

50 Responses to “iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 destruction test”

  1. mr ironblog says:

    I like my galaxy note 3

  2. Hans Lexie says:

    The 4th test made me almost cry!! Looked so sad!

  3. gustavofogasa says:

    amazing! its not really

  4. MasterHoovyX says:

    Watch out everyone, nerdy samsung fanboys in the comments, as well as
    faggot apple fanboys.

  5. nicklass HD says:


  6. Michael Wilson says:

    Galaxy S4 battery sucks… Went right back to iPhone after that…

  7. DeeEmStyles says:

    More reason why Samsung phones trump Apple phones regardless of the
    materials they use.

    S4 for the win. Can’t wait for the S5!

  8. James Rickabaugh says:

    iphone. 5 has a better software and a better style 

  9. AyoBonito116 says:


  10. Nicholas Loperena says:


  11. rick shackelford says:

    wow samsung sucks

  12. Anni Stylinson says:

    Okay, I had iPhone 5, but it cracked when it dropped on the road. Then I
    bought Samsung Galaxy s4, and all I can say is that Samsung. is. better. It
    really is. The phone is 100 times faster, the camera is better, screen is
    bigger, the battery lasts longer… Every way, samsung really is better..
    So if you’re thinking should you get iPhone or Samsung, take Samsung. If
    you don’t want to get Samsung, then take iPhone, but don’t take Nokia.

  13. Jorge Loquendo says:

    Every time i read your comment my eyes burn.

  14. smashbrawler35 says:

    S4 baby!

  15. l26764032 says:


  16. anthonygrisham44 says:

    You try turning them off and on again at the end that would of definitely
    fixed them for sure

  17. rafanegrello says:

    Until for to wreck the Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than Iphone 5!

  18. max van Ees says:

    Apple is stil and always wil be the best

  19. Neo A.D. says:

    8:10 that slow motion thou……

  20. eric garcia says:

    Ya s4

  21. Lexie Oregel says:


  22. Nicholas PlaysMC says:

    Thats a new phone in the rice. No way in hell that an iPhoone could SURVIVE!

  23. B Xang says:

    Note 3 is the best and I have one :)

  24. André Hande says:

    Try to restart it.

  25. Nazirah Nazri says:

    woah impressive

  26. Raúl Izquierdo says:

    Can you replace the hard drive for another one from another iPhone 5?

    I have two of the same, but one fell in a pool and it’s the one of 64gb.

    Help pls.

  27. Sergio Martinez says:

    Do you know a site to buy an Iphone 5 free logicboard?

  28. frais geler says:

    if it drop into water / it can be repaired or not or it is already water
    damaged :D !!! thx for reply 

  29. Tu Nguyen says:

    It will be much easier to open if you guys use the following tool:

  30. Thomas Oder says:

    Thank you , ifixit had you remove display to change battery. I am careful
    and will just remove my battery for replacement.

  31. tteitei says:

    Hi, I am trying to repair a water damaged iphone. I cant get hold of 99%
    isoproponol alcohol to clean the contacts. Is there any other liquid
    cleaner I can use to clean the board and contacts

  32. Muhammad Naeem says:

    so nice

  33. Monica Silva says:

    Dose the iphone take SD card for it 

  34. David says:

    I accidently droped my iphone 5 in water it was in water for a 20 sec max
    but when i picked it up it was dead it wont start it has been 2 weeks now i
    am despreat i need help can anyone give me some suggestions?

  35. naveed khan says:

    its my vedio

  36. Duy Nhat says:

    OMG , what have you done ! >”<

  37. dexster23 says:

    so much damn screws !!!

  38. Miles De Leon says:

    Watched this on an iPhone 5

  39. iamphones says:

    Most everyone else seems to like it. We have made an “impatient version”
    though, check the bottom of the description for the link.

  40. ssakkeun02 says:


  41. jeffscomp says:

    Great teardown video. I think apple is improving the quality of parts over
    the 4s. I was disappointed with my 4s. Weak vibration when getting calls,
    and too heavy.and not as good audio as the original AT&T iPhone 4.

  42. photoking98 says:

    I was watching this on my 4s (because iphone 5 screenn died) and i think
    its really help ful thank you

  43. ShownMercy says:

    Can the sim card reader be replaced in the logic board?? Thanks!

  44. thekwest says:

    subbed & thumbs up. well done!

  45. dickbaulz says:

    You need new tools dood

  46. Paulsstriker says:

    Hi, my iphone 5 screen won’t turn on right after I opened up the phone.
    Opening process was difficult and I might broke something. The computer can
    still recognize the phone, but screen stays blank and the iphone start
    making biping noise. The biping noise is gone right after I disconnect from
    the computer. The connectors looks ok to, the screens cable too. What
    should I change or buy now?

  47. Ryan Sepanek says:

    whats with the long pauses … speed it up bro… im passing out

  48. Vincenzo Rinzler says:

    You can replace the glass from the LCD it’s a hard repair but It can be done

  49. AmeDjLoryMC says:

    Best video!

  50. 0MidoTiger0 says:

    Thank you


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