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iPhoto for iOS running on iPad 3 official demo by Apple

info: .99 on iTunes Store: Requi…
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24 Responses to “iPhoto for iOS running on iPad 3 official demo by Apple”

  1. Xi Le says:

    iPhoto needs templates for wedding cards style for wanted marry couples to layout for wedding days for iPads and Macs.

  2. Bim Bims says:

    i just bought this app for my iphone 5, cool app!

  3. M1DDA says:

    APPLE <3
    The only competion they have, is themselves ^^.

  4. Larry Thornhill says:

    My IPad 3 running IOS 6.1.3 Looks nothing like this. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Marek PL says:

    It’s not him. He was dead already.

  6. ShopWiiBee says:

    It’s crazy how people spend a lot of money buying the Ipad, yet the majority are not aware of what the Ipad is acyually capable of doing plus it doesn’t come with a manual.
    Check out my channel for lessons on how to get the most out of you Ipad.

  7. thrillscience says:

    Wow! Steve Jobs looks pretty good here.

  8. Akos Madacsi says:

    Hi amazed people, iPad can do even more :) watch this videolessonoffer(.)com
    and have fun…

  9. Robin Richard says:

    That’s so amazing! But I wish it allowed managing photos in multiple subfolders! I like to have control of my collection.

  10. TheVendetta1982 says:

    someone can help me to create an event in my ipad 3 by iphoto… pleaseeeee =(

  11. OneBagTravel says:

    I dig it but I’m not a photographer and would likely only use it for the Journal aspect.

  12. LustX says:

    its been a while since ive ben genuinely blown away by an app

  13. 18june29 says:

    That just blew me away!!

  14. Henry Rogano says:

    If you guys wanna see some iPhoto amateur examples go on my instagram… @brazilhero

  15. flexor212000 says:

    Am I the only one with more then 32gb of photos?

  16. Jarnoooooooooo says:

    Hi guys, I’m using the Paper app on iPad for a few days. Now I’ve made a twitter account to post my drawings, sketches and logos on that I’ve made when I got a few followers I will start uploading drawings. Please follow me, @pinepomme ,I hope you’ll enjoy it ! Thank you !

  17. AppleKeynotes137 says:

    now it its…

  18. Steve Williams says:

    Excellent presentation. Well done.

  19. yukaibas1 says:


  20. BBnose says:

    Is it as dumb as the original photo app of the iPad, wipe out your photo file names and rearrange them like counting numbers 1,2,3,4…….?

  21. Dedy Arianto Runting says:

    really,really easy..

  22. norbertcopper says:

    Want Free iPad3?
    go to !!

  23. Xrevolutionary says:

    This is amazing!

  24. doggychan86 says:

    Ya some Apple fanboy is really…well=.= Just ignore will do. If i did harsh and rude, i apologize for that too, may the best product own !


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