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Jailbreak 7.1.2 / 7.1.1 Untethered Mac/Win PanGu Update iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

This video demonstrates the PanGu 7.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos! Sponsor: Download…
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25 Responses to “Jailbreak 7.1.2 / 7.1.1 Untethered Mac/Win PanGu Update iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch”

  1. Ethannnn says:

    I get a Chinese pop up I click it and sends me to the website please help

  2. Carlos Ramirez says:

    Idk if u can help me but I did this its was working great till now I cant
    open safari and mail can anyone help me?

  3. KHALI FreSH says:


  4. Seba Exp says:

    Is there a unlock for iPhone 5c on ios 7.1

  5. Benscollectables says:

    Can’t get this to work , gets stuck after reboot, states jailbreak timed
    out :( 

  6. AznBlade56 says:

    It can’t work on my iPhone 5c. Got my iPhone to be jailbroken once, later
    it went to a black screen. Couldn’t do anything about. Can’t seem jailbreak
    it again.

  7. Connor Mayoros says:

    Wheres the link?

  8. Peseti Leone says:

    Hi there I did everything it says in the vid but somehow when it says done
    cydia doesn’t appear on my iPhone 5??? Hellp

  9. skipper199608 says:

    Can i update to ios 7.1.1 over the air will it still work without any

  10. jose millet says:

    I jail broke my ipad 2gen and the cydia app don’t show up on my ipad what
    do I do? I try re installing the cydia package but it says it’s already
    jail broken.

  11. Shambhoo Ð says:

    not working for me, did everything exactly as it says.
    (iphone 5)

  12. Warmachine69 says:

    That’s not what untethered means

  13. Rafied Hashim says:

    Thank you so much man !! this is the most easiest jailbreak I have ever
    done in my life. My ipad is now ready! cheeeeeeeeeeers m/ u should make a
    video showing some cool and useful tweaks after jailbreak.

  14. Seon Byfield says:

    How do i fix a messed up jailbreak?

  15. WhitePearl187 says:

    Need help as i open pangu program my laptop just freezes ? could anyone

  16. andres54322 says:

    I did the steps, but cydia don’t show up on my ipad 4

  17. Froakieland says:

    windows keep on closing my pangu helppp!

  18. Mike Edwards says:

    Since my iphone is connected to where i can text and call people if i jail
    break my phone will it still be connected?? Need help anyone

  19. Dominic Zuckswert says:

    I’m doing everything correct (that I know of) and it says “Done!” but still
    no Cydia… :/ Tried it 5 times.

  20. edward Madrid says:

    I got the jailbreak but now I can’t find zeppelin in cydia with this new

  21. bryan davids Kk says:

    works for ipad 2 ??

  22. Dodo .Dodo says:

    is the old problem left in this jailbreak or is it gone? the thing that
    sent your personal data to chines servers.

  23. Rose Cardoza says:

    are you suppose to reset your data after backup?

  24. BringMeYourSmile says:

    Hi my safari keeps switching back to Baidu. It’s frustrating.How can i
    remove it from my iPhone permanently?Please help thank you!

    iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.1 

  25. Justin Black says:

    running .2 will it work i’m still stuck the windows does the brand of the
    computer matter i have a gateway 


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