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KaysCase Slim Hard Shell Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear)

KaysCase Slim Hard Bombard Cover Case f&#959r Apple iPhone 5 (Clear)

  • High quality polycarbonate plastic bombard case f&#959r Apple n&#1077w iPhone 5 fr&#959m AT&T, Verizon, Sprint &#1072nd Internationl.
  • Snap &#959n case protects back &#1072nd sides fr&#959m scratches, dirt &#1072nd bumps.
  • Ultra slim &#1072nd simple grip gives &#1091&#959&#965 comfortable feeling.
  • Precise &#1089&#965t-outs allow accesses t&#959 &#1072ll controls &#1072nd buttons.
  • Low profile design t&#959 &#1109h&#959w case th&#1077 beauty &#959f &#1091&#959&#965r phone.


Snap &#1091&#959&#965r Apple n&#1077w iPhone 5 onto th&#1110&#1109 &#1110n&#1089r&#1077d&#1110bl&#1077 KaysCase HardSkin case &#1072nd instantly experience th&#1077 sensual touch &#1072nd barely added consequence. Th&#1110&#1109 case features back &#1072nd side body protection &#1110n a slim, bulk-free fashionably-aware package th&#1072t enhances &#1091&#959&#965r device’s aesthetics. Delivering everyday protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust, &#1072nd everyday hazards. It h&#1072&#1109 full access t&#959 &#1072ll controls &#1072nd &#1110&#1109 a simple way t&#959 give &#1091&#959&#965r device minimum bulkiness &#1072nd balan

List Price: $ 4.99

Price: $ 4.99

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3 Responses to “KaysCase Slim Hard Shell Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear)”

  1. H. Rivera says:
    11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Erroneously ordered HardSkin instead SoftSkin, so let’s review it!!!, September 24, 2012
    H. Rivera (Everyplace, USA) –

    Amazon Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    This review is from: KaysCase Slim Hard Bombard Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear) (Electronics)

    As stated on the title of this review, I erroneously ordered the HardSkin cover instead the SoftSkin one. The main 3 reasons for the 3 stars given to this product are:
    – The plastic material feels very low quality.
    – There is no any grip on the cover and the iPhone becomes very slippery and there’s high risk of smashing the phone on any solid surface and braking it.
    – Although the case in general fits the iPhone 5, there was some design failure on the design of the area of the cover for the button using to turn on/off the vibration of the phone. Specifically, it might be challenging to switch the vibration function on and off.

    But, if you are looking for a cheap solution and you reckon you can handle having a slippery phone this cover might work for you. I had another HardSkin cover from another manufacturer on my iPhone 4 that really had excellent grip. The 3 starts of the review were earned by the fact the product is as described and works as designed but is not excellent enough to earn 4 stars. I in person do not recommend this specific HardSkin cover but maybe you should premeditated other suitcases offered by KaysCase.

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  2. Holly Kincaid "Book addict" says:
    18 of 22 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Does exactly what I expected plus had an unexpected bonus built-in, September 22, 2012
    Holly Kincaid “Book addict” (Indiana, USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Amazon Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    This review is from: KaysCase Slim Hard Bombard Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Clear) (Electronics)

    Everyone has their own preference when it comes to iPhone suitcases – some like a case that is larger and bulkier to give more protection, others like a case that is minimalistic and that gives protection while not adding bulk or taking away anything from the sleekness of the phone itself. I prefer the more minimal approach (I am that way also with my Kindle – I prefer sleeves rather than suitcases so that I can remove it for reading). This case seemed to fit the bill so I ordered it and it arrived the same day as the new iPhone. I will say that this isn’t a heavy-duty case that will protect against major abuse.

    Here is my general impression of the case:

    1) Doesn’t add bulk to the iPhone
    2) I bought the clear one so that the sterile lines of the iPhone are visible
    3) Cut outs for buttons and jacks are in the right location
    4) Fits the iPhone perfectly
    5) Does its job without life forward
    6) The cut-outs around the volume control are small which protects the case but I do need to use a fingernail to adjust it versus life able to use the pad of my finger. This really is a no-win situation since if the cut out is larger, it would be simpler for dust and other foreign bodies would to get onto the phone itself

    Added bonus: It came with a screen bodyguard built-in that I did not know was coming. The screen bodyguard went on easily and smoothly but there were no instructions so I had to play with it a bit to know which side was the “sticky” side to place on the phone itself — for those of you wondering, it’s the side labeled “Side 1″.

    By and large, I am very very pleased with this buy and would recommend to anyone wishing to buy this type of case.

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  3. L.Solo says:
    26 of 34 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent case, awesome price!, September 20, 2012

    Amazon Verified Buy(What’s this?)

    Previously I posted a harsh and deserved review for this product, only to find out that Amazon had received a terrible batch of ancient suitcases, so technically I never received this actual product (see responses below). Kays Technology contacted me via send by e-mail about the issue and I advised them that I’d sent the suitcases back already. To make it right they STILL went ahead and sent me a KaysCase Slim Hard Bombard Cover Case and a KaysCase Book Wallet Stylishness Leather Cover Case.
    This Hard Bombard Cover is clearly of a higher quality. It has a smooth, comfortable feel to it. It doesn’t add any unnecessary consequence to the new iPhone and it fits nice and snug, as expected. And just as vital, it doesn’t inhibit the use of the switch/buttons. This is fantastic for owners who would really prefer the iPhone naked but want to have some level of protection.

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