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KIDS NOSE DOCTOR (iPad Gameplay Video)

Lonnie plays Kids Nose Doctor – Part 1 (iPad Gameplay Video) This is part 1 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthrough series of “Let’s play Kids …

25 Responses to “KIDS NOSE DOCTOR (iPad Gameplay Video)”

  1. lonniedos says:

    Haven’t played one of these gems in awhile…
    KIDS NOSE DOCTOR (iPad Gameplay Video)

  2. ChristianCraft10 says:
  3. eddie begic says:

    Ur fag 

  4. Katiee Ellen says:

    I played this one and deleted it in rage… 

  5. Mister Ciacci says:

    Hey Lonnie I was wondering how to record your videos? PS good job!

  6. gamerscientist says:

    Love your vids

  7. paul w says:

    Yes! Hi Lonnie!

  8. ChristianCraft10 says:


  9. Gantas Brazaitis says:


  10. Evan Wilson says:


  11. Mysteriousbuttergod says:

    Please please please play adventure time card wars

  12. Isabella JZIGGY-ZAGGY says:

    please snap chats again

  13. David Wade says:

    I really want you to try out Brave Frontier LonnieDos :D

  14. higt bgbye says:

    I loved it, but I have a request! You should play talking to Annabel. Ask
    her if robots are going to take over the world or if she has any friends!

  15. Priscilla Daisy says:

    Play zombie run for iPhone 

  16. anna lee says:

    look at this game, `flying miley` 

  17. Boo Bear says:

    it looks gross but good comentary

  18. GreenGuyMan2 says:


  19. SouthSweetTea says:

    +lonniedos There’s Otolaryngologists, or ENTs. They specialize in serious
    ear nose and throat conditions.

  20. Farhan Fitri says:

    Please play Star Warfare…a

  21. CookieKat says:

    play toca kitchen!!!

  22. Tam Craven says:

    Hi Lonnie ur funny IM A HUGE SUB #1

  23. Ben Sipos says:

    play brain surgery

  24. Alyssa Soler says:

    you should play flying cyrus

  25. Zack Stevens says:

    Awesome graphics man .what kind of ipad do you have


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