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Lasers vs. iPad 3!

Watch as a wall of burning lasers takes on the iPad3. Then the wicked lasers Flash Torch followed by the Solar Death Ray finish it off! Boom…sizzle! Own yo…

25 Responses to “Lasers vs. iPad 3!”

  1. Mr. Random says:

    How did you make the laser lines visible?

  2. DwightsGameplays Dansk says:

    Rip iPad 3

  3. Max de Prest says:


  4. 456Erwan says:

    aahahahha killl this fucking apple company !

  5. MrGking1303 says:


  6. WraidN says:

    Think how many people in afric….. FUCK THOSE NOOBS

  7. psychosmiley777 says:

    android…… suck it

  8. psychosmiley777 says:

    not if it is apple

  9. Joseph Emary says:

    you really must hate apple kipkay

  10. paul ocampo says:

    thats a waste!!!!!

  11. iamdooingyermom says:

    You have the opportunity to give money that you spend freely (like in this vid) to charity and you decide to destroy an ipad in honor of steve jobs or something? You dis impress me
    Kipkay :(

  12. leedan2k12 says:

    Lasers vs nokia3310

  13. WestCoastEastCoastOG says:

    How did the warranty work out?

  14. nathan021ify says:

    Mythbusters is calling you

  15. nathan021ify says:

    Mythbusters is calling you..

  16. Dmitri Gerasimov says:

    Sorry apple. -(

  17. Pinas Kolio says:

    try lasers vs nokia -_-

  18. yaron de herdt says:

    wat een gewwonen zak lamp

  19. conyete says:

    god damn tlou ads

  20. BibliaInspirada says:


  21. Yerana Guzman says:

    Oops i meant i defenetley agree with Igor Ćuk

  22. Yerana Guzman says:

    I definitky

  23. Luna z says:

    its his money.
    he earns money from destroying ipads..

  24. Bud Escoto says:


  25. alexplay64 says:



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