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Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad 2G/3G/4G – Acid Yellow Reviews

Logitech Keyboard Folio f&#959r iPad 2G/3G/4G – Acid Yellow

  • Protective Keyboard Folio f&#959r iPad 2, 3rd &#1072nd 4th generation: Full wraparound protection f&#959r both th&#1077 front &#1072nd back &#959f &#1091&#959&#965r iPad
  • Integrated EasyType Bluetooth keyboard: Full-size keys give &#1091&#959&#965 th&#1077 feel &#1072nd comfort &#959f a habitual typing experience f&#959r &#1091&#959&#965r iPad
  • Striking stylishness: Designed t&#959 &#1088&#1077rf&#1077&#1089tl&#1091 complement iPad w&#1110th a &#1089h&#959&#1110&#1089&#1077 &#959f rich colors &#1072nd fabrics t&#959 contest &#1091&#959&#965r personal stylishness
  • Well-located magnetic stand &#1072nd closure: Holds &#1091&#959&#965r iPad &#1072t th&#1077 ideal angle f&#959r typing; keeps th&#1077 Folio closed wh&#1077n &#1091&#959&#965 &#1072r&#1077 &#959n th&#1077 gο auto wakes/sleeps &#1091&#959&#965r iPad wh&#1077n opened/closed
  • Long-lasting rechargeable power: G&#1077t up t&#959 three months &#959f power &#959n a full charge. Includes USB charging cable f&#959r simple recharging wh&#1110l&#1077 &#1091&#959&#965 type (*Based &#959n average &#965&#1109&#1077 &#959f two hours per day)

A striking protective folio th&#1072t &#1088&#1077rf&#1077&#1089tl&#1091 complements &#1091&#959&#965r iPad. An EasyType Bluetooth® keyboard gives &#1091&#959&#965 th&#1077 feel &#1072nd comfort &#959f full-size keys.

List Price: $ 99.99

Price: $ 187.00

3 Responses to “Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad 2G/3G/4G – Acid Yellow Reviews”

  1. PositiveLogic "Looking for Positive, Not Fear... says:
    107 of 109 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Quick typing with Brilliant Protection, July 22, 2013
    PositiveLogic “Looking for Positive, Not Dread… (Everyplace along Pacific Coast Highway) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    I am the pleased owner of a Logitech Fabricskin Keyboard for the iPad. While it’s a fantastic keyboard case, I knew I wasn’t typing as quick as my full potential. So I searched for another keyboard that was more optimized for quick typing. I tried the Clamcase Pro and returned it because slight pressure on the frame would at random turn it on and off. I painstaking other keyboards:

    –Logitech’s Ultrathin, provided insufficient protection for the iPad.
    –Zagg did not allow you to use the iPad in tablet mode unless you took it out of the case
    –Belkin Ultimate Keyboard, went too extreme in the “thinness” race and people are complaining that the magnetic strips butt up against screen of the iPad in such a way as to cause marks.

    …And universally people are that all these suitcases are too heavy and bulky.

    I chose that quick typing and protection for my iPad were my main priorities and I was will to accept trade-offs.

    So all my research led me to the Logitech Keyboard Folio, a keyboard that the High Tech push has dismissed as life too heavy and bulky. But, with the exception of the Ultrathin that I mentioned above, all the other keyboards I mentioned are pretty much in the same ballpark in terms of consequence and bulkiness. It’s meaningless to split hairs between an ounce or two here or there.

    So on the basis of typing speed and protection for my iPad, this is the winner. I have numerous Logitech Keyboards and this one has the same kind of solid click rejoinder that Logitech is known for. Added to that:

    –You can easily reposition the iPad so that it works as a tablet
    –It comes in cool colors
    –The Keyboard itself appears to be the actual Ultrathin itself, merged together with the Electric Blue case. So in my opinion, much of the praise that has has been lavished on the Ultrathin applies to this keyboard. It just that has a case attached to it.

    A few minor peeves:

    –While I like the cloth exterior, I’m concerned about placing it on a public table in Starbucks or lodge room. I”ll probably place it on top of something.

    –Odd Keyboard layout with caps lock on “A” key and Home button where “1” should be. Really, since I’ve been using the Fabricskin for about a week, I’m kinda of getting used to it and I know that’s a trade-off for the full size key’s that I’m tapping to type this review.

    All in all, I would advise anyone in search of the perfect iPad keyboard case to give this one a serious look.


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  2. Jill says:
    55 of 57 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Productivity, protection and portability, July 5, 2013

    Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad 2G/3G/4G – Acid Yellow (Personal Computers)
    Pros: Productivity, protection, portability
    Cons: (for some) it may weigh too much.

    I like this product it is fantastic. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and yes, at first, the keys were uncommon than a full keyboard. It takes some getting used to but now I am flying through this review on my Keyboard folio. Set up was so basic. My iPad 4 together straight away. It wakes and puts the iPad to sleep which is fantastic. The screen and back is in full coverage which some keyboard folios and suitcases do not have. Not only that but the keys are very responsive. It is very surprising but as I type all the letters grow just as if I were using a laptop!
    Next, the function keys. They are fantastic. They are compatible to my iPad which I like and they work fantastic.
    Now one complaint I found when reviewing multiple keyboards, was this one is “too heavy” or “bulky”. Yes it does add some bulk to my iPad. But in person I like this. A bare iPad scares me a small and this adds some “meat” to it. I feel like I am really holding something but not that it is just going to break in my hands!
    Along with that, I like the rechargeable keyboard feature. I have been using this a lot, and no charge has been needed yet. The blue-collar claims months of use on one use. I believe it!
    I went through possibly close to a hundred or more reviews before buying a keyboard/case/folio. I could not choose with all the options. This is a GREAT choice. It does everything I want it too and is sturdy even as I type on my lap. I like it.

    Thank you Logitech for a fantastic keyboard and folio combined!! I tried many keyboards out at my local Best Buy before buying too. That was very helpful and I would suggest you do that before making a final choice. It is all personal preference, but Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad 2G/3G/4G is a certain winner for me!:)


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  3. Adam says:
    57 of 60 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Awesome case!, April 6, 2013

    I bought this at a brick and mortar store yesterday. It is a fantastic folio, I really like it better than the Ultraslim, Zaggkeys Profolio+ and the Zaggkeys Pro (yes, I tried a lot of them out).

    There are only two (small) issues.

    1 – The Tab and Caps Lock keys are function keys of Q and A. It makes hitting Tab a small awkward when filling out web forms

    2 – When folding the folio down into “media view” it doesn’t snap together magnetically. This would have been a really nice feature as they did with the “type view”.

    Other than those two things, this is a fantastic folio, looks professional and still allows for simple access to the “naked” iPad as it is very very simple to remove the iPad from the case.


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