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Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Cover: Review

Unboxing and Review of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard. Works with iPad 2 and iPad (3rd or 4th Generation). MSRP: Link: Google+: Mic…
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25 Responses to “Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Cover: Review”

  1. Anandwardhan Hardikar says:

    Fantastic keyboard… MUch better review than CNET! Thanks!

  2. IrrelativeIsHere says:

    This keyboard here, you cant use a iPad Mini.

  3. Илья Марышев says:

    америкосы сосать мрази

  4. BronzeSummer1 says:

    great review!! i cant wait to get this with my i pad

  5. crissmetal88 says:

    I know that, but I preffer this, this keyboard es bigger and much confortable, can I conect it with ipad mini???

    sorry my english, i speak spanish :D

  6. LeHebrew says:

    theres a separate one made specificaly for the mini on the apple website

  7. crissmetal88 says:

    it works with the ipad mini???

  8. Данил Гасимов says:

    Русский мат в комменты!

  9. rarugo578 says:

    わかりやすい説明ありがとうございます.  Thank you

  10. 777zane777 says:

    Thank you

  11. techrevolution20 says:

    @777zane777 Yes its bluetooth

  12. 777zane777 says:

    Can you type with the ipad not clipped on?

  13. Jorge Otaqui says:

    Excelente video y revisión, felicidades.

  14. Anh Hoàn Dương says:

    Made in China

  15. Gregory Stewart says:

    Nice keyboard. Just got one today and love it… actually using it to type this… nice feel to the keys!!

  16. Seung Hwan Lee says:


  17. chocolatexmi says:

    Can i use the keyboard at the same time with the magic mouse?

  18. Agustin Allende says:

    @EYAD SHERIF if he wanted a fucking laptop, he would have got one! You turban wearing taxi driving curry muncher

  19. EYAD SHERIF says:

    get a laptop man.

  20. Skip Mi says:

    Logitech is the best

  21. Khairil Ashraf samsudin says:

    Couple this with luvvit ipad back skin and logitech lightin back skin then it will be perfect, im ordering them from amazon

  22. Koko Jiki says:


  23. iphone3gmister says:

    @vee2720 yes i use mine with my iPad 4 without any problems

  24. Raka Aditya says:

    is there any for ipod 5g? i’m in love with this haha

  25. Vasili Bougiamas says:

    It looks like a Microsoft Surface when you use the keyboard.


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