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Magical iPad 3 Unboxing

Tweet: This iPad 3 has a special power…..bringing things to life. Do your toys come alive? Subscribe to…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Magical iPad 3 Unboxing”

  1. Joe Large says:

    great video, and remember not a word of narrative, very nice

  2. Zach King says:


  3. Stefan Arn says:

    most creative unboxing video ever

  4. Permaperk says:

    Better than ACTUAL Apple commercials

  5. Apple Works says:

    Toy story!.

  6. Iram ali says:


  7. WeMuckAround says:

    Did someone really just comment that this was fake. How stupid do you have
    to be? 

  8. Albert Guo says:

    what do dolphins have to do with angry birds?

  9. Zachary Murray says:

    Cool but fake

  10. Isha Shehryar says:

    This should be a real add

  11. Tarun Bommakanti says:

    This is NOT your average unboxing.
    Do yourselves a favor and

    1.Watch this video
    2.Subscribe to this guy’s youtube channel.

  12. Cierra Rose says:

    This is the coolest unboxing video I’ve ever seen.

  13. Joshua Williams says:

    +Zach King is awesome! Watch this cool video!

  14. ChristianMurrayvisuals says:

    wow i really apprechiate stuff like this as i know how hard and how much
    time really goes into this stuff.

  15. Brady Padilla says:

    I hate apple

  16. Christopher Lira says:

    Buen video :D

  17. Jeremy Lewi says:

    A commercial that isn’t.

  18. Chirag Sharma says:

    This is by far my favorite iPad 3 unboxing or perhaps unboxing general to
    date! You know that I’m a huge Toy Story fan, and a huge Apple fan, and
    when you put those two together you get “magical”. Great job +Zach King

    P.S. The Mr. Potato Factime scene is easily my favorite.

  19. Thomas Bryan says:

    This is magical. +Zach King

  20. Albert Guo says:

    i want those lego trucks so bad!

  21. daniel Delrio says:

    you all have to see this!

  22. Sharon Price says:

    One word, Amazing: !!

  23. IndieTimmie says:

    I absolutely love this guys videos, he really gives you that idea if
    Fantasy was real.

  24. Tananarong Rattanamingmongkol says:


  25. Parker C says:

    Indeed magical


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