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Microsoft Surface RT vs iPad 3

SlashGear reviews the Surface RT and compares it with the iPad 3
Video Rating: 3 / 5

iPad 3 VS. iPad 2 – Camera Photos & Videos Comparison
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Microsoft Surface RT vs iPad 3”

  1. S0CkM0nk3y296 says:

    This told me everything I wanted to know about the Surface. Thanks so much. :)

  2. peaceful1123 says:

    He doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. Interesting.

  3. Luke Thomas says:

    @MiBloggieBlog well done you you want a fucking medal.

  4. miggtt699 says:

    That joke made my day xD.

  5. Evan Kline says:

    Just FYI the windowsRT and windows8 operating system has Facebook, Linked in, Twitter, windows live, ect already built in.

  6. MiBloggieBlog says:

    The iPad has a 9.7 screen

  7. Luke Thomas says:

    The Microsoft Surface is for Businessmen, Professionals and People who know what there doing, The iPad is for kids who like stupid app games and apple fan boys who think “HOW DARE ANYONE TRY TO CHALLENGE APPLE, APPLE ARE PERFECT AND GLORIOUS IN EVERY WAY! Listen if you idiots don’t like it, don’t fucking buy it! Get your head out of iCloud and realise the only reason your so worked up is because you know this will beat the iPad.

  8. vaiperboy says:


  9. Drew Beavers says:

    apple sucks.. all you need to know. :)

  10. Jean-Paul Gontier says:

    Surface RT does exactly what I waited from IPad after 2 years of big Apple frustration, my IPad is now recycled as TV Remote… All things are simpler on Surface, we can do things that IPad will never be able with the same form factor and of autonomy. You can play Angry Birds Star Wars with video playing in splitted screen… wow !!! Great Job Microsoft enjoy !!!

  11. MattyB6789 says:

    “Apple ipad third generation” wouldn’t it be easier to say ipad 3?????

  12. Thomas Höllriegl says:

    Give them time to realize that Apple is history in a few years.

  13. Thomas Höllriegl says:

    Oh, you know Surface and used it? What is you experience? On which facts do you build your opinion?

  14. Thomas Höllriegl says:

    What is a “MS ship”? I thought they are in Business with software, not with ships!

  15. Thomas Höllriegl says:

    I saw iPad, i used iPad, i will buy Microsoft Surface. Apple, no thank you!

  16. Moh Ob says:

    I see there are many MS ships who never saw ipad

  17. Moh Ob says:

    @Sam Stermer you suck. Ipad is the best

  18. TheCCofficial says:

    i prefer ipad, i just don’t like other OS’, plus the retina display itself makes me like ipad more, its purely amazing

  19. Sam Stermer says:

    Why does everyone always compare tablets to the Ipad 3…It still has a dual core processor, 5MP camera, and a shitty operating system.

  20. TheDavimito says:

    surface is better than this iShit

  21. Vladislav Taranov says:

    You are a fucktard. You rate apple higher just because of more apps? Guess what? Out of apples 750,000 apps, 300,000 were never even downloaded because they suck very much. Surface has way better specs and benchmarks much higher than iFaggot. ..and surface had a much higher build quality and better screen when comparing viewing quality. So yeah. Give up your pathetic biased apple-loving iFaggot and buy a real slate. Idiot.

  22. Moh Ob says:

    @beastlaxr ipad is much better surface sucks

  23. thecoolev says:

    just ordered the surface #itsgonnabealongfewdays

  24. Punk Man says:

    yes surface is great

  25. beastlaxr says:

    Surface is better

  26. WorldwideParodies says:

    Ur a terrible photographer

  27. عبدالله الاحمد says:

    fuck yooooooou

  28. Loubriel2 says:

    its hard to tell on a screen that’s worse than both of these devices

  29. Lamitie11 says:

    You can do all the research you want, it does beat self-expirience. :D
    I had an iPad 2, and now my iPad 3 has 2 times the battery life! :D
    My iPad 3 never overheats. My iPad 2 had a warmer battery, sonny.
    100 Dollars extra for a better screen? Maybe I WANTED a better screen? (And a better processor)
    And iPad 2 will probably make it to iOS 7 and so will mine. But based on history and trends, I’ll be laughing my way to iOS 8 and you won’t be. :D

    One last thing, don’t make fun of retarded monkeys.

  30. jasperpena30 says:


  31. MrMerci2 says:

    Looool…Kiddo? Aha! So you know that I haven’t been owning ¨the new iPad¨. You can’t think that far that I’ve done my research on the ¨the new iPad¨ before making my statement? ¨The new iPads ¨features¨ 1) – Shitty battery life. 2) Takes forever to recharge. 3) Overheats.
    I can tell by your idiotic reply that you’re stupid enough to throw 100-130$ just for getting a better screen… Btw. Your iPad won’t last long enough for the next OS..
    Now please ¨DO YOUR research¨ Retarded Monkey.

  32. Lamitie11 says:

    I have to laugh at the idiocy of this statement. If you don’t own one, how can you say it get’s hot? Sometimes it gets warm, because of the battery, but it’s seriously not noticeable and ALL devices get warm. Please inform yourself before acting like a monkey, please. Also, when Apple stops supporting iPad 2 I’m going to laugh my way to the new OS.

  33. shadowstepper3 says:

    iPad 2 is quite good on a sunny day!

  34. EmiBemi64 says:

    It reminded me of the Cadbury Eyebrows (commercial).

  35. chikikapo says:

    garage band

  36. MrMerci2 says:

    IPad 2 owns… ¨The new IPad¨ as iPad 2 doesn’t have any problems. Glad I bought 2nd gen.
    If you take away the camera in ¨The new iPad¨ the only thing that’s better is the screen which make it very hot and faster internet if you live in the U.S…
    And Lol… I can spare myself like 100-130$ and save up for a camera instead of looking like an idiot taking pictures with a tablet and risking dropping it.

  37. jackjoshua23 says:

    Anyone know the song? Think it or something similar was used on an advert in the UK. Really familiar, particularly the first few seconds, annoying me now..

  38. villanuevaruth21 says:


  39. armaan756ify says:

    I pad 2 is better i pad 3 has faulty in it

  40. Dino8157 says:

    I’m sticking with my ip2

  41. GordonKatz123 says:

    The new iPad’s better but I have the iPad 2 and I couldn’t tell the difference till a watched this video lol.

  42. codyasjlb says:

    A camera on a big device like that isn’t going to be used too too much. Maybe for the 4th iPad they should skip improving the rear camera and they should make a 2MP HD FaceTime camera

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  44. thinhnguyen94 says:

    iPad 3’s screen is absolutely STUNNING!

  45. thekatara150 says:

    iPad 3 can do depth the field I have one

  46. Saurab Samanta says:

    Music from Apple’s Garageband :P

  47. Mike duce says:

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    Google ( Monster Snag ) to see what I mean Its under [freebies]. only reason I am posting this is because, I really got a iPad 3! You are Welcome!

  48. ItBeJaaake says:

    I don’t see too much of a difference. I’d say getting the iPad 2 is more worth it since its cheaper. And an iPad shouldn’t be used as a MAIN camera.

  49. 2Exotic2Fly2High says:

    I had to watch this in 1080p to really see the difference


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