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Mix on the Fly – Mackie DL1608 16-Channel Digital Live Sound Mixer with iPad Control

F&#959r th&#1077 full scoop, visit See wh&#1072t happens wh&#1077n th&#1077 sound guy f&#959r th&#1077 Portland band Vanimal &#1110&#1109 introduced t&#959 th&#1077 n&#1077w Mackie DL16…
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25 Responses to “Mix on the Fly – Mackie DL1608 16-Channel Digital Live Sound Mixer with iPad Control”

  1. Sonny Williamson says:

    *Mackie’s R&D department:* “Let’s make a food-processor you can control remotely
    with an iPad! It’ll be so cool!

    *Mackie’s marketing department:* Let’s do magic mushrooms at work! It’ll be
    so cool!

  2. CM Harrington says:

    I am not nearly high enough to be with you this

  3. Iain Tait says:

    Best music hardware advertising since AD 1969 man. Thank you +Igor Clark

  4. Ian Roque says:

    This ad for the new Mackie Audio Food-processor is killing me! Trippy too! ;)

  5. Bill Meeks says:

    Wow. This a legit commercial for a professional product.

  6. Oliver Chesler says:

    Mackie makes a wireless food-processor w/iPad, gives it a name like it’s largest
    hit and gives it a fantastic commercial.. watch:

    Mix on the Glide – Mackie DL1608 16-Channel Digital Live Sound Food-processor with
    iPad Control

  7. AJ Slater says:

    Quoth Zed Shaw: “This is the best promo video for a new product ever

  8. Mark Sherman says:

    This is the weirdest ad for anything I reckon I’ve ever seen.
    (but please, don’t try to top it)

  9. Giles Pettipher says:

    *Mackie 16 channel iPad interfaced food-processor…*

    Wireless FOH tablet mixing

  10. Andy Anderson says:

    People been saying I look just like this Mackie dude… LOL!

  11. Stanley Rosenbaum says:

    This is one way to advertise a new product…

  12. Wesley Barnhart says:

    Give our latest spot a look!

  13. Jason Rigden says:

    maybe the greatest commercial ever

  14. Mike Mongo says:

    I saw this in action with the band The Doerfels…and they’re kids!
    (Brilliant kids.)

    It is the Mackie DL1608. And its controller is an iPad.

    And this video is spot-on because when you see this in action you’ll see
    how it is changing live shows as we know them. I mean, the soundperson is
    *everyplace* in the room now. Soundperson + interactivity = mind-blowing.

    Fantastic video too.

  15. Glen Purdy says:

    Most amusing Ad/video I’ve seen in a long time.

  16. Thomas Brühl says:

    *Cooler Food-processor trifft verpeiltes Video ;)*

  17. Joe Morrison says:

    Best promotional video ever!!! Someone must have been whacked out of their
    mind to come up with this…


  18. Chris Denman says:

    too amusing via +Marc LaGana

  19. Markus Michael says:

    i wish i was an audio engineer

  20. Craig Becker says:

    This is hilarious. I know Alesis also has a couple of similar upcoming
    products that use the iPad as an embedded controller / spectacle / engine,
    and I reckon it’s something we can count on seeing more and more of, not
    just in the music business.

    (so you might want to hold onto that iPad 1 when / if you upgrade)

  21. Paul Sloman says:

    Amazingly weird advert for a really intriguing product!

  22. Erica Basnicki says:


  23. Shaun Cechner says:

    this is the best ad i’ve ever seen for a mixing desk

  24. Eddie Fu says:

    Watch this commercial and thank me later.

  25. drumbeater99 says:

    I reckon I’ve said this before, but someone MUST watch Tim and Eric Awesome
    Show Fantastic Job! Fantastic video :)


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