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New Apple iPad 3 Full Review

New Apple iPad 3 Full Review … my final opinion on the 3rd generation Apple iPad. Supplied by Buy your new iPad here http://amzn.t…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 People of ask what is the best case for the iPad 3? We narrowed down the top 10 best cases for iPad 3…

33 Responses to “New Apple iPad 3 Full Review”

  1. Dave Cryer says:

    In case you missed it, my New Apple iPad full review.
    New Apple iPad 3 Full Review

  2. Nauman Ahmad says:

    Must Check It Out!

  3. Dave Cryer says:

    The video you have all been waiting for… my new Apple iPad full review.

  4. ShawnStripe says:

    I uploaded my review a day before yours and it only has 60 views.. The
    power of Youtube and the viewers -_- FML

  5. Seounghwan Han says:

    good review

  6. Rajka Jovanovic says:


  7. henri Henry says:

    hopefully the next gen iphone and ipad will come with something like
    wireless charging and power share options, otherwise i am not interested in
    a heavenly overpriced apple. dont really see the need to pay all that money.

  8. dontehuey491 says:

    If u follow me on twitter I give yall a free ipad 3

  9. Aim High says:

    Fuk No Name —–Brand

  10. josue aguilar says:

    What should I get ipad color white or black I like black

  11. rub97EW says:

    @TheRose1346 get an ipad. It will do the job of the macbook and still be
    portable. As for a proper computer, I suggest you check out the HP Envy
    23… It is mire affordable than the macbook, is more useful, has windows 8
    and a 23 inch multitouch screen. Go for the ipad and a windows 8 touch pc :)

  12. DannyDGreci says:

    The iPad 3 is good and the camera is awesome

  13. Christian Sansovich says:


  14. IamAmazing2011 says:

    Is it worth getting a new iPad? i mean i have the first one but i also have
    a mac and would this be a great alternate? PLEASE RESPOND

  15. Victor Vlasák says:

    I hate that people have to pickup that the charging takes longer….Isnt it
    friggin obvious? Higher res. screen, 4G and a new proccesor… If you would
    want to achieve the same charging time you would have to change the
    charging port to get bigger wattage getting thru the cable and thats what
    apple did not want to do….

  16. jin37uk says:

    I think that’s perhaps more to do with Dave’s age/eyesight. I’m 23 and can
    easily see the difference, although I hear there’s a 1920×1200 transformer
    prime coming out soon which should be good. Overall both are very good
    tablets, I’d say these two and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 are the three best
    tablets today

  17. saqibbafzal says:

    Its new pad or retina display its remines a jail

  18. Jan Hooper says:

    Found you by Googling “4G LTE” and “AT&T” and I’m in the same place you
    are; it is a great device. I’m a designer in San Francisco and I LOVE this

  19. Miska Mesimäki says:

    Wery well!

  20. Miska Mesimäki says:

    Its so good

  21. Daley Coy says:

    Those people trolling about iPad3 are people who can’t afford it lol sad
    true! Haha

  22. GadgetmanPete says:

    Watching this video on the new iPad, and it’s so cool. :-)

  23. perfectforehand says:

    Dear jin37uk , I just wanted to thank you for having this debate with me ,
    although we have different opinions yet this turned out to be a very
    fruitful and informative discussion , I’ve actually learnt quite a few new
    things from your comments. Cheers mate.

  24. Andreas Kanstrup Madsen says:

    thats not one ipad 3

  25. MacMike1000 says:

    32GB is the sweet spot and Black looks more professional and better for
    viewing movies.

  26. cute nail art says:

    They would work with an iPad 2 too .

  27. ego1973 says:

    The ipad 3 (3rd gen) has only one speaker on the back… The ipad 3 (4th
    gen) has 2 speaker….. You need to check your. Specs again…however, nice
    comparison revies

  28. outfitYOURS .com says:

    Both the ipad 3rd gen and 4th gen only have one speaker but glad you like
    the video. Thanks!

  29. ucHorrible says:

    I dont even have an ipad

  30. Simone Rotundo says:

    It’s a ipad 3

  31. Morgan Park says:

    You guys should do a more detailed look at the Booq Bookpad, showing off
    the different types of paper available.

  32. Simone Rotundo says:

    It’s a ipad 4 exuse me

  33. TeamHanrahan says:

    Interesting that Switcheasy did not crack the top 12.


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