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New Gold iPhone 5S Sneak Peek (vs iPhone 5 Teardown)

New Gold iPhone 5S Sneak Peek (vs iPhone 5 Teardown) Top 5 iPhone 5s Features! Apple’s iPhone 5S announcement is w…
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25 Responses to “New Gold iPhone 5S Sneak Peek (vs iPhone 5 Teardown)”

  1. LightSoundImagination says:

    I just honestly do not give a shit about apple !

  2. Ashley Plays says:

    Ive had the iphone 5 since november 2012 and just switched in for the gold
    5s today

  3. Antrikash Mittal says:

    still using nokia 3310

  4. Shanti Henry says:

    I’m getting my gold Thursday !!

  5. illest Brian says:

    Nice video i have the 5s & wanted to know more about it 

  6. andres blanco says:

    Its truly fucking awsome i have one

  7. Trentini Beatriz says:

    I have the gold . I think i love it 

  8. Shelbee Ohneck says:

    So cool

  9. Chris Hammick says:

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  10. Emma True says:

    BAHAHA “Smacked with a Fugly Stick”

  11. Angelina Levinskij says:

    LOVE IT :'( *-*♡

  12. Fenn McCaulley says:

    iPad pls

  13. Line199515 says:

    can’t wait to get an iphone 5s gold this week!

  14. Patricia Davies says:

    i also have the gold one, it’s truly amazing!

  15. Muhd Lukman Hakim Azmi says:


  16. 34535656 says:

    so now you destroyed your gold 5s… or what? 

  17. has257 says:


  18. Coilless says:

    I have never owned a phone with a camera, besides my PC or Netbook running
    a phone software.

  19. John Taylor says:

    Learn how to safely unlock your Apple 7.0.3-7.0.4 iPhone 5S,

  20. Osman OFlu says:


  21. jd osbourne says:

    Tlc please let me get a iPad air please man 

  22. Adamczyk Erler says:

    I know a good site for AT&T users who have trouble unlocking their phone,
    it’s attiphoneunlocking, the most reliable unlocking site I have ever use

  23. John Doe says:

    Its way lighter then gold..

  24. BrucasIsBettaThanYou says:

    Man if that gold phone had black face plate instead of a white face, I
    would get it in an instant

  25. Alanna Ugly says:

    Apple kissing scumbag fake tech reviewer fraud Unboxtherapy copycat


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