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New iPad 3 VS iPad 2 Comparison HD New iPad 2012 3rd Gen. VS iPad 2 Thanks for subscribing. New iPad (3rd Gen. 2012) UNBOXING…
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24 Responses to “New iPad 3 VS iPad 2 Comparison HD”

  1. ArshRider says:

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  2. annooz patrick says:

    Thank you

  3. aadil mohani says:

    no difference just a llil fast

  4. aadil mohani says:

    i think ipad 2 is the best bigger and nice

  5. Camo Omac says:

    Realy its only bit faster better camera an thats it. I have the 2 and i dont notice much diff from my GF ipad3.

  6. NorthernEagle4 says:

    In deed iPad 2 is better it’s the same thing as iPad 3

  7. makavelli7565 says:


  8. apolanco602 says:

    i like the ipad 3 camera but i just dont see myself going out their with it taking or recording videos ‘pictures

  9. MiniKoelol says:

    Oosh manaiii!!!

  10. WhereWeirdThingsAre says:

    I personally prefer the iPad 2 just because the upgrades to the iPad 3 I think is not worth it.

  11. SpoofzINC says:

    I’ll get the iPad 2. I don’t want to spend an extra $200 or so, just for a camera I’d never use and slightly higher screen resolution.

  12. Gummybear Spence says:

    itts the ipad 3 that overheats

  13. Cooltown1335 says:

    No dude get the 4 is the best iPad and it doesn’t overheat.

  14. Arne Duym says:


  15. Adam Valente says:

    The sound test isn’t a fair one. The iPad 2 speaker is pressed up against the iPad 4 squashing the sound.

  16. ihatecheeseburger says:

    Don’t buy iPad 4 because its just obviously same as iPad 3

  17. Omar Khaled says:

    Yeah… so many iPads are kinda faulty ,and they just get so hot, and sometimes the tablet turns off, BUT these are faulty. The fine iPads don’t over heat , but they still get warm… which is kinda okay for such a screen and processor, but if you got a faulty ones and you can’t return it, you’re screwed!

  18. mario landa says:

    now there is a 4th one xD

  19. gravekeeper77 says:

    really? does the other ipad besides ipad 2 overheat?

  20. gravekeeper77 says:

    4 just came out not too long ago its like a makeover of the third lol

  21. mojokiller101 says:


  22. KristenBenzo101 says:

    When did the the iPad 4 come out:0 I thought the 3 was the latest…

  23. abieggie says:

    Best comparison video so far! very helpfull

  24. bossmaticg6 says:

    Good video brah


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