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New iPad 3 vs iPhone 4S: Retina display; camera; processor and build comparison

N&#1077w iPad 3 vs iPhone 4S: Retina spectacle; camera; processor &#1072nd build comparison. Th&#1077 n&#1077w iPad h&#1072&#1109 caught up w&#1110th th&#1077 iPhone w&#1110th &#1110t&#1109 n&#1077w Retina spectacle, 5-m&#1077…

Th&#1077 amount &#959f people w&#1110th iPads &#1110&#1109 growing more th&#1072n anyone &#1089&#959&#965ld h&#1072&#957&#1077 originally imagined. If &#1091&#959&#965 h&#1072&#957&#1077 b&#1077&#1077n thinking &#959f getting &#1072n iPad &#959r &#1112&#965&#1109t g&#959t &#1072n iPad …

50 Responses to “New iPad 3 vs iPhone 4S: Retina display; camera; processor and build comparison”

  1. Colin Do says:

    Watching this on my ipad 3 plus I’m getting a iPhone 4S

  2. Ahmed Rox says:

    Dude iPhone 4s is way better

  3. adilgangsta1 says:

    no what you said is a stupid comparison but the ipad 3 vs iphone 4s is not
    a stupid comparison its just this video is stupid…..

  4. T3 - The Gadget Experts says:

    HiShimppi, it’s called Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

  5. zombiekilla464 says:

    The next iphone/iPad will probably have 3D capabilities.

  6. Le Furfag Autista says:

    why to compare the size of the iphone and the size of the ipad? obviusly
    the iphone is going to be smaller..

  7. KyuubiNaruto1337XD says:

    @Loubriel2 really ancient reckon pads from like 5 years ago had 1920×1080
    resolutions the DPI was so high that it was painstaking “retina” spectacle
    retina spectacle is just a branded bullshit exhortation, Ipads use IPS panels
    these resolutions are not anything new.

  8. SPgamerPS3 says:


  9. KyuubiNaruto1337XD says:

    @raykrislianggi if its a retina spectacle on both, you cannot tell the
    difference between them at all.

  10. Metal011000 says:


  11. Lenshope says:

    чо за говно?

  12. Chuy Castro says:

    pc is better.

  13. MrPingdao says:

  14. Jody1000 says:

    this could go down as the most pointless video on Youtube!! Fail

  15. T3 - The Gadget Experts says:

    Sometimes, it’s the taking part that counts. The comparison of these two
    was to show what each one could do compared to the other, rather than a
    battle to see which one is best.

  16. CrystaliiCode says:

    I can see pixels at 0:35 ?

  17. Dragos Sanda says:

    @TheJunaid5050 what’s the first?

  18. ideal jawa says:

    galaxy note all d way!!!

  19. feckingbillgates says:

    Please next compare your shoes with a cup!

  20. joylucker says:

    What is this soundtrack? Please tell!

  21. KyuubiNaruto1337XD says:

    you really can’t unless you’re very close and can really see it,
    regardless of the DPI once you pass that point it becomes pointless

  22. fleXcope says:

    1080p the holy grail

  23. ReviewManism says:

    next video: MP4 vs stupid comparison..but technically are allmost
    the same

  24. Jhabril Hakeem says:

    Comparing the thicknesses? WTF?!!!

  25. Adnan123leo says:

    who won im confused

  26. elaine nguyen says:

    No you can’t have more than one user its only one user because they can see
    your stuff 

  27. Jonathan Thompson says:

    Helpful and simple. Thank you!

  28. 2002drumsonly says:


  29. Abdul khaliq says:

    which ipad is it?

  30. Barbara Broussard says:

    I have a new iPad air 5 how do I video.

  31. Goboi Super says:

    Very helpful

  32. Vernice Ross says:

    It is vital to identify to users exactly what version of OS and what
    generation of device that you are using. Otherwise you lose your audience
    when they have problems when their device does not respond like your device
    does. If you don’t have the latest device then you can always not when
    exceptions apply. Pleased training.

  33. Richard Descoteaux says:

    can you have more then one user on the IPad?

  34. Robert Kahn says:

    This was very helpful for my mother in law. Simple way to get her started.

  35. Ronnie Laluna says:

    A bigwig out there pls help me why I can’t sign in my Apple ID they say
    this apple it’s not been in iTunes tap and review then I review my billing
    address without credit card they say for help pls contact support for
    iTunes.pls pls help me I can’t download anything 

  36. iPadVideoLessons says:

    Thanks for sharing the basics!

  37. fcinternetmarketing says:

    Very helpful.

  38. cpwalker34 says:

    Could someone fix the settings so that this can be viewed on an iPad please.

  39. Thenextgenretrogamer says:

    When I double tap home and go to the left its the mute button. Are you
    using iPad 1?

  40. spellbinders masterclass says:

    I wish I had known this before, I’ve had my Ipad mini for 5weeks and have
    only just managed to set it up, I reckon Apple should enclose some basic
    information, for people who this is all new to. Thank you for this video, I
    will be watched more.

  41. Price A says:

    apple makes everything so user friendly

  42. Jacob Hogge says:


  43. Tina Conn says:

    I found this very useful thank you. I have learnt a couple of new things
    today. :-)

  44. zollotech says:

    Glad I could help.

  45. lila bronstein says:

    how do i get the keyboard please

  46. gost frainer says:

    me too

  47. Bruno Villegas says:


  48. s5f7u says:

    Getting an iPad 4 retena tomorrow :D so excited

  49. Kenji Hernández says:

    Simple to be with you

  50. Donna Reeves says:

    Thank you Aaron. Just what I was wondering about.


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