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New iPad 5 Smart Covers Leaked? (First Look + Demo)

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New iPad 5 Sneak Peek! Stay tuned for unboxing & review! Tools used: Top 5 iPhone 5s Feat…

50 Responses to “New iPad 5 Smart Covers Leaked? (First Look + Demo)”

  1. Pigexplosion says:

    Posted on my bday :D

  2. Suraj Patel says:

    Wow…. I just got my iPad Air today, I should have waited to the 5 

  3. Ghida Habeeb says:

    I have the pink and the blue one I love them

  4. appleguy98 says:

    I hate the new colors for the ipad air. They’re ugly.

  5. mosab alotibi says:


  6. Haruka Sirakawa says:


  7. Tech - OverPress says:

    #iPad 5: ecco le nuove Smart Cover!

  8. David Hee says:

    Check out my latest upload — New iPad 5 Smart Covers Leaked! (First Look +
    Demo) –

  9. Mark Paris says:

    Here is the leaked iPad 5 Smart Cover video:

  10. DigiSlice says:

    LEAKED: Alleged video of the iPad 5 Smart Covers 

  11. FaceFlipBook says:

    New iPad Covers Leak (video):
    New iPad 5 Smart Covers Leaked? (First Look + Demo)

  12. Brandon Singh says:

    Copying the s view everyone is copying the th s view

  13. anil2 says:

    The iPad 5 will be great with the slim bezels. I’m waiting for an iPad Mini
    with Retina though

  14. Michael Muniz says:

    The smart cover was out way before the S View cover.

  15. Christian Kälin says:

    I’m pretty disappointed of the new colors of the smart covers :(

  16. Andranik Sargsyan says:

    they have cloned them from Microsoft Surface

  17. Atosh Ismail says:

    Sonny Dickson is getting quite a bit of money from you,

  18. Ronkin says:

    He almost looks like Walter White

  19. =ADK= Josh says:

    No metal = no magnets = no smart cover…

  20. Door Knocker says:

    ps4 or 5s i like IOS more anyway and dont waste your money on a xbox one

  21. Alan Shannon says:

    What a beard lol

  22. lynkozz says:

    He just did

  23. Nicky Petersen says:

    Those are fakes, stop posting BS like this to get views.

  24. Nathaniel McConnell says:

    I’m still going to wait and get that ultra rustic wood Smart Cover on Etsy!

  25. winnt98 says:

    Thanks for the Video. Can you use the iPad 4 cover on the new iPad?

  26. jordan gunner says:

    u send me 1 ipad plzzzz

  27. AwsomeFace Gaming says:

    What’s Bigger iPad Air Or iPad? Or Are They The Same Size

  28. אור אלמו says:

    New iPad 5 Sneak Peek! (vs iPad 4 Teardown)

  29. HitMeQuick says:

    Hi, I’m from the future. I have the iPad 10 – the Dec-a-Pad, named after
    it’s Greek root, but also short for Decadence. In my case I have the
    Decadence (10) 12.4 Air Pro. In the future everyone automatically learns
    Greek by the way. You simply plug a lead into your head and bam you’ve
    instantly learnt up to 20 languages in around 10 minutes. The default is
    Greek and you have to start with that for some reason. Bit annoying.

    Leads generally are defunct though, ever since the iPad 9 all of apple’s
    products simply float in front of you and use sophisticated motion
    prediction technology so anyone trying to swipe your pad keeps missing, but
    you can pick it up any time YOU like. To charge your pad or to transfer
    files you simply stare at it for a bit and bob’s your uncle. Some earlier
    models used a single wave of the hand to provide instant max level battery.

    One of the breakthrough features this year with the Decadence 12.4 Air Pro
    is time travel. Not available with the 10.12.3, the Decadence 12.4 allows
    you to travel back in time but only to make comments on YouTube. Which is
    how I join you today. It’s pretty neat.

    Er, couple of things. Stay well away from Yellowstone national park early
    2015. Some seriously hot shit goes down there that has widespread
    ramifications for most of North America, and no one hears from Canada until
    September. What else? Oh yes, put your money on lowly Chile to win the
    world cup in Brazil 2014.

    Catch you later!


  30. AwsomeFace Gaming says:

    Watching This on My iPad Mini 2 (Like A Boss)

  31. live4speed100 says:

    im watching this on my ipad mini :)

  32. jane millington says:

    I have an ipad 4 and I luv it

  33. gurjot mangat says:
  34. Hoang Anh Tran says:
  35. Karla Cardoso says:

    You ain’t from the future stupid hitmequick

  36. Шамиль Кака says:


  37. mypsychadelicmind113 says:

    Lol (; virtual high five from such a cute pup, …totheFace! That was funny

  38. projectmorf says:

    Prefer the 4

  39. Blair Peanuts says:
  40. Tris Sadowski says:

    So they made it smaller. GG

  41. Jack Woodward says:

    iPad Air*

  42. ameer alnzawi says:


  43. bharti thakwani says:


  44. Anton Review says:


  45. Zaki M says:

    This is the first video I watched of yours and I loved it : I was told to
    sub by mark

  46. Mehdi Ait Belaid says:

    iPad 4 est trés jolie de iPad 5

  47. Basheer abdo farea says:
  48. Eng. Jorge Santana says:
  49. André Silva says:
  50. الدقة العالية للتقنية says:

    مقارنة بين الآيباد ٤ والآيباد ٥ “مسرب” ، وتشير الإشاعات أن الآيباد ٥ سيتم
    الإعلان عنه في اكتوبر القادم


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