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Nintendo On iPhone 5 – iMame Emulator App + ROMs – No Jailbreak Required

Here &#1110&#1109 a instant tutorial &#959n h&#959w t&#959 play nintendo ROMs &#959n &#1091&#959&#965r iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G, iPad mini &#959r &#1072n&#1091 ios device th&#1072t &#1089&#1072n install th&#1077 app gridlee. Gridlee iTunes Link: iExplorer Download: Best ROM Site: G&#1077t FREE iTunes & Amazon Giftcards Here LEGIT! Add M&#1077 T&#959 Google+ M&#1091 Instagram Photos View More iDeviceMovies Stuff L&#1110k&#1077 Everything iDevice On Facebook! Follow iDeviceMovies &#959n Chirrup! Ab&#959&#965t Everything iDevice & iDeviceMovies: EiD &#1110&#1109 a blog site th&#1072t gives &#1091&#959&#965 complete coverage &#959f Apple, iOS, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV, Cydia, Jailbreak, Winterboard themes, Tweaks, Hacks, Mods &#1072nd Apps. Basically anything th&#1072t involves &#1091&#959&#965r Apple products hardware t&#959 software.

23 Responses to “Nintendo On iPhone 5 – iMame Emulator App + ROMs – No Jailbreak Required”

  1. Ruff Ryder says:

    gameboy roms to?

  2. myworld1229 says:

    Does it give pokemon black/white rom ? I cant find one

  3. tyrs6 says:

    Are their any pokemon roms I haven’t played pokemon in forever and I don’t want to buy a ds just for one game

  4. RyeGuyXD says:

    you can also use IFunBox

  5. RyeGuyXD says:

    Just got this today!

  6. Sean -XiaoToose says:

    the document folder of the gridlee app is empty
    where do i place my rom into now?
    i’m using pc btw

  7. Myles Hejmanowski says:

    Would WWF No Way Out work? It was for N64

  8. 666thrashallday says:

    I despise getting roms for mame none of them work

  9. borchard85 says:

    i did every thing in the video and it doesn’t work

  10. Plexy347 says:

    Got a gameboy, nintendo ds, n64 and ps1 simulator, all on my android! If I want roms, then I’ll just go download them from a website directly on my phone. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna play some Crash Bandicoot now!

  11. mrchesney100 says:

    iexplorer site not working

  12. graymansnel says: is by FAR the best.. no searching for ones that work.. Nope! its the best!

  13. ROKINROD23 says:

    thank you so much but can you play any roms?

  14. Otakun Uchiha says:

    Can we play Super Smash Bros ? In it or not

  15. TheLPuncut says:

    It’s still available ^_^

  16. NY240GTR says:

    Can you show a vid on what to look for cuz I can’t find any rom that works

  17. M. Buttkereit remeir says:


  18. 123xbarney says:

    how do you get it in portrait?

  19. Francisco Vega says:

    another rom site is

  20. bboy tenshi says:

    Please! Help me! Not anything Roms don’t work on my ipod touch 5g!! I’ve tried many era, all roms but not anything work! Why?

  21. Roberto Hernandez says:


  22. ScaleHouseEnt says:

    i cant find a rom that works i’m on mac and they keep unzipping so i tried putting bits and pieces back in a zip file using win zip mac can someone tell me whats incorrect

  23. Grmbl667788 says:

    Havent got Same Controllers


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