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Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 And Galaxy S3 Camera Comparison

Video by Ava. Click the ‘show more’ button for a timeline of the video sections. 00:00 INTRODUCTION 01:16 ERGONOMICS 02:57 IMAGE STABILI…

23 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 And Galaxy S3 Camera Comparison”

  1. Ronald Buchmann says:

    Lumia Winner!

  2. anonymous6366 says:

    im waiting for the 928 on verizon pretty much because of the camera and that one is going to have a xenon flash (supposedly) so its about to be a nightime beast!

  3. Adrian P says:

    Pff, another retard.

  4. 4321key says:

    Why do you say I’m a fanboy?Do you know what fanboy means?I think not…I don’t even have an iPhone anymore.It was just my opnion about this video.You don’t have to agree with me you know…So before you reply please make some research and think before typing.

  5. Dinie Zuhairie says:

    mega fanboy….

  6. Dinie Zuhairie says:

    typical fanboy

  7. WaimazSurfer2012 says:

    Me and a guy at work compared our phone cameras. My Lumia 920 vs his S3. He reluctantly admitted defeat.

  8. Oye Lucky says:

    Call me07807995786

  9. Oye Lucky says:


  10. rani2able says:

    You are An Indian and me too….I live in India & u in UK…i jst luv u

  11. Gaetano Salvatore Falco says:

    Nokia lumia at the center?? That is unfair.. there is no need of an engineer to understand that :/

  12. nsa89422 says:

    This was the best attempt of the review and gives the perfect idea about how the camera performs without going into much of the technicality. Very useful for people who are not interested in technical terms and perfectly balanced with “no nonsense” content.

  13. Alex Alexandru says:

    Nokia Win again

  14. Navneet Murti says:

    Did u use low light mode for s3. In my opinion s3 perfomes really well in dark with low light mode.

  15. rejinpaulabu says:

    going by your English just curious to know if u were a malayali?

  16. MyIOnU says:

    Wait ’till the next Nokia flagship when they combine EOS and OIS together, it will be the best mobile phone camera.

  17. Douglas maxweel says:

    The best reviews of the web, I’m loving the channel!

  18. s27945 says:


  19. Ekphrasys says:

    Cortex Camera: It takes 15 (FIFTEEN!) Shots, then it puts them together and ends with a gigantic Picture of about 13Mpx…(This Method is very similar to that of Sony Cameras)..The end results with Still Life is ASTOUNDING…Sharp, mega-detailed pictured, especially in Low Light…
    FILMIC PRO: it Bypasses the limits of iPhone video camera App and let you film @50Mbps with LOSSLESS Audio..645PRO app lets you take pics in d-RAW (TIFF), showing you exposure, real time, balance, etc…

  20. budega1002 says:

    Best comparison I’ve seen! exactly what I was looking for. great job.

  21. cirkusarena says:

    All those apps do is digitally alter the image you take – they don’t make the ip5 camera any better – as a camera, the 920 blows the ip5 out of the water. f/2.0 lens lets in more light. OIS allows the shutter to stay open longer. Dedicated camera button is only on the 920. For video, again the OIS is lacking on the ip5, and the HAAC microphones on the 920 allow for 140 db distortion free recordingThere are of course tons of camera apps on the Lumia too – you just hardly need them.

  22. Jaime Mandy Nakamura says:

    Not only do I like watching UooBe’s reviews for the valuable input, I also like them because they are so pleasant to watch. Outstanding production.

  23. Kian Tipgos says:

    lumia 920 camera = BEST

    iPhone camera = Okay



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