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Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 HD Video Test

Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 HD Video Test. Windows Phone 8 vs iOS 6 and iSight up against Carl Zeiss optics. Which premium smartphone shoots the best HD vide…
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23 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 HD Video Test”

  1. Lancaster siregar says:

    lumia is the winner 

  2. Gazzon TV says:

    Lumia Lumia Lumia Best :D 

  3. viewerhds says:

    The iPhone video just look like a cheap phone when comes in video recording
    the Nokia Lumia have more contrast but nothing serious , in Lumia phones
    the firmware comes with improved algorithm In post processing plus an
    faster lens too, the people who are in photography aficionados we know the
    lens and aperture figures are very important in a camera so the point is
    for the Lumia 920, the iPhone doesn’t have an high quality lens like the
    Carl Zeiss one and the colors looks washed up in nature colors are not
    saturated but neither are the tone too light is easier fix a video over
    saturated than an washed up color video

  4. Calvin Harris says:

    I thing that nokia is better :////

  5. Александр Трутнев says:

    iPhone – the choice of blondes bitch

  6. José Pérez says:

    Como se llama la canción ?

  7. Calvin Harris says:


  8. Daniel T says:

    kein fullhd

  9. 92jacko says:

    lumia video its very stable… like a movie ;O

  10. Ramakrishnan Narayanan says:

    nokia sucks

  11. Andromeda Wins says:

    both phones are so thick they look like theyre from 90s, check xperia tx
    this is how the phone should look like

  12. Felix Kane says:

    Dream on. Your Samsung copycats can never match Nokia’s quality awesomeness.

  13. bLEss GaiJiN says:

    Nokia win straight set… okey, next challenger ???

  14. Nyerges Richárd says:

    This is a very … XD stole Sony Carl Zeiss lens. And what about the other
    things you just bought a nokia camera phone or a D because something else
    is wrong. Friends from own lumnia-trading for a alcatel ot-995 from a
    Windows Phone as a szar.MIlyen applications you put it tell me. I’m not
    saying that Nokia Windows Phone sucks but yeah, just like that straight
    from the crappy iphone nokia.

  15. wemter92 says:

    Flawless Victory :D

  16. windson7 says:

    That’s wrong. The lumia does saturate the colours a bit but you can indeed
    use the camera settings to tweak the contrast, saturation and much more.
    Whereas the iPhone video’s colours are washed out and bland and that is
    just irreversible.

  17. Zły Wilk says:

    Poor Lwów shithole was too poor to even build their Euro 2012 stadium in
    time. Shameful display.

  18. Ray Krislianggi says:

    “Wrong” products? You should learn how to respect personal preference.
    Perhaps you should also look at yourself and see how many “crap talks”
    you’ve made in this comment section.

  19. Zły Wilk says:

    There may be in fact some of us that go visit Lwów to watch how it turned
    into an absolutele shithole under the rule of ukrainians. Though
    ironically, we visit them as tourists while they come to us as cheap
    labour. I see way too many Wladimirs, Igors and other Dimas filling up
    their own ghettos.

  20. Nick Babington says:

    Loved the nokia n8…too bad it constantly crashed LOL Best features on a
    phone at the time. Didn’t matter, should have definitely gone with
    something usable meaning more apps and more stability than synbian. Because
    Nokia is using windows, I still would never get this phone and would
    definitely buy a iphone or nexus 4 a million times over this phone which is
    made a pos because of the microsoft operating system

  21. smokey267 says:

    I’m honestly thinking about buying the lumia 920 and I’m not an apple fan I
    have a note 2 in my opinion the best phone I have ever had (i’ve had many
    recently lol) and even thought more than likely I will be purchasing the
    lumia I still think the apple camera is much better in most conditions
    except low light

  22. AmyHardDance says:

    if you have dslr.. you will know this.. noise performance(ISO).. so, I take

  23. Jose Díaz says:

    One of the things I love about the Lumia 920 is the screen brightness. It’s
    currently the phone with the brightest screen, meaning you’ll have no
    problem watching things in daylight, unlike most phones currently
    available. That, and the per-pixel superior refresh rate, makes everything
    a lot smoother. Other phones came out now and are more expensive, but
    you’re investing in better cpu specs, maybe better resolution (which gets
    kind of pointless), but Lumia 920 screen still has those advantages.


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