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Nvidia Shield Tablet vs iPad Air (Tegra K1 vs A7) – Benchmark Test

This video compares the performance with different benchmark apps/tests Please Consider to Like and Subscribe. Enjoy! = ) Nvidia shield tablet vs iPad Air (i…

UPDATE (as of 12/3/13): Updated Configurator has a few GUI changes, but the video still works for the most part. Just be sure to update Configurator and iTun…

43 Responses to “Nvidia Shield Tablet vs iPad Air (Tegra K1 vs A7) – Benchmark Test”

  1. Big Rob says:

    Bwahahahaha!!! Lmfao!!! The iPad Air got shit on! And this is by the weaker
    version of the K1, can’t wait to see what 64 bit version does, those fuck
    ass sheep will be crying like babies and want to know something the Shield
    tablet does the same thing to the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Bwahahahaha!!!
    Stupid pussy ass sheep!

  2. ville takkunen says:

    And all the applefaqs and macfaqs can get shit on by android and nvidia :)

  3. FGCyang says:

    OMG shield destroys Apples :D on performance and graphical power on 3dmark
    test hahaha. Can you do a Xiaomi Mipad vs IPad Air vs Shield?

  4. MobileDecay says:

    And with all this power you can play… Dead trigger 2!!!@.@

  5. James Trigg says:

    This are the facts
    iPad air 2 and Nvidia Shield Tablet will be out about the same time.
    so cpu will be about the same.
    gpu will be about the same.
    the iPad air 2 will have more scene detail and the Shield will have more
    the Shield has it on price, GPU features and pc game streaming
    while iPad api 2 has build Quality, lightness, thinness, battery life and
    touch id
    Evenly matched if you ask me.

  6. Hady Rashwan says:

    Consider that the Nvidia tablet got the 32 bit version of the tegra K1 not
    the 64 bit version. And the lack of optimization in android plus old
    version of the firmware the L will be out in oct 

  7. Scott H says:

    Considered buying this until I see that a cheap TN panel was used. Shame. 

  8. Ahren WidmanAhrenW says:

    1:02 get rekt ipad

  9. Salty Stone says:

    Dont buy this, its an Indie game. idk if you know what that means but Indie
    stands for IN D or in development. these titles are games that are being
    developed but were not finished or the producer gave up halfway through
    development. these games are usually on pc only because the hardware is
    such low quality and can handle it. PLZ dont buy if your smart!!!!

  10. SkierixTV says:


  11. Badal Baidar says:

    well ipad air dual core processor did well against quad core processor. 

  12. rOb A says:

    But that edge bleed o.O 1:19

  13. WikiPro21 says:

    Wow! Nice Job Nvidia

  14. ahmed elmakdah says:

    You’re right about optimization but it still got shat on in the sense that
    the shield costs half, which means for half the price you get better
    preformance, the funny thing is you realize that apple uses shit hardware
    and charges you double for optimization??, they could pack 2 gigs of ram
    and a quadcore cpu and they would still make a killing, but they would
    rather rip you off while you willfully agree.

  15. monej says:

    Comparing the Shield vs a 1 year old tablet is stupid. I would want to see
    how it stacks up with the new Air 2… Having said that, I will get the
    Shield!!! :D 

  16. rey ray says:

    the shield is clearly the winner here but not by much. what turns me off by
    the shield tables is the screen size. the air is bigger yet thinner and
    looks more vibrant in color

  17. handgunner man says:

    4:32 Nvidia Shield (Tablet) Beats the Galaxy S5
    That Is FREAKIN AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Albert Arias says:

    Perfect job ipad! ;)

  19. yoshistar12 FTW says:

    Hmm I agree iPad Air wasn’t that strong. But iPad Air 2 f*cked shield in
    benchmarks and gfxbench

  20. peter w says:

    Lol, you have in bonsai bench frame cap on, K1 will score much higher

  21. morti says:

    silly iSheep keep paying more for less

  22. Basil Minhas says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  23. Tech Lover says:

    Really?compare a one year old device to a nvidia shield tablet and bashing
    iPad is all you can do?I bet the new iPad air 2 will smash the 32 bit
    nvidia shield,with its 3 billion transistors,40% fast CPU and 250% faster
    GPY than iPad air and throw metal and iOS optimization and nvidia shield
    tablet I’d smashed :)

  24. Gothicskull101 says:

    Nvidia suckin dick. Tries to have more power but can’t compete.

  25. DTC_OFF says:

    Twice the performance at 1/2 the cost. And its not even the 64bit Tegra K1
    processor coming later this year. Nice! Cant wait to buy the 64bit version.

  26. padlocktails says:

    my iPad dosnt recognize the mac. any help?

  27. Robin Cole says:

    Thank you so much. This video was super helpful!

  28. Ciro Scardina says:

    Very good tutorial. I can tell that you are a teacher, and a damn good
    one! Thanks. You’ve made a daunting task a bit easier. 

  29. Nancy Latimer says:

    Your video is really helpful; thank you! More, please!

  30. Katy Scott says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks! I’ll be sharing this with lots of teachers.

  31. Brad Sturm says:

    Thanks, great tutorial!

  32. Katie P says:

    Oh my gosh Mr.long I didn’t know you were making videos still!!

  33. Christina Luster says:

    I really love this video, it’s super helpful. But I’m a little worried
    about using my cart for setting up 20 iPads when it comes to apps. How do I
    buy all the licenses needed?

  34. Scott Tobias says:

    Hi Matt, we do profiles llike this and it works quite well. We have a
    profile called student restrictions and it allows everything except things
    we never want to allow. then we have a bunch of other profiles that are all
    named deny — such as “deny facetime”, or “deny games” we apply those in
    configurator. If we decide that we want students to use the camera then we
    simply remove the “deny camera” profile and we;re done.

  35. Matt Rychener says:

    Jonathan, you mention that multiple profiles can be created on the iPads
    but that the most restrictive profile takes precedent… that is exactly
    what I am seeing, but how do you then switch to a less restrictive profile?
    I have a student profile with more restrictions and a teacher profile with
    less restrictions… but I can’t get from one to the other. I can see that
    they are both loaded on the iPad but see no way of going from one to the

  36. Stefan Hattrell says:

    Hey thanks a lot for that tutorial! Very precise and concise. This is going
    to help me set up our school.

  37. Jonathan Ling says:

    If the apps are free, you don’t need to worry about licenses. If you intend
    on using paid adds, your school district (assuming you’re in education)
    will need to set up an account in the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP).
    Another person at my school site handles that, so I’m not familiar with
    buying licenses through VPP.

  38. K12 Tech Guy says:

    Great Job! Just used it to set up a 10 iPad cart.

  39. Jonathan Ling says:

    Unfortunately, we’re unable to switch from one profile to another
    dynamically. You’d have to disable the student profile from Configurator.

  40. Cathy Stone says:

    This was so helpful! Thank you.

  41. Jeremy Nelson says:

    Great starter tutorial! Thank you.

  42. MightyFineRaptor says:

    Thank you so much. This has helped me set up a 30 iPad Cart for my school.

  43. pmonether says:

    Very thorough and very clear! This covers most of the most important steps
    except for VPP content – but that deserves its own video. Thanks for
    directions – great help.


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