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Official Apple iPhone 5 promo video(critique)

Video being critiqued: This is just my opinion. Do not take anything said in the content seriously. More details r…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

iPhone 5: What to Expect The iPhone 5 is about 4 months away so what can we expect? A flip out Keyboard? More than likely a 4 inch Super PLS Display, a Dual …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Official Apple iPhone 5 promo video(critique)”

  1. 123rikin says:

    Well, no one’s commented for 2 years so yah…

  2. Vice Versa Gaming says:

    Well, no one’s commented for 3 months so yah…

  3. J-Lee Stewart says:

    great info man, thanks…. who said that geeks couldn’t be hot!!! jfyi

  4. goonsville340 says:

    Need adobe flash or some kind of flash maybe apple can create a apple flash

  5. adrianossp1000 says:

    lançaram o iphone 5 depois que eu comprei o 1!!!!!!! steve jobs vai toma no

  6. Anna says:

    @anshbruno1 Nope, im watching it in OCTOBER!!

  7. David Gabriel says:

    I want to see a laser keyboard and holographic display in 3d

  8. Unknown1stScreamo says:

    htc evo 4g will always shit on any iphone but i herd for iphone 5 it will
    have holographic features

  9. INSANExPLAYxBOY says:

    WTF i already have a iphone 5 witch i got from the guy who made this video
    in Feb 15,11 and said the phone releases in 4 months and its Sep 10,11 and
    the iphone is in my hands u mutated ass fucking liar! SUCK MY DICK MILK 4
    getting my hopes up!!!!!

  10. judgesaid says:

    I want to see in the new iPhone a Weed tray!

  11. ibitbaily says:


  12. SAMiAM says:

    no your video is stupid

  13. TheLewis3212 says:

    nice vid but do u think it wiil come in white ?

  14. yoneda123 says:

    The Iphone sucks with a keypad lol looks big and heavy and easy to drop

  15. CASSINOx says:

    all i want to see is the battery last longer

  16. Freeloader259 says:

    Freaking holograms

  17. Richie Bryan says:

    iPhone 5 didnt come out

  18. Koukou Vagias says:

    4 months my ass…

  19. skatingLITHvideos says:

    u know its the 4s not 5! but whatever…

  20. Josue Carro says:

    Ya it will have a bigger screen for sure

  21. MrCWgaming says:

    I would like it to have a penis enlarger and enhancer..

  22. fantagechocolate123 says:

    r u wearing makeup ?

  23. Coleman3524 says:

    I think this is great but I think they need to make the iPhone 4s about 4mm
    thinner and make the screen where it isn’t on the very edge they should
    flatten it like make it wider and thinner like if you agree with me.

  24. taylor weisenberger says:

    fack thats a cace

  25. Vince G says:

    The rumors may be true or not, but I like your information density, fast
    paced, and slim on the filler.


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